Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Your Soul Number is FIVE.

A deep inner restlessness and discontent with the status quo makes you seek out adventure, excitement, and the unconventional. You thrive on new ideas, change, travel, experimenting with new ways of doing things. Predictability and routine make you feel lifeless and unhappy so you must find a lifestyle that is varied enough to be mentally stimulating and challenging. Independent, freedom-loving, and easily bored, you have trouble making commitments and finishing projects. You often "move on" prematurely, whether in a personal relationship or in your work. You need to develop discipline and perseverance when you have an important goal.

You have many talents and need many outlets and avenues for their expression, but try to finish one thing before attempting the next.

ahahhahaahhaha!!! That last line stings as ever.
You can get the reading here.

Nothing much to write about.
Getting anxious that March is coming.. but slightly upset that I'm actually.. really leaving work next Monday.
I know I'll bug them as much as I can.
Wanted to bring my friends to the Coffee Club, kaco kaco ketenangan one particular person. heehee.

Goodnight world.


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