Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Utterly embarassed.

Most embarassing 16 minutes of my life.. Okay, that was simply an exaggeration. But I was embarassed. Hot faced and all.

This shall be my final post about the guy.. ekkekeke!
Turns out that Dayat actually knew him.. GOD! The embarassment!!
Was on the phone with her just now and both of us were shouting and laughing hysterically at each other. Damn girl! (I meant it in the sweetest manner as possible.)

All I did was try to be as secretive and as mysterious as I could and there Dayat was.. spoilt all the fun for me!
Now I know more than I wish to about the guy.

Slightly upset.. Slightly nervous.. Somewhat anxious..
Mostly embarassed. Absolutely.. absolutely.


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