Friday, October 14, 2005

wrong number.

Today, Suhana tried to give a message to a boy named Naim.
Guess it was fate.. that her message got to my phone instead. hihi.

As always, I'm bored again.
Trying to find McFLY's songs right now, (that music store hasn't called, which I'm not so surprised nor disappointed) but the connection stinks! Can't wait when Dida gets Streamx for this stinking computer. (I'm connecting my cpu 'coz Dida's old computer was worse and her laptop's modem is somehow messed up - NOT my fault in any way.) And now somehow, the connection is getting slower!

Supposed to break-fast with my good twin later today, but something came up. Bluerthh.

Okay. I'm horribly uninspired at the mo, so I better shut up.


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