Thursday, December 08, 2005


Pardon the sigh. I am feeling rather upset since yesterday evening.
As you might have known, Dida going to Rotterdam is now CONFIRMED. I suppose I have expected that news to come by this week. What I hadn't counted on was the when she'll be leaving.
This time next week.. she'll be hustling and bustling around for her things.
She's leaving on December 15th.
And I'm upset because of that.
She won't even be here for her birthday!!
I know she doesn't need a bash or something like that.. but she'll be celebrating birthday with no one she knows by her side. I mean.. o I don't know.. I seem to take this personally, don't I? I just think.. no one should be alone on their birthday. The thought.. is upsetting.

And she'll be gone for 3 months, be back here for 2 weeks, and get back there again. And we'll go this way again, then.
I'm just so used to having her around.. bugging me, nagging on me, pisses me off.. Now, how can I gossip with her about our parents?!! My one true ally will be gone for 3 WHOLE MONTHS!!!
Now I've lost all reason to be happy for her.

And me, being the very typical emotionally-retarded person me, have started to feel some sort of resentment towards my sister.
How messed up can a person get?
Maybe I'll just die and stop having feelings.

Note: To those who are thinking I'm being overly dramatic and that I'm just blowing things out of proportion.. Go piss someone else!

A quick update:
Got a call. A part-time job offer, starts Monday. Might actually take it even though I'd have to spend half of the salary on transportation alone.
O well. Not like I have better things to do once Dida's gone.

7:34 pm @ December 8th, 2005


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