Saturday, December 17, 2005

Preposterously tired.

Saw a boy today. Just an ordinary boy that walks in and out of your vision. He wasn't British.. Not exceptionally tall.. nor particularly handsome. Just a very simple looking boy. But I had to notice, for he deserved to be noted. heh!
Imagine the typical boy you'd see everyday; probably wearing a typical tee, typical jeans or khaki pants, and complete the look with a typical pair of sandals or sneakers. This boy I saw was all the same, typical. Except that he completed his looks with a pair of loafers. I suppose I am easily amused, but I was truly impressed by this not entirely typical boy. Wish I'd seen more of that.

Found a perfect lunch break spot today. I almost can't believe that I haven't found it earlier. Can't wait to share it with Muz!
Speaking of the devil.. still haven't got the file she wanted. It's frustrating! I wanted so much to let her see that particular episode! (Err.. yeah.. the file I'm downloading is House's 1x17 - Role Model.)
Right now I'm just pissed that the connection kept getting terminated. Just don't get why couldn't it finish the download already! "Fingers and toes crossed."

But I'm glad that it's finally weekend! I understand perfectly now; how real working people felt. Certainly I am qualified in that category; "real working people", but for some reasons I just feel like a child labour most of the time! ahahhaha!

House's cane is on eBay!

..and I'd like to say reaaaally sorry, to my pet Azraai. I was being a jerk, wasn't I? huhuuu. Never again. (well, that's a lie!) Well, you should know.. mengade mengade ni is my territory. You should never try that on me. I have low tolerance on icky people. Why do you think I have no girl friends who happens to be the last child?? sheesh! Menyampah! ahhahahhak!
Okay dah tak sori dah. Kejap je ni. ekekkeke!
Azraai sudah kembali bongok.

Getting a headache now. Probably 'cause the lack of sleep.
Well.. have a great weekend everyone!
Ooh! Dida's trip got post-poned again! She'll be leaving on Tuesday!

Currently listening to High Hopes. huehhueh!


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