Thursday, December 29, 2005

Neat day!!

Well.. a much better day than the days I've had before. (at least for the past 2 weeks!)
I thought it was nice to be able to wake up late for work. heehee. Although going back home at 10 was a bit tiring. *sigh* And my mom.. my mom worried so much that she actually WAITED until it was time for me to go home. It's a mix between over-protective and over-bearing. HAHAHAHAH!!
Had the L1 shift with Angel, which was neat! I like her a lot actually! She's 18 and lives in Taman Sri Muda.

Tonight's bus driver was amusing. I was trying to pay for tickets when he suddenly asked me to smile. I didn't see the harm in that, so I smiled! He then sighed and said something that goes like: "you're pretty.." I said thanks and walked back towards my mom (already in a seat) while I heard the man sighed again. hohhohok! Funny.

Tired now. But pretty hungry. Gonna eat the instant mee that my dad made me. heehee.
G'nite people!!


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