Saturday, November 26, 2005


My idea of a kinda good day. Well, sort of. It was spoilt by some things, you'll see what I mean by the end of this entry.
Basics, I woke up in the morning, (such a rarity!) got to shower and off to the mall. It would've been just a perfect kind of morning if I hadn't realized that I've forgotten to stuff my black pen inside my bag while inside the train. I was hoping to get some writing done, so it bugged me so much that I went to get a new pen once l've reached Midvalley. *grunts* Yes, I did.
Anyway, I don't really have any 'business' to settle for the day, but I thought I should get out of the house or I'll never shower! (eh, confession #75, last time I showered before this morning was last Monday!! ahahhaha!)

Then I spent a little time at the line for GSC. So glad that I did! The best RM5 I spent! Took opportunity of the European Union Film Festival and saw A Good Woman, starring Scarlett Johannson and Helen Hunt. Loved the film! So simple, so witty! Loved it when the old men talk about love and marriage. They were the funniest; trying to divert the woman's attention from their withering looks and age to their hefty money. heehee. Smart scripts.

Afterwards I went to Nina's office and just talked. Been a while since we last did that. Love Nina for showing much enthusiasm to every word I said about Harry Potter, House and some other things. Always the good listener, she is. (Always, always appreciate a good listener! So hard to come by.)
Then of course, at 5:30 she head back home as I trot towards my mom's office. Just killing time until Dida's ready to come pick us up from her work. (Such a bugger, having a workaholic of a sister.)

Then here comes the nasty part. As me and my mom walked towards the Putra commuter station, we were stalked and then stopped by this seemingly half-minded person who suddenly just asked, "awak duduk mana?" ("where do you live?") I was.. speechless as funny/stupid things race into mind. My mom, being the typical panic-stricken woman that she is, thought that we should turn around and well.. get help. Didn't know what she was thinking, turning her back (and pulled mine) on that man, but I wasn't exactly a big help there. I was more focused on his hands that were lingering at his pockets. As I dottily followed where ever my mom pulls me I kept thinking how easily that man could've hit the back of my head. *sigh* (By the way, that man was still tailing us all that time.)
And then! heehee. A colleague of my mom's walked by and she told him all about the creep and he talked that creep away. *cheer cheer!*
(Sorry, not a very good suspense-thriller writer, am I?)

** viewers discretion advised **
Then the more nasty part.. Dida, the damned lucky bastard. (Yeah, she's my sister, I know.. Well, SHE SUCKS!!) Just found out that she is likely to be posted in Rotterdam for six to eight months. Rotterdam!! Darned Rotterdam!! Right across the English Channel from United Kingdom! Some miles away from Paris!! ROTTEN-DAMN!!! *screams in distress - yet silently*

Extremely annoyed.

O well. But she's definitely in a good mood! Had a very nice dinner. heehee.

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