Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Relatively unwell.. but chirpy indeed.

Just saw Must Love Dogs - illegal download; should be ashamed of myself! - and simply loved it!! (despite the baad sound and several shadows moving about.)
John Cusack - LOVE HIM!! He's definitely one of my favourite romantic-comedy actors there is out there. Loved him since America's Sweethearts! A little dopey, but SO charming! Him and Diane Lane.. love them both!
Ooh~ the tagline for Must Love Dogs is; "The hardest trick is making them stay". Smart!

Been doing nothing productive today, but I'm not going to get depressed over it.
Tuesday is my day!! (Although I can't confirm that it has always been. I think I used to love Thursday during my school days, but Wednesday.. Wednesday has definitely never been a favourable day.) I'm rambling. Tuesday.. is currently my FAVOURITE DAY!
So much to look forward on the telly! (Right now you would probably think that I really really am a couch potato.) Am only listening to the wise words of a man; "read less, more TV." heh! (Houseism)

Aaaanyways, TV is not the only reason why I love Tuesday - I just.. do! It's like one of those things that just happen with no apparent reason.
Rambling again.
Stopping now.

(I actually took 21minutes to type these out! *gaped in wonder*)


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