Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Guy yang klaka..

Can't help myself. The guy.. my recent endeavour. Amusing!
I can't stand him, yet he's really endearing. Of course, I'm mostly amused by the fact that he's a Pisces! The first Pisces guy I've ever known. heehee. So that may be the reason why I'm trying my best to tolerate him. ekekkeke! (I'm being mean, I know..)

I had believed all day that he'd preferred me stop being around his view, so I was glad that today was my last day at work.
Then, as I already headed for home, he called! heehee. Slightly glad.. but I still can't figure what I really feel for him. *sigh* Poor guy. He'd fallen for the worst girl he could've fallen for.

Angel and Yana made me a card and taped it on my locker. heehee. Sweet girls. Really really gonna miss them!!
O'course I'd come over and visit them somewhere next week! ahhahaha!! I give lousy goodbyes.

Dida arrived home earlier today. Mama, Papa and Nina were somewhat irritated that I had kept it a secret. A "conspiracy" as they had called it. I'm just really excited that I get to fool around with my two sisters again!
Zoomed off from work and straight to PWTC where Papa and Dida were picking Nina and Mama up.

Dida barely bought me anything from the Netherlands. gaah! All she brought home was this sweater, that looked so much like something Nina would wear. (It doesn't really look awful.. but it practically screams Nina!) I'm keeping it anyways.. I'll take anything I can get. I'm selfish that way..

It is quite understandable though.. I am after all joining her in March. *grins*
So that was what I've been keeping off this blog for a while..
I'm going off to Rotterdam on March 19th. The sole reason why I quit my job so soon, got too many things to "settle" before I leave. (heehee! As if!)
Slightly worried though 'coz I'm going off in Frankfurt instead of Amsterdam.. all by myself!! eeeeek!! Nervous.. yet ANXIOUS!!

Also anxious that I'm going to get to see Hanis very soon!! yeayyy!!!

Going to get my super sampler tomorrow with Papa! At least, that's the hope!

Goodnight world!


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