Friday, December 23, 2005

Quite a day...

Got the late shift today.. so I ended up getting home at 11:30. Feel sorry for Mama who had waited for me at Central.

Dida has settled in her apartment. She told Papa that she fits in fine over there.

Today at work, I spoke to some Nihonjin (Japanese). Well.. I talked to just one, actually.. I mostly used sign language with the other. I seriously needed help with that guy! Horrible! Simply horrible. The other Nihonjin was a really kawaii (cute) lady. Really really cute. Although I knew it well that she was Japanese, I just HAD to ask if she really was, so I could talk more to her. heehee.

Oooh~ and I got my first ever pay-cheque today!!! It was exciting!! Really!! My first ever cheque!!
first ever cheque!

Okay.. gotta rest now. Terribly tired.
By the way.. KLCC will be open 'til midnight today for those who haven't done their Christmas shopping!


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