Friday, January 06, 2006


Finally finished reading Artemis Fowl : The Opal Deception, it took me 4 days!! 4 DAYS!!
I'm ashamed of myself.
I thought the book was just as good as the other three, although compared to The Arctic Incident and The Eternity Code, The Opal Deception was kind of subdued. But it was heart-warming. Really heart-warming. Gives me more reason to love the 14 years old criminal genius.
Words been going around that Mr. Colfer's next Artemis Fowl installment will be out late this year or early next year! Yeayyy!!
I just can't help falling for a series. It just gives you something to look forward to, doesn't it?

Now I shall try to summarize my work during the week;
I.. communicated with more foreigners; Japanese, American and a particularly thick-tongued Indian - yikes! I feel sorry for making him repeat himself a couple of times.
Yesterday a local actress; Umi Aida, came along with a friend. I was slightly surprised at how lean she actually was. But she seemed.. unfriendly. I'm just glad she didn't approach me to ask any kind of question. Would hate to serve any unfriendly customers.

Today I was actually posted at the office to do some Japanese stock items. It concludes to this: Office job makes Wanie sad..
I'm amazed now by how many people has it. I complaint a lot about retail sales, the short break.. the long hours just standing.. being forced to serve boring customers.. But now I'm just GLAD that at least I get to meet different kinds of people, and for some reasons these strangers had been able to uplift my mood for a couple of times.
Ohh, and today I ran into Bobo at Wisma Goshen. Apparently he's working there. (I was on my way to the Kerinchi Putra station from the "office")

*Sigh* Although I am glad to be back to Kino come tomorrow, I am slightly down because I had a schedule change. Supposedly getting the E1 shift, but now it's L1. Man! I just can't seem to like having to stay until the store closes!
And I also have to work on Sunday!! I was supposed to have the day off!! Grrr. All because Yana couldn't come to work.

Good thing I lied to my boss; Jesse, today. AHHAHAHAHA!! I know, it's a bad sign to have to lie to your boss, but she asked me, "Ida.. can you work on the 10th? Raya Haji..."
Of course, I've always been a bad liar but she doesn't know that! So I "uuhed" before answering, "no.. I can't.." Then she asked why. "Uuh.. I think the rest of the family are going to balek kampung."
I just had to laugh inside. My father laughed aloud when I told him this.
If you could recall, "the family" HAS NO CAR since Dida had crashed it. And as for "kampung", well.. it's not exactly a kampung when there's no grandparents left to greet you, is it?

Okay. Dida's on the phone with Papa right now.
He'll pass it to me soon.
G'nite everyone!!


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