Thursday, December 15, 2005

Conversations with no one.

It's true what they say.. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.. Well, it goes something like that!
4 days of retail sales.. 4 days of agony.. And when I thought I should've been buried by the second day, I became more and more immune to the pain. My feet still hurts; analgesic balm (those creams that heats up once you put onto your skin) has officially become my new best friend. The truly, one and only thing I run to every night. It's an amazing bond!
So far.. this working thing is giving me mixed emotions. Sometimes I feel so good about it while most times I keep wondering "what a lousy worker I am," 'cause honestly, I'm HORRENDOUS! (Although Muz might tell you that I seemed busy all those times she's seen me.) My supervisor, Pei Sun; even calls me "adik" (lil' sis) at times. Okay, it might not be too bad.. but for me, it just highlights my incompetence in most things in the store.

But for a moment today, I felt SO proud! I guess it's just too bad that I went to the wrong interview; that instead of getting to work with the books, I got to work at the stationery section IN the bookstore.
Anyway, the story goes.. On my first day, Pei Sun told me that if anyone asks for directions to any book they were looking for, I should direct them to the information counter. And today, a lady asked me; "where can I get the C.S. Lewis Narnia series?" Ooh! I felt soooo proud to be able to tell her exactly where it was.
But still.. I can't remember exactly where the name card holder goes.

Just realized today that I don't even get the chance to think while at work, and when I was on break, I'd forget to bring along my journal with me. It's a sad, idiotic thing. Wish I had more break than the work! AHAHHAHA!!
Although I did get to notice that one half of the people who wished me on my birthday had also noted to me to "be happy always!" What does that exactly mean, eh? Does it mean that I'm usually cranky and they wanted me to be happy instead, or that I'm happy all the time and they wanted me to stick that way?

Ooh it's annoying to try downloading a file at this time! Trying to download a file that I had promised Muz in the morning but it's just TOO SLOW!! Wish I could be at home at 3pm when my downloads are usually reasonably fast..
All is left a dream for now I have a JOB. *sigh* I'm missing unemployment.

Note: To those who wishes to see me at work, you can. I promise I won't get mad. Just come near my break so I won't be eating alone. heehee. Having the noon shift can be a bore.. although I'm loving the fact that I only need to be there by 12!

Okay. Seems like I won't stop yapping.


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