Saturday, December 31, 2005

I adore!

I think this is one of the best-est songs I've heard this year.

[embeded file removed! sorry!]

She said I feel stranded
And I can't tell anymore
If we coming or I'm going
It's not how I planned it
I've got the key to the door
But it just won't open

And I know, I know, I know
Part of me says let it go
That life happens for a reason
I don't, I don't, I don't
It goes I never went before
But this time, this time
I'm gonna try anything that just feel better

Tell me what to do
You know I can't see through the haze around me
And I do anything that just feel better
And I can't find my way
Girl I need a change
And I do anything that just feel better
Any little thing that just feel better

She said I need you to hold me
I'm a little far from the shore
And I'm afraid of sinking
You're the only one who knows me
And who doesn't ignore
That my soul is weeping

I know, I know, I know
Part of me says let it go
Everything must have its seasons
Round and round it goes
And every day's a one before
But this time, this time
I'm gonna try anything that just feel better

Tell me what to do
You know I can't see through the haze around me
And I do anything that just feel better
And I can't find my way
God I need a change
And I do anything that just feel better
Any little thing that just feel better

Long to hold you in my arms
To all things I ought to leave behind, yeah
It's really getting nowhere
I think I need a little help this time

I'm gonna try anything that just feel better
Tell me what to do
You know I can't see through the haze around me
And I do anything that just feel better
And I can't find my way
Girl I need a change
And I do anything that just feel better
Any little thing that just feel better

Now I just can't stop listening to it over and over again..

In the spirit of a real hussy.

Fickle I am.

Went back to Isetan today. (Well, yesterday now) But I no longer remember the face of the guy I minorly fond of on Thursday. haha! Ickin' idiot.
But I did talked to this one customer who was especially nice and especially charming looking!! heehee. I'm forgetting his exact looks now, but I remember how I liked him at that moment!!
Cute guys with good English are definitely my vice. Definitely. Just can't help it. Simply.. definitely.

A shout out (although I'm quite certain it wouldn't be heard) to my fellows who'll be working today; Kak Wati, Lilian, Chai Ling and Mimie! Happy to know that neither of them will be sent off to get stressed out on Isetan, Level 2. heeheee.
Couldn't help feeling sorry for Chai Ling and Lillian who had been, on Thursday and Friday. They seemed so gloom everytime I went to look up on them while I was on my break.

Day off today! Thank God, too! Would hate to share the bus and train with those "party people" who will be looking forward to the new year's festivities around the city.
Plus, I love Saturday! House rerun! ekkeke!

Dida sent some photos today. I'm sharing this one 'cause I couldn't help loving it! It's the bridge in Rotterdam; considered the landmark there.
neat sky

Aaah 2005.
Such fond memories it has been.
I am sort of looking forward to the new year! Can't say why.. *wondering blissfully*

Goodnight everyone!

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Yesterday actually.. read about Steven Spielberg in January's Reader's Digest.
It's amazing what one's perseverance can lead them to. As for Spielberg, he had always knew what he wanted to do (plus point right there!) Had always carried around his 8mm camera. Even dropped out of secondary school until his parents persuaded him to return.
I thought the short article was rather.. inspiring. Not about the dropping out of course; just the part where he had always wanted to film things.. And that part about him sneaking into Universal Studios.. hilarious! You got to read the article.

Somewhat unwell today. Probably because of the lack of sleep. Although I was moody most of the day, I couldn't help feeling amused at the two guys at the Isetan Supermarket. I guess I'm not so mean after all. Couldn't help smiling at strangers even though I wasn't feeling too great.
But.. the fact that one of those guys weren't bad looking might have helped! ekkeke! He said; "Come again!"

Now trying to learn the guitar to Aly & AJ's No One.
Can't help it.. I just adore the song!

Oooh~ Today I saw Eoin Colfer's latest book!! An Artemis Fowl series!! Eeeeeek!!!!! Gotta have it soon!! Gotta gotta!!

January's work schedule much more relaxed.. yeayyyy!! Oddly looking forward to that. (the WORK, I mean.)

Neat day!!

Well.. a much better day than the days I've had before. (at least for the past 2 weeks!)
I thought it was nice to be able to wake up late for work. heehee. Although going back home at 10 was a bit tiring. *sigh* And my mom.. my mom worried so much that she actually WAITED until it was time for me to go home. It's a mix between over-protective and over-bearing. HAHAHAHAH!!
Had the L1 shift with Angel, which was neat! I like her a lot actually! She's 18 and lives in Taman Sri Muda.

Tonight's bus driver was amusing. I was trying to pay for tickets when he suddenly asked me to smile. I didn't see the harm in that, so I smiled! He then sighed and said something that goes like: "you're pretty.." I said thanks and walked back towards my mom (already in a seat) while I heard the man sighed again. hohhohok! Funny.

Tired now. But pretty hungry. Gonna eat the instant mee that my dad made me. heehee.
G'nite people!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Love Hurts.

Sure they do!

Anyways, nothing much to say except the fact that my favourite episode of House was on AXN tonight!! eeeeek! Okay.. it was one of my favourite episodes.
Lame, huh?

Getting the late shift tomorrow. yikes!! Would probably arrive home at 11:30. double yikes!! Gonna lie down now. My whole body aches, and I really should update on my life in my journal. hohhohok!
My life has seemed to be on pause in there.
*sigh* Really need more time to myself.

ooh! Credits to oneirophobic for the cap and Theresa for the ones I've put up before. heehee. And I'm not going to share their links because I'm simply selfish!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Auburn Brown.

My new shade of hair. heh!
My mom asked if I had wanted to finish up her extra hair colouring since her hair is pretty thin and it'd be such a waste to just throw it away, so I said - yeah!!
So now I have the same shade of hair as my mother. Well, not exactly! Her shade is lighter from the greying hair. heehee.

Okay.. got nothing more to say.
I'm boring.. I know.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Of course you are..

Should probably have a decent update, yeah?
Well I don't!
But you should know that today is a better day than yesterday...

And please note that I don't hate my job.
I just hate the to and fro.

Jolly Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Really REALLY pissed.

Happened to run to a rather rude mamak as I was walking towards the bus station from work. Note: I'm not being racist. I'm simply giving out the particulars of the guy who pissed me earlier. He was a mamak, with love handles, rather short, and has a woman-like voice. When I think about it, the person could have actually been a very man-like lady. O well, who cares! I don't! As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind at all if that particular mamak just DIE! Maybe I should light a fire at the very spot where he stood. Stupid friggin' idiot!

Then there was rain.. I really don't mind the rain. I LIKE rain. But I was in the bus.. and there was a leak on it's roof. Well, you do the math.
And a certain person promised to come pick me up with an umbrella from the bus stand.. well, the person didn't came. Empty promises. What a surprise.

Really really upset.
Really REALLY.
Couldn't even pretend to write about the nice things that happened today.

Disorganized thoughts.

eek! December's ending! I haven't quite figured out next months layout! egaad! I think it's slightly frustrating that now I've been working.. I hardly have any time left to think. Well, maybe because I've never been a very good thinker anyways that I just find it even harder to slip a thought in.
I told Pei Sun (the supervisor!) that I wish to work for only four days come January but she said January is a busy month as well - and that Jesse (?) (bigger boss at the office in Kerinchi) would want a real excuse for having such request.
Apparently the others; Chai Ling, Angel, Liyana, Mimi (co part-timers) only works 2-3 days a week because they're still studying.
Yeah yeahh.. too bad for me. Now I'm tempted to go back to school! ahahhaha!!

Maybe they'll let me change my schedule in February. Hopefully. I really wish to have the time to lie down and think, instead of squeezing in a thought while I was shampooing my hair. And I'd like to be able to write like a decent sane woman instead of trying to keep my handwritings readable as I was writing in a particularly ancient bus.

Pei Sun was really nice today.. She bought all of us a Christmas pressie! Me like very much! It was a little bag of cookies and a small cute cup. I can never say no to sugar!! heehee.
Just this week I'm practising an all-fat diet. Really awesome!
You know what they say about emotional-eaters? The ones who stuffed themselves because they were upset or depressed? Well, of course I'm upset about Dida not being here to hover around me and nag, but really.. getting to eat as much sugar as you want for a mere reason of depression?? THIS IS THE LIFE! ekkekeke!!
I had ice cream on Wednesday (an Oreo McFlurry to be exact!), chocolates on Thursday (Kinder Bueno and TWIX!) and a chocolate sundae and some cookies on Friday! I've never felt happier in my life!
Note: fat and sugar is the PERFECT way to sabotage yourself.

Was just thinking about what I'm going to do with my first pay. It's not much, but still! I could buy some things with the money. Of course, the practical way is to reload my Touch 'N Go or my phone or to let it "grow" in the bank, but really! My insides just screams that I should spend every cent of it on silly things so I'd remember it for the rest of my life!
I actually have a couple of ideas..
1. that McFLY songbook I found at the shelf in Kino for piano, vocals and guitar. Although I might never actually play their songs as it was meant to be played, it should feel great to own a piece of them! (downside: the book costs RM114)
2. had always wanted one o' those take-away coffee flasks. (downside: RM60+ well, could probably found one that's cheaper.. but do I have to?)
3. treat my good friends at a really nice place!! (downside: they didn't get me anything for my birthday!! And with food, you won't have much memory of it since you'll flush them away by the next day.)
4. get that new Cecelia Ahern's book! (downside: it's not out in pocket size yet! Would hate to carry around an A5-like story book. And it's RM60+. Should probably buy two books with the same price!)
5. finally get a decent, nice, something for Dida's belated pressie and send it off to Rotterdam. (downside: err.. naaaah! I'm too selfish for that! ekkekeke!)

O well, I'll decide once I cash in the cheque. Will tell how the outcome goes..
As for now, I better go to sleep. Getting the early shift tomorrow. Can't afford to be late - AGAIN! (I keep on getting in late, it's awful!)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Quite a day...

Got the late shift today.. so I ended up getting home at 11:30. Feel sorry for Mama who had waited for me at Central.

Dida has settled in her apartment. She told Papa that she fits in fine over there.

Today at work, I spoke to some Nihonjin (Japanese). Well.. I talked to just one, actually.. I mostly used sign language with the other. I seriously needed help with that guy! Horrible! Simply horrible. The other Nihonjin was a really kawaii (cute) lady. Really really cute. Although I knew it well that she was Japanese, I just HAD to ask if she really was, so I could talk more to her. heehee.

Oooh~ and I got my first ever pay-cheque today!!! It was exciting!! Really!! My first ever cheque!!
first ever cheque!

Okay.. gotta rest now. Terribly tired.
By the way.. KLCC will be open 'til midnight today for those who haven't done their Christmas shopping!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Life goes on, apparently.

Feels like the ugliest person alive this morning.
Couldn't stop myself from crying and it seems like I'm the only one. Not only I'm the laziest, silliest of the family.. I also happen to be the lamest of all.
It's a wonder how life could just go on and how minutes simply turn into hours when you're curling inside your bed, trying to hide from the world that you are truly depressed.
It isn't fair.
I wish I had the day off tomorrow so I could at least show up to work looking decent, but by the way I can't stop this tears from rolling down my face it would be impossible. I'd probably look like a retarded guppy by the morning.

What's more messed up is that I cry even more when everyone else is being nice to me. Papa gave me an extra hug.. Mama and Nina sugared more of their voice.. It makes me feel even worse!!
I just don't get why am I the only one who's crying like crap! I feel so pathetic!!!

You can't possibly imagine the silence of the house.
Just entering the room was depressing.

I miss Dida already, and it sux!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rather upset.

Really upset to be exact.
Feeling really really alone right now, and I can't help getting cranky over it.
In a roomful of loud, noisy people but I am just so so alone.

And by Tuesday I will no longer feel alone.
I'd completely turn lonely.. and admitting to this is simply pathetic and sad.
Really not looking forward to becoming lonely. Been there.. it wasn't pretty. I had forgotten how that actually felt.. but the feeling is returning now.

Again, I will be spending my hours waiting on the people I love...

OH - MY - GOD!!

It's out!! It's finally OUT!!!

Da Vinci's Code full trailer!!
First looks of Langdon, Sophie, Sauniere, Bezu Fache, Teabing and Silas!!
(err.. sorry if I turned out to get the names somewhat incorrect. I don't feel like getting out of bed to look for the book right now - of course, I can Google it but books feels so much better!)
The trailer looked AWESOME by the way!!
Though I think Tom Hank's do looked a bit odd. heehee!

This is so exciting! Can't believe it'll only be out in May!!

Got it!!

Finally got it!!
After 2 weeks of searching. Silly me.. could've actually gotten it a little earlier! It's not in a very brilliant quality though, but it'll do.
This was the soundtrack played at the last scene of House, 1x17 - Role Model.
Really love this song! Really really.

[embeded file removed! sorry..]

It's okay, to think about ending
And it's okay, to not even start
Put it away, wait 'til tomorrow
Put it away, and take care of your heart
Of your heart

It's okay, to stay here forever
And it's okay to read in the dark
Put it away, wait 'til tomorrow
Put it away, and take care of your heart
Of your heart

Just for a while, I'd seen you smile

Saturday, December 17, 2005

call out.

hey somebody..
or anybody..

if you got Earlimart - It's Okay To Think About Ending, please please please pleaaaase let me know! I really really reaaally want it and I couldn't find it anywhere to download.
Please please pleaaaasee..

Preposterously tired.

Saw a boy today. Just an ordinary boy that walks in and out of your vision. He wasn't British.. Not exceptionally tall.. nor particularly handsome. Just a very simple looking boy. But I had to notice, for he deserved to be noted. heh!
Imagine the typical boy you'd see everyday; probably wearing a typical tee, typical jeans or khaki pants, and complete the look with a typical pair of sandals or sneakers. This boy I saw was all the same, typical. Except that he completed his looks with a pair of loafers. I suppose I am easily amused, but I was truly impressed by this not entirely typical boy. Wish I'd seen more of that.

Found a perfect lunch break spot today. I almost can't believe that I haven't found it earlier. Can't wait to share it with Muz!
Speaking of the devil.. still haven't got the file she wanted. It's frustrating! I wanted so much to let her see that particular episode! (Err.. yeah.. the file I'm downloading is House's 1x17 - Role Model.)
Right now I'm just pissed that the connection kept getting terminated. Just don't get why couldn't it finish the download already! "Fingers and toes crossed."

But I'm glad that it's finally weekend! I understand perfectly now; how real working people felt. Certainly I am qualified in that category; "real working people", but for some reasons I just feel like a child labour most of the time! ahahhaha!

House's cane is on eBay!

..and I'd like to say reaaaally sorry, to my pet Azraai. I was being a jerk, wasn't I? huhuuu. Never again. (well, that's a lie!) Well, you should know.. mengade mengade ni is my territory. You should never try that on me. I have low tolerance on icky people. Why do you think I have no girl friends who happens to be the last child?? sheesh! Menyampah! ahhahahhak!
Okay dah tak sori dah. Kejap je ni. ekekkeke!
Azraai sudah kembali bongok.

Getting a headache now. Probably 'cause the lack of sleep.
Well.. have a great weekend everyone!
Ooh! Dida's trip got post-poned again! She'll be leaving on Tuesday!

Currently listening to High Hopes. huehhueh!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Conversations with no one.

It's true what they say.. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.. Well, it goes something like that!
4 days of retail sales.. 4 days of agony.. And when I thought I should've been buried by the second day, I became more and more immune to the pain. My feet still hurts; analgesic balm (those creams that heats up once you put onto your skin) has officially become my new best friend. The truly, one and only thing I run to every night. It's an amazing bond!
So far.. this working thing is giving me mixed emotions. Sometimes I feel so good about it while most times I keep wondering "what a lousy worker I am," 'cause honestly, I'm HORRENDOUS! (Although Muz might tell you that I seemed busy all those times she's seen me.) My supervisor, Pei Sun; even calls me "adik" (lil' sis) at times. Okay, it might not be too bad.. but for me, it just highlights my incompetence in most things in the store.

But for a moment today, I felt SO proud! I guess it's just too bad that I went to the wrong interview; that instead of getting to work with the books, I got to work at the stationery section IN the bookstore.
Anyway, the story goes.. On my first day, Pei Sun told me that if anyone asks for directions to any book they were looking for, I should direct them to the information counter. And today, a lady asked me; "where can I get the C.S. Lewis Narnia series?" Ooh! I felt soooo proud to be able to tell her exactly where it was.
But still.. I can't remember exactly where the name card holder goes.

Just realized today that I don't even get the chance to think while at work, and when I was on break, I'd forget to bring along my journal with me. It's a sad, idiotic thing. Wish I had more break than the work! AHAHHAHA!!
Although I did get to notice that one half of the people who wished me on my birthday had also noted to me to "be happy always!" What does that exactly mean, eh? Does it mean that I'm usually cranky and they wanted me to be happy instead, or that I'm happy all the time and they wanted me to stick that way?

Ooh it's annoying to try downloading a file at this time! Trying to download a file that I had promised Muz in the morning but it's just TOO SLOW!! Wish I could be at home at 3pm when my downloads are usually reasonably fast..
All is left a dream for now I have a JOB. *sigh* I'm missing unemployment.

Note: To those who wishes to see me at work, you can. I promise I won't get mad. Just come near my break so I won't be eating alone. heehee. Having the noon shift can be a bore.. although I'm loving the fact that I only need to be there by 12!

Okay. Seems like I won't stop yapping.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Loving today.

Today felt really neat...
For one, my feet didn't hurt as much as the last two days.
Two, Nina came along after work with us - feels like the good ole times.
Three, we ate at Pizza Hut - and when "serious senior Pizza Hut diners" that are closely related to Mohd Idris doesn't get the exact topping on their pizzas, drama will surely follow. heehee! Was so funny, watching the waiters having a meeting over extra cheese, pineapples and olives.
For a minute, there were 3 waiters at our table!
Then later when it's settled, those waiters just got so keen on our table that when one of them overheard Dida saying that there wasn't any chilly sauce on the table, he clearly calls out at his friends for sauce - repeatedly. Probably afraid that we'll cause any more "scene". heehee.
Obviously something's wrong with us.. for enjoying our time bullying those waiters.

Okie! Sorry if you didn't understand my rather rusty writing skills. The whole thing about the pizza place was supposed to be funny.
Gotta go. Dida wants the laptop.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not a very bad ending.


Though I almost cried 6 times in public.. and in front of Muz at lunch (who stopped by 'cause she's plain nice).. wanting to off every single soul who dared to ask me where they could find "an indexed note book".. the even more aching feet..
It comes down to a nice family dinner at Chilli's.
It was still one of the worst days of my life.. but it was nice to have the whole family around.

Great people are/were Sagittarians.

Of course, great can either mean good or terrible, so no offence to everyone else who wasn't born between November 23rd and December 21st. I'm just being pompous.

To name a few of those great people; Karl Benz, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Woody Allen, Maria Rilke, Francisco Franco, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, C.S. Lewis, Charles Schultz, Frank Sinatra, Jane Austen, Ludwig van Beethoven, Andrew Carnegie, William Bonney, Morrie Schwartz and Nostrodamus. (of course, then there's those plain celebrities such as Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Tina Turner, Benjamin Bratt, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Milano.)
To name a few, I said - hah!!
[the underlined names, are of course the people that are featured on this month's layout!]

And today, I'm wishing happy birthday to Jamie Foxx, Nick McCarthy, Tom Delonge and Amy Lee!

(It is slightly disturbing that I find more famous men than women. More disturbing that people born this day turned out to be just celebrities!)

I hope I'll come close to greatness one day. As of right now, I just feel..
mightily timid.
And slightly depressed. My true feelings aren't nearly as cheery as the first half of this post, 'cause honestly this is the worst morning I've ever had. Stupidest morning ever!

You can tell it's a horrible morning when you're banking on people to forget. (-thanks to those who didn't.)
Maybe I'm just really really cranky because I am still in pain. Just thinking about going to work later just aches me.

Stupid damn day!!! *curse curse and more curses*

Monday, December 12, 2005

Pierre Cardin KILLS!!

Never thought working in retail sales could be so hard.
Well, not exactly "hard" but I should take a while to get used to it. What's certain is that I could really.. really DIE wearing my lovely black shoes for straight 8 hours. *cries* Of course I didn't cry in front of my co-workers, but once I got into the car with Mama, Papa and Dida.. I couldn't possibly hold my pain any longer.
Good God, I really need a proper, comfy black shoes.. (If only they'd let me wear my Converse..)
The people there was okay. This one girl, Chai Leng was so funny. She said I looked like someone with mixed blood. WAHHAHAHHA!! Yeah, RIGHT!

Dida's trip was post-poned. She'll be leaving on either Saturday or Sunday. I tried to persuade her to create a blog so we (the family) could easily check up on her, but of course.. she even HATES reading. Can't possibly tell her to start WRITING!

Okay.. gonna lie down now. Feet really hurts and I still need to go to work tomorrow!
Need - rest.
Goodnight everyone!

And ohh.. thanks Shahnon - you cheater!

Friday, December 09, 2005

As mentioned.

Went to see the wreckage this morning.
She wasn't lying about being in a ditch.
And too bad for Dida.. her phone is officially gone. Couldn't find it anywhere. Must've dropped into the water.

few scratches on her face dida's arm the car from back
What seemingly to be nothing horrid at all.

What's left of the car.

The ditch in question.

one dead dog
The dead labrador - and it's guts?

hubcap taking a swim
One of the hubcaps left in the water.

Gotta Get Thru This
Recovered Daniel Bedingfield.

Shapadu highway
Where it all happened.


She got into an accident AGAIN!!! Can you believe her??
The stupid git.

This one was worse.. but she got out of the wreck pretty okay. Yes, wreck.
She was driving at 100km/h and somehow hit a "dog with a mission". As Dida had told us, it (the dog) was sitting pretty still on the road and when Dida tried to changed lanes, the dog changed it's position too. The damned dog!
So Dida had no choice but to ram the stupid dog - which then died (padan muke ko!) - but her car swerved to the side and hit the divider, and then it flipped a couple of times and landed on it's roof into a ditch - submerging her head for a few seconds before it turned to land back on it's "feet". (pardon the too many 'and's)

She's okay. She's really fine. Just some scratches and cuts from the broken glasses.
Will probably upload a few pictures later.
Thank God there were people around to help her out.

Dida said she's now considered a stuntman. Could even match Evil Knievel. She also said, "anjing memang haramm!" (dogs are definitely haram!)
And here's a community message from her; Don't speed, and always wear the seat belt.

Now tell me.. why shouldn't anyone get worried when she'll leave for Rotterdam??
(Good thing she won't be driving there!)

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Pardon the sigh. I am feeling rather upset since yesterday evening.
As you might have known, Dida going to Rotterdam is now CONFIRMED. I suppose I have expected that news to come by this week. What I hadn't counted on was the when she'll be leaving.
This time next week.. she'll be hustling and bustling around for her things.
She's leaving on December 15th.
And I'm upset because of that.
She won't even be here for her birthday!!
I know she doesn't need a bash or something like that.. but she'll be celebrating birthday with no one she knows by her side. I mean.. o I don't know.. I seem to take this personally, don't I? I just think.. no one should be alone on their birthday. The thought.. is upsetting.

And she'll be gone for 3 months, be back here for 2 weeks, and get back there again. And we'll go this way again, then.
I'm just so used to having her around.. bugging me, nagging on me, pisses me off.. Now, how can I gossip with her about our parents?!! My one true ally will be gone for 3 WHOLE MONTHS!!!
Now I've lost all reason to be happy for her.

And me, being the very typical emotionally-retarded person me, have started to feel some sort of resentment towards my sister.
How messed up can a person get?
Maybe I'll just die and stop having feelings.

Note: To those who are thinking I'm being overly dramatic and that I'm just blowing things out of proportion.. Go piss someone else!

A quick update:
Got a call. A part-time job offer, starts Monday. Might actually take it even though I'd have to spend half of the salary on transportation alone.
O well. Not like I have better things to do once Dida's gone.

7:34 pm @ December 8th, 2005

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Noone wants to be alone.

Am I right, or am I right?
heh! I don't remember what I was thinking just now.. but I know I was thinking of that line right at the end of my thoughts.
eh.. am I making sense?
O well, probably this will make things a little clear; saw The Perfect Man just now.. Couldn't sleep. I thought it was enjoyable. Not great, but "enjoyable" - definitely. Starting to like Hilary Duff more - maybe because Joel Madden is her boyfriend. *lol*

Change of subject!
Apple now has a trailer of the upcoming X3 movie!! wooot~!! GO HERE!
Out May 26th. Seems like I'm going to reaaaally like May next year!! (Da Vinci Code will be out on the 19th!)
Yeayy! This is bloody brilliant!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

#17 - Role Model.

Saw Ice Princess last night and the first thing I noticed was the soundtrack at the opening! So I look up on it and found this girls;
Aly & AJ!
They're sisters; Aly & AJ, and if you watch enough Disney Channel, you'd notice that Aly, is a matter of fact Keely in Phil of The Future!
Anyway, if you go to their website, you could listen to bits of their music and watch their video.. so, get!
(No One is the song I heard - and love! - in Ice Princess.)

House WatchTonight on House!
At a high-level campaign fundraiser, a senator becomes violently ill. Vogler forces House to take the senator's case and offers to let off the hook on firing a team member if he'll deliver a speech on behalf of Vogler's pharmaceutical company.

now.. what will he do, eh?
o house.. why o why?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

E noi dovrem, ahimè, morir.

A line from a song, of course.
I hardly know any other language than English and Malay. heh!

Hope you had a good weekend!
Mine was simply fine.

Have a good week ahead, everyone!

A lil' update on this fine Monday afternoon.
Found a funny Mad TV spoof of House!
You can download from this link! (right click and "Save Target As...")

- file hosted by BD212.
- discovered at
1:52 pm

Dida called. She's going.
Heart - dropped.
2:40 pm @ December 5th, 2005

Saturday, December 03, 2005

For some odd reasons..

and I don't know why;

- I feel like a day of my life is missing. I spent the whole yesterday thinking that it was Thursday until my father asked if I knew Dida's plans for the weekends. He told me that the day was Friday and I can't help but gape in wonder.

- I am sooo bothered by House's episode titles for the last five of the second season. Bothered. Verrry bothered. Those episodes are called: Need To Know, Happiness, Skin Deep, Heartless, and Clueless. Is it only me, but they sounds very melancholic and.. oh, I don't know.. A possibility that there'll be more character development - and probably sad ones?

- I searched for some spoilers on Lost. Well, it's not exactly odd that I went off finding it, but I'm not as obsessed about it as I am with House. Aaanyway, it's all because of one o'those small cuts on AXN! They've hinted on the next person who got killed on the island. *sigh* Yeah, now I know who gets the 'X' - in the second season. (TV haven't started on the second season yet, over here.)

- Tom dyed his hair dark (brown, likely.) bluergthhh! Well, not THAT awful but I'm just so used to him being blonde. *sigh* Their new single out on this 12th December. The video was creepily neat! I liked it.
why o why??


And to my dear non-evil twin, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
May the age finally match your level of maturity this time 'round! heehee.

Friday, December 02, 2005

I've finally done it.

Yes I did.

Finally made a friend in one o' those online community who told me exactly where to find House videos and download them!
Amazing.. Amazing people those are!

2-05; Daddy's Boy
I didn't really went downloading crazy.. So far I've only seen two episodes in advance! One is of the first season, the other is from the second season! Really, not so bad, my obsession. Am still looking forward to next week's episode; I don't plan on downloading anymore from the current season on AXN.
There's something about being all anxious that excites me. heh!

For one night I didn't hog the remote control - cause I hogged the computer, o'course! Watched videos religiously; Bend It Like Beckham (out of curiosity) and that two episodes of House!
Probably should go off to bed now, yeah?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I crack myself up.

No pun intended, but if you get the pun, it'd be fine.. heh!
So what does this remind you of?
choco butt

Just put up a new layout. The theme is.. well, the theme is PURPLE, and the photos.. I'll tell you about that somewhere mid this month. hehe!

Finally got well in 7 days! heehee. My immune system kicks in in seven days! Lousy, but it works!! yeayy!

And this one is for Azraai. (takdelaa best sangat lagu ni!)
[embeded file removed. -sorry!]
The Beatles - In My Life

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