Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Today's bus.

I've been telling you stories about busses these days now, don't I?

Got the 10am shift today so I went out at 8. My "luck" I suppose, the bus arrived just as I got to the bus stop. So it made its route around Sections 8, 9, 10 and 11, past PKNS and Tesco. The bus picked up more speed and made a very disconcerting sound, right about under the seat where I was. Take note, I was sitting near the back door so what's under me was the wheels...
The sound was getting louder, and people were starting to turn towards ME.
ekekkekeke!! As if they could see through the steel and crap.. AS IF I had anything to do with that sound! ekekkeke! Hilarious human behaviour.

The bus driver decided to stop and see what the noise was about. He came back on the bus and told us that the tyre was flat and he'll flag another bus.
It was a 63, (heehee! -inside joke.) and most of us had to stood all the way to KL. The particular bus driver was a pretty big fan of sudden breaks I believe. He just couldn't help it, that there was one time I was caught unprepared and I literally bumped into a guy. It was really lame, God! (I always talk awful about people who couldn't brace themselves while they're in public transports.) I said sorry to the fella but I had an inkling that he had enjoyed it.. the pervert!

Alright, not a very good day, it might seem but it was amusing all the same. Had fun with Kak Wati, Angel and Lil. With Lil especially 'coz we make each other rather nutty. heehee. Gonna miss them three the most!! (not trying to have favourites here, but I just can't help it!)

Guess I've told most of my friends what I'll be up to next month. Told Hanis.. told Azraai.. told Arep.. just had to tell Muz.. and now I shall tell Yat about it too. eh! I have actually told Azrin too 'coz he asked. heehee!
O well...

Good night babes!


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