Thursday, December 29, 2005


Yesterday actually.. read about Steven Spielberg in January's Reader's Digest.
It's amazing what one's perseverance can lead them to. As for Spielberg, he had always knew what he wanted to do (plus point right there!) Had always carried around his 8mm camera. Even dropped out of secondary school until his parents persuaded him to return.
I thought the short article was rather.. inspiring. Not about the dropping out of course; just the part where he had always wanted to film things.. And that part about him sneaking into Universal Studios.. hilarious! You got to read the article.

Somewhat unwell today. Probably because of the lack of sleep. Although I was moody most of the day, I couldn't help feeling amused at the two guys at the Isetan Supermarket. I guess I'm not so mean after all. Couldn't help smiling at strangers even though I wasn't feeling too great.
But.. the fact that one of those guys weren't bad looking might have helped! ekkeke! He said; "Come again!"

Now trying to learn the guitar to Aly & AJ's No One.
Can't help it.. I just adore the song!

Oooh~ Today I saw Eoin Colfer's latest book!! An Artemis Fowl series!! Eeeeeek!!!!! Gotta have it soon!! Gotta gotta!!

January's work schedule much more relaxed.. yeayyyy!! Oddly looking forward to that. (the WORK, I mean.)


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