Thursday, February 09, 2006

Can you keep a secret?

Remember when I told earlier that I was "trying to promise myself not to buy any book 'til March"?
Well.. I fail miserably - and I partly blame Lilian for it!!
Silly girl.. I shouldn't have mixed with girls who READ story books, DREAMS of owning a bookstore and WRITES their own stories fanfictions! heehee. BAD INFLUENCES! ekkekeke!
Well, me and Lilian discussed about books a lot and last week we were flicking through the February copy of Kinokuniya's Gems of the Month. Yesterday we got into some kind of agreement on which book we should buy. Since she was intrigued by The Binding Chair (Kathryn Harrison), we both agreed that I'd get Massive (Julia Bell) so we'd give the other to read it once we're done.

Haven't really gone through my latest book, but it's basically about a girl who turned obsessed about her weight since her mother keeps feeding her that "you're only beautiful if you're thin". Sad life, if you ask me. But I thought I should read some serious stuff once in a while - even though it is still just a storybook.

Finished reading Sophie Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret? and darn it! Now I feel like I should own it! I feel like she might be in my list of favourite authors but I probably should read the Shopaholic series (can I actually call it a series?) first to adore her. I guess Cecelia Ahern's P.S. I Love You is yet unbeatable in this sort of genre. At least I think so. (Of course it's what I think! Who am I trying to kid?)
Now I shall wait on Lilian's thoughts on Cecelia Ahern. heehee. I told her I hated Cecelia, and she totally agrees.
- Why shouldn't we? Ms Ahern was 22 when she published the bestseller!
I'll be 22 this year, Lilian 23. Infinitely jealous, we are. Can't you tell?

Ah crap. Just realized I spent RM55.23 just today. Double crap! 13 days away to my next cheque! I'm starting to think that I should never be given the power to "control" my own money.

Nothing else interesting to tell. Except probably that a guy barfed at the steps of the bus I was on on my way back from work. Disgusting little fella he was. Probably had one too many beers 'cause the vomit smelled somewhat sickly sweet. (err.. okay, I don't know how I knew that!) Alright, he MIGHT actually had a stomach discomfort but I really don't feel like pitying one who puked inside the bus no matter how pathetic he might have seemed.

Alright, probably should rest now even though I'm getting the late shift tomorrow - with Lilian! woot~! Okay, probably shouldn't be too happy about it since Pei Sun will be back from her very long holiday and there is NO WAY she'll let us play around and have too much fun. heehee. I actually miss the spoil-sport, though.


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