Monday, November 14, 2005

Scary questions.

Hihi. Cik Ila just asked me one of the scariest questions I've ever met in my life.

Are you happy?

Hihi. (If you'd known me pretty well.. I usually dodge - or TRY to dodge "hard" questions with laughter.)
I'm a person of ideas.. to explain exactly my thoughts and what I feel would probably take half a day. Plus, "happy" is so abstract to me.
So, questions like "are you happy?" or "what are your plans?" or "are you in love?" just give me shivers most of the time.

But in attempt to answer your question, Cik Ila..
I am mostly happy. Of course there's room for me to be happier but I'll work on that sometime soon.

To fellow MMU students, good luck in the new semester!
And I'd like to give a shout out to my couzie Sarah who's starting her exam today! whooppee! Hope she'll do a great job! My sisters are blaming my batch for the horrible impression on the smaller couzies.
(There are seven elder ones in my extended family then there's me with my two cousins in the same batch. The elders did respectively great on their SPM and us three.. pretty much started the sucky ones. hehe!)


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