Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Great people are/were Sagittarians.

Of course, great can either mean good or terrible, so no offence to everyone else who wasn't born between November 23rd and December 21st. I'm just being pompous.

To name a few of those great people; Karl Benz, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Woody Allen, Maria Rilke, Francisco Franco, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, C.S. Lewis, Charles Schultz, Frank Sinatra, Jane Austen, Ludwig van Beethoven, Andrew Carnegie, William Bonney, Morrie Schwartz and Nostrodamus. (of course, then there's those plain celebrities such as Britney Spears, Tyra Banks, Tina Turner, Benjamin Bratt, Brad Pitt, Katie Holmes, Jake Gyllenhaal and Alyssa Milano.)
To name a few, I said - hah!!
[the underlined names, are of course the people that are featured on this month's layout!]

And today, I'm wishing happy birthday to Jamie Foxx, Nick McCarthy, Tom Delonge and Amy Lee!

(It is slightly disturbing that I find more famous men than women. More disturbing that people born this day turned out to be just celebrities!)

I hope I'll come close to greatness one day. As of right now, I just feel..
mightily timid.
And slightly depressed. My true feelings aren't nearly as cheery as the first half of this post, 'cause honestly this is the worst morning I've ever had. Stupidest morning ever!

You can tell it's a horrible morning when you're banking on people to forget. (-thanks to those who didn't.)
Maybe I'm just really really cranky because I am still in pain. Just thinking about going to work later just aches me.

Stupid damn day!!! *curse curse and more curses*


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