Monday, February 06, 2006

One lousy update

As you can see.. I've somewhat updated the layout! Although.. I have to admit that it's quite empty. Will probably finish it up by March.
Why March?
Well.. March.. I'm hoping that March will be an excellent month, that's all.
I was actually trying to achieve the look of my real journal, but I suppose this is close enough. At least as close as I am willing to work for. hehhee.

Here's something worth telling.
I must have looked somewhat malnourished the past week 'cause I had strangers offering me food TWICE! It's just so odd!! I probably wouldn't mind it so much if strangers offered me food in the course of 5 years.. but in the same week? heehee.
Probably I'm just destined to meet amusing strangers.

Talked to Dida for the longest time, yesterday. I feel sorry for her, for the fact that she's actually counting down the day when she'll come back here. Just 31 days away!
We talked of totally random topics and also the upcoming F1! heehee. Dida told me to press on Mama everyday so she'd get a couple of free tix for us! haha! The sly.

Then Nina came by for a visit and a "sleepover". So right now Papa is trying to entertain two children as I cheated and do my own business when I should probably help him out. *sigh* I like kids.. I really do! But I wish I'd understand what they were saying and they'd listen to what I say! ahahhaha! Honestly, just looking at them running around gets me tired.

Ooh~ it's already February the 6th. Now I'm wondering where had all the time gone to. Getting a little depressed now. I'm 21.. achieved almost nothing.. and I can't even make time stop just a little while so I could at least notice the seconds.

I shall hide myself behind Pride and Prejudice now. NEED.AMUSEMENT.QUICK.
I want a Mr Darcy... ahhahahahaHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!


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