Monday, December 12, 2005

Pierre Cardin KILLS!!

Never thought working in retail sales could be so hard.
Well, not exactly "hard" but I should take a while to get used to it. What's certain is that I could really.. really DIE wearing my lovely black shoes for straight 8 hours. *cries* Of course I didn't cry in front of my co-workers, but once I got into the car with Mama, Papa and Dida.. I couldn't possibly hold my pain any longer.
Good God, I really need a proper, comfy black shoes.. (If only they'd let me wear my Converse..)
The people there was okay. This one girl, Chai Leng was so funny. She said I looked like someone with mixed blood. WAHHAHAHHA!! Yeah, RIGHT!

Dida's trip was post-poned. She'll be leaving on either Saturday or Sunday. I tried to persuade her to create a blog so we (the family) could easily check up on her, but of course.. she even HATES reading. Can't possibly tell her to start WRITING!

Okay.. gonna lie down now. Feet really hurts and I still need to go to work tomorrow!
Need - rest.
Goodnight everyone!

And ohh.. thanks Shahnon - you cheater!


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