Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thrill of the chase.

I joked about the guy with my family last night and Papa seemed to take it pretty personally. For some reasons I get the impression that he HATES the idea of me going out with a guy. Okay, I did sound rather distant and joking around when I mentioned the guy but Papa should have no right to say anything else about it!
Who I am.. or am not going out with is NOT his business and he should just keep his thoughts to himself! grrr! I just hate it when people messes with my business. They don't see me messing with their's, do they??!
I can perfectly tell what my heart desires..

So I really don't desire the guy but is it really wrong to spend some time with him? Geez! I thought Papa WANTS me to act my age. I AM young, I know that.. he perfectly knows that, so why the attitude??
Aaaarghhh! I'm bugged!!

Putting that one aside.. Got my Lomo Super Sampler today!! heehee. I was rather giggly when I tried it out earlier. Quite excited to get them developed but I would HATE to see a bunch of stupid pictures that don't mean anything to me later on..
Wondering if I should bring it along when I go out tomorrow. Afraid that I'd spoil it. I still feel bad for what had happened to Asha's Super Sampler. Good God, I need to keep away from any Taureans' stuff.

Also went to the Immigration Office today to apply for my passport. Was pleasantly surprised that it didn't take any more than one hour! heehee. The fella asked me to come collect it on Thursday morning. wee~hee!!

I was also excited that there had been a booth near the entrance for people to register as a voter!! YEAYYYYY!!! I have successfully registered as a voter! woo~hoo!! The nation's future is partly in my hands now..
(not too sure if it's for the good or bad, though! ahhahaha!!)

Alright. Gotta get off the chair so I could come along with Papa to pick Mama up from the commuter train's station.


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