Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh crap!

Just look at the time.
It's ten past seven.. and look at the sky over here..
click for a larger image

Does it look anything like seven pm to you?
I don't think so.
And the wind here.. it's howling mad! It just blew the chairs on the balcony off its legs. It's almost scary.. Almost I say. *winks*

Back to the couch I go. You know when you're coming off a fever and you have that funky taste in your mouth that you can't seem to wash off? Well, I'm having that.
It tastes somewhat of a metal...

Oh wait!
I-lyn did this on her blog.. She stole it from Alifah's blog.. So as I always do, I'm going to do it too!! Been a while since I did a silly quiz like this! Plus, my nausea can wait..

1. do u believe in soulmates?
Don't you like.. have to? Qada' and Qadar.. or something. O well, but I do either way.

2. why is it hard to let go of someone you love?
Because you can't help wanting to hold on to that one good thing that's in your life even when it blinds you from seeing the fact that you're falling out anyways.

3. why do we cry after a break-up?
It's something to do. Your friends are always nicer after you had a break-up! ahhahaha! I only cried one time, but I hit my head the next day for crying 'coz I wasn't really that heart broken. It's stupid, really.

4. who will you choose: the man/woman who is the center of your world or the man/woman who gave the world to you?
Well, I'd say I rather have the man as the center of my world. Idiotic, I know, but ohh I don't know.. I'd like to think that I don't need the whole world as long as I have my man to keep me happy. hehhe! But God, I do hope I have my own life even though he's the center of my world!

5. Are you good in hiding your emotions?
I'm.. pretty good at doing "stoic". Damn proud of that, but sadly there are some people who can read me like a paperback. It's a little disturbing. I hide my emotions okay, then again I do blog a lot. That's a LOT! I guess I'm good at hiding what I really want to hide. But sometimes I seem to hide things I probably shouldn't have.

6. why do we need to love?
Ohh.. because we're all pathetic silly drones who'd prefer making decisions with our hearts rather than the brain as it make us feel like it was based on our natural instincts our guts are telling us something. heehee! Well, the nicer way to put it: to love is our basic natural instincts.

7. Being single or being taken?
Single.. but wishing that I don't keep wishing for amusement! ahhahaha!!

8. What's so nice in being single?
You can get selfish all you want. Not giving a rat's ass about anyone.. anyone's brothers and sisters.. anyone's parents.. anyone's flock of friends.. anyone's ex-girlfriends.. ahahhaha! That's about it.

9. Ever cried infront of a bf/gf?
God, NO!

10.Most painful thing said by a loved one?
"Bye" ?
I don't hurt easily, but on the rare occasion, I'd get a pang in the heart by a simple goodbye. It's stupid.. I know.

11. Most painful thing did by a loved one?
(see.. I'm avoiding this question with a big laugh as I always do.)

12. How do you cope with a breakup?
How do you cope? I think I usually just forget about it. It comes in pretty handy, being forgetful. You often forget what you were upset about the day before. Ain't life too short to live the same day twice, anyways?

13. Describe love in one word?
... I'll get back to you on that one!

14. What's ur ideal date?
humm.. It's gotta be a surprise. Something I've never done before.. something that spells ADVENTURE so I'd remember it for the rest of my life! heehee. Like.. dragging me up a hill! So I'd sweat like a pig, but it'd be soooo nice to find a picnic basket on top of that hill!

15. How do you spend a day with a loved one?
Sit around.. have some drinks.. talk. Food, optional. But if you meant male companions, I don't think they'd past lunch over some conversations now, would they?

16. Can lovers be friends?
(trying to avoid the question for as long as it takes for me to come up with a really smart answer.)
Not me, apparently. But I heard it's quite possible. O wait! The question was "lovers be friends".. I thought it was the other way round! In that case.. hell yeah!! It's very much possible!

17. Is love lovelier the 2nd time?
Not necessarily. The way I see it, if you start comparing your past and current love.. boy, you're in soo much trouble!

18. Are you the type of person who expects too much from someone?
Not exactly. There are times when I'm not expecting anything at all.. to the point that I lose interest.

19. What things/qualities that deceive you the most?
That look or smile that makes me feel like I'm the star in his eyes when the fact is that he gave that look and smile to everybody else! grrr! Just thinking about it makes me wanna hit something!

20. Do you believe that 1st love never dies?
No. It's.. well, my "idea" of love is quite tough to kill. heh! Mine might still be in a comma but give it some time. I hold on to ideas a lot more dearly than the person himself.

By the way.. question 13, Love = Confusing.
I always wonder if it's even love at all..

Monday, March 27, 2006

Heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Down with a horrendous fever on Saturday.
Still down with some remnants of it.
It's times like this when I wish I was home instead. ahhahahha!! At least I'd have my mom and dad to worry about me and take care of me! My head was so hot on Saturday that I had wished for a drill so I could put a hole in the head in hopes that the heat will come out.

Hopefully I'll be well enough to go out later. Going to return my shoes. Yes.. I am returning those boots. Just realized that the lining doesn't seem too much like a cow's hide. I fear that it might be pigskin.. but God please, no!!
So.. for the sake of my doubts.. I'm going to just return it.

But for the time being, it shall be wise if I return to my bed and rest.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Day out.

Had a pretty good day. Well, yesterday!
Shops are usually closed by 6pm on most days except Fridays when they'll stay open 'til 9pm so Dida got to show me around town. I can't really remember the name.. I barely remember the name of this place! Leuvehaven, that's it. (note: I'm opening up the travel map Dida gave me to read.) Alright, "town" was at Beurs. hehhe!

We first headed out to the "Chinatown" of Rotterdam. heehee. That's where we could find Asian spices and fruits. (There's even durian in one of the stores!) After getting a few groceries, Dida lead me on a walk and what-d'ya-know! There's the town! Loads of people walking around. Dida said it's typical since the stores opens for a longer time.

I thought I looked a little sickly
Dida brought me to eat patat. *grins* To those who speaks Malay and very well acquainted with a word that sounded very similar with that word "patat", patat simply translates "potato"! We had sat around on a bench.. swept by cold winds every now and then, eating some fries with mayonaise.

Finally bought a pair of boots! A really nice pair of boots which I'm adoring!! Cost.. err.. €49. Well, it was on sale! The original price was €69 so that's RM90 saved! I kept singing "these boots are made for walking.." as I was wearing it. Take note, I was NOT singing it in Jessica Simpson's version! yuck!

Won't be visiting Amsterdam tomorrow as planned. Dida isn't fully well yet, so she prefers to stay home and rest. O well, she had promised to bring me to Amsterdam.. I trust that she will, sooner or later!

Okie.. finally remembered to download this song earlier yesterday. First heard it on the plane to Frankfurt and I simply love it! I'd automatically tune in to Channel #3 every hour and a half to catch the song. heehee.
The Real Thing by Bo Bice

Every word I say I mean it
Every single day I feel it
But sometimes when you talk
It's obvious you want to show it
So don't blow it

Tell me what we got
Tell me it's a lot
Tell me it's the real thing
Tell me not to change
And always be the same
Tell me that's a good thing
It's a good thing
Tell me not to lie
Tell me not to wait
Tell me that you want the same things as me
Tell me that it's fate
Driving me insane
Tell me it's the real thing
That keeps me hangin' on

I can read the signs between us
And I feel it inside when you come nearer
There's a stillness in the air
Like no one else is there
And every moment stays in the moment

Tell me what we got
Tell me it's a lot
Tell me it's the real thing
Tell me not to change and always be the same
Tell me that's a good thing
It's a good thing
Tell me not to lie
Tell me not to wait
Tell me that you want the same things as me
Tell me that it's fate
Driving me insane
Tell me it's the real thing
That keeps me hangin on

Sometimes it hurts to watch you leave
It feels like you're taking a part of me with you
I never know how it'll be
I guess it's just a mystery
But is it the real thing (that keeps me hangin on)

Tell me what we got
Tell me it's a lot
Tell me it's the real thing
Tell me not to change and always be the same
Tell me that's a good thing
It's a good thing
Tell me not to lie
Tell me not to wait
Tell me that you want the same things as me
Tell me that it's fate
Driving me insane
Tell me it's the real thing
That keeps me hangin on

Tell me what we got
Tell me it's a lot
Tell me it's the real thing
Tell me not to change and always be the same
Tell me that's a good thing
It's a good thing
Tell me not to lie
Tell me not to wait
Tell me that you want the same things as me
Tell me that it's fate
Driving me insane
Tell me it's the real thing
The real thing

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dank u well Marcel!!

- assuming that that's the way he spells his name. heehee.

Hola muchachos!! I intended to dazzle you all with my knowledge in Dutch but as I flipped through Dida's book of "Beginner's Dutch" I realize.. to never trust her judgement on books! Honestly.. I may never learn anything from this book!! I'd say it's an unnecessary way to spend €15,75 on.

Aaaanyways, currently sitting in the "office" of this apartment. Has a little view of the Nieuwe Maas River! Could take a better picture if I walk out to the balcony but I don't feel like freezing my feet just yet!

Sleepy, but I'm pretty sure that I'm over the jet lag. So let me yap on my way to Rotterdam!

March 19th, there was a delay to my flight. We only got off from KLIA at half past twelve, and I.. travelling alone, to an unfamiliar land.. had almost developed a fear for flying! eeek! I was terrible in Physics so naturally I was both in awe and horror when the plane started to lift off from the ground.
And I had the unfortunate luck to be seated to an old Sri Lankan (I assumed,) lady who can barely speak any English! *sigh* Ohh.. our dinner. The stewardess said it was "beef steak", I'd say it was more like a "beef mush"! ahahhah!!

I arrived in Frankfurt at about 6:30 am, and settled with the customs and bags around 7. I was fussing over my phone when two Malays, a guy and a girl walked over to me and said, "kawan Azraai ke?" heehee. Since Azraai couldn't come to pick me up, he had sent his juniors to help me out which was FANTASTIC!! Tik and Tauhir were AWESOME! They showed me around town.. brought me to eat in a cosy kebab shop. Frankfurt was really nice! Tik and Tauhir made it nice. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!
And thanks to Azraai jugelah sebab dia yang suh bebudak ni datang.. Thanks Azraai!!!!

Finally got to Rotterdam Centraal around five after taking two trains from Frankfurt, where Dida picked me up. To get to Gedempte Zalmhaven (where this apartment stands) we took an underground train. So here I am!! Experiencing my first winter/supposedly-spring season. Rotterdam is colder than Frankfurt due to the winds. It really freezes the face!
Yet, Dida brought me shopping yesterday. heehee! Had my first waffle too! Hopefully Dida will recover from the flu she's having by the weekend or I wouldn't be able to see Amsterdam!

Alright, getting off the laptop now. Yacking about what I did these past few days is as boring as reading them on other people's blog! hahaha! See.. I know..

Thanks to Marcel for being such a great help with this internet connection that we're having and such a great sport for jumping around in excitement when me and Dida were clapping and cheering when he got it all figured out. (okay.. I used a little too much "and"s.. but you get it, don't you?)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Curse you, Azraai!!

hahahha! You know I love you, (God knows, not as much as your girlfriend does!!) but I practically curse at anyone so it's about time that you get some of that!
What am I going to do with these Gempak magz, then????

Had a horrible night, last night. I actually cried, trying to figure out how to pack my luggage. All because of Dida's things she had asked me to carry. grrr. It was SOOOO frustrating!! There I was, staring mindlessly at the bag.. trying to imagine fitting my clothes, some undergarments, a few books, two cushions and a RICE COOKER in it.
Yes, you read it right. A rice cooker!!
Dida had asked me to bring a rice cooker, yes, but my very smart father (I'm being sarcastic, I'm mean.) had bought a 5-litre rice cooker!! Check at your local electric store to see the size of it. grr! And he had no idea how much frustration it had brought me, trying to fit the damn rice cooker it the bag!

I had only calmed down after a quick talk to Dida on the phone. She nags that it was my fault that I didn't pack my luggage the time she packed hers. geez!

But I had an awesome morning today! Despite the fact that I only got to bed at four, I managed to wake up around 9 for a morning walk with Muz! Well.. not much for the walk actually. Our main plan was to head to SACC for a cuppa, the walking part only came in a minute after the plan was made.

We hung around for hours at Coffee Bean! Yapping and hacking.. Confessing.. ahahhaha!! Good God, that came out somewhat wrong somehow. Well, we were telling each other about something that the other hadn't knew, or at least I hadn't knew that 'something' about Muz. heehee.
After we had lunch, we decided to walk a bit inside the mall and there was this one time when Muz heard my name being called and poked me so I looked up. What-d'ya-know! Shahnon!! ekekkeke! Typically me.. looking around yet not seeing. Later we said our hi's.. blablablaa.. and bye's! heehee. I thought it was a bit awkward. (Don't you, Shahnon? heehee.)

It was around 3 when we decided to walk back home.. in the drizzle! ekekkeke.
Okay, I need to get a shower. Sweat like a pig in the walk!
I don't feel too bad for missing F1 this year! Fisichella won. bah! heehee. And it didn't rain as I hoped it would. grr.. How UNEXCITING!! I want to see rain!
The English commentator on telly said our trophy looked "wicked.. like something out of the movies". heehee! It made me proud although it had almost nothing to do with me. Just almost! *wink*

This shall be my last entry then! My last until I settle down in Rotterdam and find an internet connection!
Humm.. things I'm hoping to achieve during this trip;
1. an end to my writer's block
2. snap brilliant pictures
3. eat Belgian waffles!!
4. make at least two three friends
5. pick up some Dutch and French! (the languange I mean, but getting the men instead wouldn't hurt either!)

Alright then! Miss me!! *grins*
Au revoir!

People are all drones.

Simply living by other people's expectations.

Do your chores.. finish your homework.. Go to school.. get good grades! Find a job.. get paid well.. Find a nice boy.. marry him.
Then there's people like me.. rampaging the earth by doing exactly none of those, trying to prove to people that I am not one of their drones and refuse to being one! Although I have to say.. dropping out of college, did nothing for almost a year before working in retail and currently unemployed is not exactly what I had in mind. heehee!
Kanye West had it good. Well.. I'll make it good! I will.. I will!

I am having it pretty good. God shall smite me if I say differently..
I believe that I haven't achieved anything because I haven't work for anything all my life. Really. I believe that. And I still haven't moved an inch on that work situation! I am very self-aware, see? No point of telling yourself a lie.

Humm.. and now I'm wondering (you might too) why the sudden pep talk or semi-serious subject. Well, I don't really know! Probably because it hits me again, that I'm 21. Or maybe because of the chat I had with a dear friend last night.. He told me that I was gifted but hasn't used it. He called me "tak guna" actually! ahhahaha! (the direct translation of tak guna would be "useless") Well, he didn't do it on purpose, o'course.

*sigh* My last night sleeping in my bed.. Okay, I'm exaggerating. I'll be back of course!! But that'll be in June. Leaving for three months feels surreal somehow. I've talked of leaving.. travelling.. countless of times before and yet when it's really happening.. my head gets slightly dizzy. It's idiotic!

Thinking about tomorrow's Formula One! heehee. I'm not going this year, sadly.. Mama got the tickets, but since Dida's away I don't feel like going with anyone else. It's our ritual and I'd like it to stay that way. heh!

Okay! The more I go on, the more I'd sound pointless. So let's leave it at that.

(humm.. I sounded quite somber, don't I?)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

*Blissfully thinking*


Really.. there's nothing to blab about. Not now at least. I am very much at peace with this morning. *grins*
[embeded file removed.]
Unbelievable by Craig David

Friday, March 17, 2006

'Cause there's nothing good on telly

..here I am again, yapping away.

Saw a good video clip today! Not the kind of "good" that makes you wonder how they've done it. It's the "good" storyline sort.
It was Craig David's Unbelievable, and I just have to say here that I'm totally taken away by the simplicity of the song and video! It's just sooo.. nice!! All Craig David did in the whole video was walk from a bedroom, to a diner to get a cup of coffee, and walk back again to the bedroom. heehee! Okay, now you're wondering what's so great about a guy walking back and forth just to get coffee. Well, the great thing is, the coffee was not for him! heehee! It's like, soooo cute!
*hits self for feeling all giggly*

Ooh it's almost the weekends!! I'm getting really really anxious. I think Dida misses me! ahahhaha! Well, I think she misses me 'cause she knows I'm coming to join her by Monday!! yipppeeee!! I'm excited!! Also nervous.. going through customs and all those authorative people by myself. I always get nervous - no, the word is intimidated by authorative figures. They've always made me feel like I did something wrong! heehee! Something must be psychologically wrong with me, yeah?

I feel a little horrible for having to leave Mama and Papa by theirselves. Of course, I've never really been the one who takes care of them - I'm still the one who needs the taking care of! But still.. Papa will have to listen to every one of Mama's mumbles and wouldn't have anyone to share a look with while Mama would have to endure Papa's PMS all by herself with no one to laugh about it later!
It blows that there's no perfect solution to this whole situation.. surely I would NEVER pass this chance and stay at home instead! NO WAY!! ahahhaha!!

Hopefully Dida will get her friend to setup an internet connection at her house. Would dearly miss blogging if I can't have the internet as much as I would like to. And House! Where the heck should I get to download it?! And American Idol! God, I hope I'd at least get to know that Katherine do well!
Man! I am SO going to miss the telly here. Hate it when that happens!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Got an sms from Celcom! It says;
"ATTENTION! Please ignore SMS' that promises free airtime. The fake SMS has been distributed by irresponsible individuals. Thank you."
heehee! I almost feel like those people at Celcom reads my blog! ahhahahaha!!

Nothing much to say... hummmm.....
I added two new links on the page! There's I-Lyn, my classmate in high school.. and McFLY!!! ahhahahaha!! Danny is such a devil! How I wish I hadn't deleted my MySpace account now.

Better get my shower now. (yes, I do realize what's the time now..) If it's up to me.. I really wouldn't bother showering at all! Just because Dida wanted me to check on some things, I have to drag myself out in the baking sun! It isn't fair!!!

Today's overused word: now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There goes another heart.

What's up with the unattainable men, yeah?
I'm 21.. never managed to truly, madly, deeply commit myself to anything. I am so wrong in so many ways!

Went to work, today after finishing up chatting with budak cine. I've never ever come across any complicated situation as it is between him and Muz! Then again, I am talking about Muz here.. She's pretty mean, but she's not as ruthless as I am. Good for her.. I think!

Anyways, I went to Kino today and helped around with some things. Helped Ann, mostly, and went to lunch with her. Seeing her and Angel always makes me happy somehow. Well, Angel is of course chirpy all the time.

Ann told me that the guy has been talking to Angel about me. Ann found out that Angel has been telling him to go ahead and win me over. ahahhaha! So Ann had told her that I didn't want that, but Angel apparently had ignored her. heehee. We have always been calling Angel a "natural born promoter". She'd speak of ANY thing with so much passion! She's gifted, that way.

Aaaanyways, everyone at work kept teasing me about the guy, they kept asking me, "aren't you going upstairs?" Well, NO! I didn't even tell him I was there.. Until I was walking in the tunnel to the Putra station.. which when he called me and asked where I was.. and asked me to turn back, but I refused.

I was in the crowded train.. still on the line with him.. He said, "Can I ask you something? A personal question."
me : Okay, shoot!
him : Are you certain that you don't want to go steady with me?
me : *giggles* Yes, I'm certain.
him : Seriously?
me : Seriously, I want you to find another girlfriend.
him : O well, maybe you were only fooling around.. *laughs*
me : *laughs as well* No noo.. I wasn't.
him : Okay then. As you said, you want me as a friend and nothing more..

His calmness is so.. fascinating!! It's just so WEIRD!! I've never met a guy like the guy.
Yet again.. I shall hide behind that line again, "the chase for the unattainable men." Why do they have to be soooo.. intriguing? And the ones right in front of you are just sooo.... plain!
(Dida is SO going to hate me for saying this sort of stuff. Apparently she's a little envious that I always seem to have "choices". Well, I'm envious that she has all that money!)

O well.. Feeling happy tonight!!!
Azraai's picking me up in Frankfurt!.. Azraai's picking me up in Frankfurt!.. Azraai's picking me up in Frankfurt! *doing a conga line* Probably with his girlfriend?.. Probably with his girlfriend?.. Probably with his girlfriend? *still is*
O well, he said MAYBE he could. His exact words goes something like; it's confirmed.. but if not, he'd call! HAH!! ngok punye budak! And he gave me an "assignment" too!!

Please, if anyone out there.. collects past editions of GEMPAK magazine and willing to part with one of them.. please please pleaaasee!! Contact me as soon as you possibly can!! All I need is ONE!

heehee! Should finalize my luggage tomorrow! And start scouring for those Gempak mags! grrr.
Good night world!

That "Next Blog" button.

3am. Am bored. Decided to check up on other people's blogs but well.. none of my friends are the same blogging freak as I am. (I'm actually a "writing freak" but I'm hating my handwriting these days!)

So I clicked that "Next Blog" button on the top right of this screen so I could get some random blogs of the people I don't know. Most of the pages are crap, of course! hahhaha! So far I've had a Spanish blog, a German blog, mostly English.. but I had to wonder.. Doesn't anyone do their own layout anymore??
I say, most of the pages are crap because I got tired of looking at the basic Blogger templates again. If it isn't white, it's black! On the rare occasion, I got to see the brownish template.

O well, since I'm THAT bored, guess I shouldn't complaint. Back to staring at some random blogs. If I get lucky, I'd find that Spanish lesbian blog I found last month. ahhahaha! At least there's some "action" there no matter how WRONG it is!

Found a blog with an interesting Blogthings quiz on it. heeheee! I just can't get enough of silly quizzes!!

You Are The Lovers

You represent ideal love: innocence, trust, exhilaration and joy.
You demonstrate the harmony of opposites, two sides coming together.
At times, you also represent the struggle between what is right and what is tempting.
Control is an issue for you, especially when you don't know your reasons for choosing something.

Your fortune:

You have an important choice you need to make about love, and it will be a difficult choice to make.
You are likely struggling between the love you crave and the love that is right.
In the end, you will choose what you crave, even if it's bad for you.
Because without what you crave, you will feel empty and incomplete.

*grunts* I do not feel incomplete, thank you very much! But I suppose they had the right idea.. I would feel rather incomplete when I'm not wanting something. Well, desire is half of life, right?

"How come we don't hug anymore?"

A boring, almost non-ending entry follows.

Hanis had wanted to see me for a bit before she went to her sister's place in Nilai, yesterday morn. She had came with Zul, who smartly awaits near the car! ehhehe.
Hanis gave me something that funnily screams that it was from her. heehee!

It's funny how some people went away for a long time.. and come back, and you found out that they are EXACTLY the same as if they hadn't left at all! heehee. (not necessarily a bad thing, of course!)
So let me tell you a thing or two about one of the beasties. (I believe I always talk about Muz, so it should be time I "introduce" you to Hanis.)

Hanis.. she's like the most mature among us four. The only reason that could make you think that she might be childish after all is her squeaky high-pitched voice. She's an Aries, great fun to have around, awesome listener.. but might not give the best response to any love/relationship questions because of her slight naivety. She's not really that naive, but her idea of love is sooo pure so she won't have the best answer to complicated love matters. (at least that's the way I see it!)
When it comes to giving presents.. heehee! She likes giving people trinkets! The ones that I call as "those things you put on your desk to collect dusts". ekekke! I think she might get a bit offended 'cause I said that a lot! haha! Well, she's not that brilliant at giving personal pressies but that doesn't matter, does it? It's the thought that counts! Hanis is an awesome awesome friend. The thought of not being able to talk to her always puts me rather down. She would be the first person I go to when I have a really serious matter bothering my thoughts and she would listen attentively. That's why she' just so GREAT!!
To think that I had been quite distant from her when she joined the "gang" 'cause I HATED new meat messing in my territory. It was Muz who had welcomed her gracefully. If you had asked me then in Form 2, I would've never said that Hanis could be one of my besties now.

Now that I've started.. and couldn't find anything else to blog about, I'm going to tell you about Dayat.
Just thinking about Dayat makes me wanna smile. She's.. quirky! She's funny without even trying to. Dayat is the only Libra I'm friends with - well, closely I mean. (Most of my buddies are either Sagittarius, Aries or Leo.) Dayat has this odd obsession with people's nose. You know how people get attracted to the opposite sex by looking in their eyes? Well, Dayat gets attracted through looking at their nose! (good thing it's not "through looking at their nose hole!") There was this one time looong ago when I told her that I just realized how good looking my boyfriend actually were, she replied "yeah, he's got a good nose." ahhahaha!! Who ever said stuff like that?? Dayat or Yat, is not a very good story-teller. She's neither a nagger or babbler so she's simply not gifted to talk that much. She's an awesome listener though! Either that, or a pretty good faker at it! hahha! Of course, now that I've known her for about 7 years I can tell when she's only faking her interest. We'd usually laugh it off when her cover's blown. Well, I've learnt my lesson not to talk about very serious matters with her. She always gives a silly response to any serious matters so it's just hopeless to expect her to be serious just for you.
Me and Yat quite bonded during Form 3 when we were both kicked into the "smart" class; 3 Cemerlang, together since we got pretty good marks for Science in the Form 2 final year exam. Us jokers gotta stick together! (2 Bakti has the best jokers and slackers in the form.) Muz, Hanis and Hana (Dayat's actual best friend) were in the class next door, 3 Gigih.

Then there's Muz. My confidant, a fellow Sagittarian. heehee. We're friends since Form 1, somehow. I can't remember when I left my friends from standard school, Nani and Zeida to hang out with Muz instead. We never had a fight, except that one time and neither of us could remember why. She lives in tha' hood I am in, (ekkeke! Section 6) and probably that's why it should be quite easy to see her. The thing is, we never cared enough to see each other all that much! haha! Some odd sort of a relationship we have going on here. We could easily NOT talk to each other for 3 months and more, yet become really close again once we saw each other again. (That have happened countless of times!) No matter how much I misses her, somehow I never actually called her up, but eventually I would, and it has always been me who called up to check up on her. She's mean, in that sort of way! heehee. She frustrates me all the time, but everytime I see her again I just can't help starting to chat away like nothing happened. She's charming like that, and I'm simply a blabbering twit! We have this sort of psychic thing that we could understand exactly what the other is leaving out of their sentences. I guess most bestfriends does. I'd like to say Muz is a complicated character, but it's kind of silly to still say that when I've known her for 9 years, yeah? Well, it's just cool that we could have a fall out and fall right back in where we had left it!
In school, Muz used to have the craziest ideas for having fun. Well, not really! She usually do stuff out of necessity while I would tag her along 'cause I had the crazy idea about fun. heehee. Like this one time, Muz went out the window of the third floor to pick something up at the ledge and I excitedly followed her for the view! heehee!

Gosh! Thoughts of school only brought back the fondest memories. Okay, not all, of course! Muz still blames me for the falling out with Haikal. huhuuu. Yes yes.. I screwed it, I always do. heehee! That should be something to be said if there had been anyone to describe me.
Geez! I am SO going to miss the beasties!!

Monday, March 13, 2006


This moron deserves to be stalked. No.. to be stalked he/she would have to be someone admirable. The jackass deserves to be burnt.. at a stake. But I'd be happy enough if the bored people out there, reading this entry would just call this number and bugs the owner of this number until he/she would be sorry that he/she had even tried to fool me.

So I just got this message at 01:47am;
TAHNIAH! Anda telah terpilih untuk menerima RM10 panggilan PERCUMA daripada CELCOM sempena ULANGTAHUN. Untuk mengaktifkan akaun taip, 10 hantar ke 10139310542.
(CONGRATULATIONS! You've been picked to receive RM10 worth of calls FREE from CELCOM accordance to ANNIVERSARY. To activate account type, 10 send to 10139310542.)
**I deliberately left some words out on the English translation 'cause I directly translated it from the original message; which had left out some Malay words itself. I just had to set it straight 'cause it pains me to write "stupid English"!

Pathetic loser, haven't got anything else better to do!
I think my mom had been dupped by this sort of message last week, gotta ask her in the morning.

For non-Celcom users, here's the thing.. Ever heard of that Airtime Share feature Celcom has? It's really easy to use.
To request some airtime, you type RQ[space][amount][space][name] and send to 1[phone number]
If you were the recipient of this message you'll get something like, name has request amount from you, if you choose to agree, type yes. (Something like, I say!)
But if you simply feel like giving away your airtime, you type [amount] and send to 1[phone number] - Of course, that only works on the first time, afterwards you'll receive a message that tells you to register and create a password so the next time you share you would have to type in your password.. but anyways!!
See what the slime did?

He/she had asked to type 10 and send to 1[phone number]!
Urghhh! It ticks me off!! And I messaged this number and asked who this person is.. for somehow getting my number and trying to fool people - no reply, of course! Coward! How dare this.. moron!!
Good God, I hope it isn't a friend.. I'd die of shame for having such moronic friends. Sakai!!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Successfully sent Dida to the airport tonight. Didn't shed a single tear! I was even laughing when I said; "See you next week!!" heehee. Nina were laughing too.

Nothing much to say. Had a pretty casual Saturday. I slept in.. woke up to take a piss.. got back to bed.. woke back up again when Dida got up and made some noise. It was a bit frustrating trying to pack my luggage. I can't find anything decent to pack!! *grunts* And everyone wasn't helping, everytime Dida finds a new thing that she felt like bringing along my parents would say; "Kalau tak muat boleh suruh Wanie yang bawak.." (If it doesn't fit in your bag, you can ask Wanie to carry it.) But Dida helped me out, she told me what I basically need and said that if I needed anything else.. "we can get it over there."
YIPPEEEEEE!!! Exactly what I had wanted to hear!! ahahhaha!! She kept saying that the stuff in Europe are not at all like the stuff we find in Malaysia. She even warned me that I might not be able to take control of myself! aiiiiyyyy!

Will be finishing up buying the things I need for the trip and things Dida had forgotten tomorrow. Dida asked me to get her another pair of Wacoal soutien-gorge (that means "bra") 'cause WE LOVE OUR BRAS!! ahahhahaha!! It feels great, I'm telling you! It gives a whole new meaning to expensive bras..

Okie, that's it for now.
Bonne nuit!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Great times!!

Had a great time with my favourite girls today.
It was a little annoying that time was too restricted that we barely had enough time to really catch up on each other's lives.

Me, Hanis and Muz had went out around 2pm but the train had only arrived at half past due to some power failure.

We went to KLCC so Dayat could join us faster than to have her travel from her school to Mid Valley. Arrived there about half past three, and had about three hours before Dayat to actually come along!

To waste some time, I met up with the guy and bought him lunch (heehee!) and pretty much introduced him to the gang. We practically "interviewed" him for a little, and he had gotten so concious that he didn't even eat his meal! ekekkeke!! Funny little git.

After he went back to work, me and the girls went around and window shopped. Alright, I did bought something for myself! Was looking for a handbag, so we went in Converse. (me.. Converse.. it's an addiction!) They had this nice bag that I like.. but they were sold out of the colour I had wanted.. So next we went to Quicksilver, Mambo and this other shop on the same floor and they just didn't have one that I could see myself with.
I dragged my friends to the Adidas store and what-d'ya-know! We found two bags with good potential! heehee. So there we were.. standing around the display, and me holding both bags in front of the mirror trying to work out which colour works best with my outfit. It was a pitiful lost to the blue coloured bag since it was against a RED bag! ahahhaha!! So that was it, I got myself a red Adidas handbag - which Dida later thought was cute! (Didn't really matter if I hadn't had any red on my outfit.. just had to get the red bag!)

Once Dayat had arrived, we head straight to Chilli's! It was Yat's and Hanis' first time eating there.. which is typically them.. and typically for me and Muz to introduce them to a new place to eat!

We ate like crazy there! Munching, laughing, we were sooooo full that we all ended up cross-eyed by the end of the meal. Muz even had some trouble walking afterwards.

Then Dayat and Hanis had to went back early.. around 8! Muz and I stayed behind.. went to Coffee Club for a drink and cake. hahhaha!! (yeah.. we actually managed to eat some more!) Talked and yapped. Been a while since I last talked to her. Going to miss that once I'm away! Only left around 9:40 with the guy who went out earlier that he should have!!

So now I'm home.. wishing dearly that I had have have had more time with the girls than the restricted two hours we had. I am SO going to have a boring week ahead since Dida will be gone and the girls with full schedules. *sigh*
Funny how sometimes I feel like I have no life but also feel that I am living anyways.

What's funnier.. is how Malay guys (out of experience) likes to say; "Marah kee?" and "Jangan marah tau.." ("Are you angry?", "Please don't be angry..")
They seem to like saying it 'cause everytime a guy said it to me.. I had sounded NOTHING like getting angry. I had only felt angered AFTER he said it. It's irritating!! Muz reckons that Malay guys are completely unsure of themself . heehee!

Alright. Need my rest. Dida will probably drag me out of this seat anyways. She had wanted me to "synchronize packing" with her.

Friday, March 10, 2006

One pointless blabbering entry.

Don't I always? *grins*

Just felt like updating the blog as I wait for the 'showering mood' to get to me. It's only 11:00 am and I think it's simply too early to shower now since I'm only going out at 2 pm. heh!

Spent the whole day in Seremban yesterday. Nina took a day off so we (me, Dida and Papa) could spend the whole day with her and the kiddies. I finally understood the meaning of "camera whores" yesterday 'cause we (except Papa, o'course!) were pretty crazy with Dida's 2 weeks-old Nokia N70. (The phone takes really good pictures I tell you!!)

Went to Jusco in Seremban 2 and Dida bought me lingeries! heehee! They were Wacoal, two for RM78 - which is brilliant since Wacoals are usually expensive! *grins more*

Trying to make a list in my head of things I need to get. Can't seem to find anything! Maybe it's a good thing as I might spend my every cent on today's outing with the girls. heeheee.
Need to stop being so impulsive!

Feeling slightly disappointed that Dida will be leaving again for Rotterdam tomorrow night. But I suppose it'd be utterly hummiliating if I cry again like last time since I'll be joining her next week!
Feeling... excited! Anxious! And a little bit of nervous.. aiyaaa.. Never been out that far, by myself! It shall be a great adventure!!

Will probably post again tonight. 'Til then, have a good day people!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Day out with Dear #1

Will have another day out with the rest of Dear #2 and Dear #3 on Friday!

The "Dear" mentioned was of course, Miss Hanis, and she really is dear to me. *sigh* Aren't we two just upset that time is really restricted somehow?

As usual, had spent in our usual spot.. Mid Valley. (I'm running out of ideas!) Hanis had to point out that I seemed to know the place as if it's the back of my hands (is that how the saying goes?)

Did nothing much than talk and eat.. We did however, went to see Casanova! It was a good laugh! Both of us agreed that it was really "cute". REALLY!! It was really really sweet. Just loved the way Heath Ledger speaks! *makes horny/animal-like growl.. or tried to* And Sienna Miller is so pretty!! I liiike!
Honestly, the film was full of really witty lines. They were good! My favourite line, however was this one;
"Give me a man who is man enough to give himself just to the woman who is worth him. If that woman were me I would love him alone.. and forever."
heehee. I'd like to say that the line speaks much of me but I had to doubt myself! heeheeeee!!

I mean, come on! Even my closest friends "predicted" that I shall have a little more quests and explorations before I truly settle down with someone. ekkekeke. Idiot friends! (as usual, it's just a pet-call! I honestly ADORE my friends. They're my favourites. So is my father! heehee!)
I'm a Sagittarius. I shall act like one. (that's me.. putting blame to the star sign I was born into. heehee! Well, not really putting blame, I'm proud to be Sagittarian! It's just a silly excuse I tell when I'm being blunt and uncommited.)

Currently doing a "research" on a certain theory about men. Will probably post my findings come this Friday when me and the girls put our heads together.
Oooh! Anxious!!

Have a good evening, everyone!

(note: today's favourite word is however, for what ever reason! See how many times I've used it in this entry??)

Just because I'm in a good mood.. meh layan lagu syahdu sket malam niehhh..
If I'm Not In Love by Faith Hill

If I'm not in love with you
What is this I'm going through, tonight
And if my heart is lying then
What should I believe in
Why do I go crazy
Every time I think about you baby
Why else do I want you like I do
If I'm not in love with you

And if I don't need your touch
Why do I miss you so much, tonight
If it's just infatuation then
Why is my heart achin'
To hold you forever
Give a part of me I thought I'd never
Give again to someone I could lose
If I'm not in love with you

Oh why in every fantasy
Do I feel your arms embracing me
Lovers lost in sweet desire
Oh why in dreams do I surrender
Like a little baby
Someone help explain this feeling
Someone tell me

If I'm not in love with you
What is this I'm going through, tonight
And if my heart is lying then
What should I believe in
Why do I go crazy
Every time I think about you baby
Why else do I want you like I, I do
If I'm not in love with you..

Karaoke night.

Had quite a fun with my sister, Dida and her friends from work tonight!
I tagged her along to their karaoke outing and it was pretty hilarious! (Mind, I'm NOT a big fan of karaokes 'coz I hate listening to my tiny voice on the speakers.)

Earlier we went around KL so she could change her Euro money into smaller notes. (so happens that the shops in Europe doesn't take any larger notes than 50 for fear of fake ones. So if you have 100Euro on you, you'd better change at the bank first before using them to buy stuff.) So we walked around Jalan Masjid India and found this one Money Changer that was willing to change the notes. Dida had been walking around with 2,600Euros the entire day. (times about 4.5 to find out the total in Malaysian currency.) Suka sukaaa je!
We then had lunch at California Kitchen (I kept thinking it was Chicken- something for what ever reason!) in KLCC with two of Dida's friends who works in one of the towers.

Dida bought me another pair of long john, two pairs of wool socks, and this one pretty expensive scarf muffler which I adore at Goin' Places! I feel kinda bad for letting her buy me the scarf muffler.. but it was just SO adorable!! It was red.. and pink.. and gaaah! All the colours I love!

Then she brought me along to her office in Port Klang, where I hung about pointlessly most of the time. Until her boss invited me into her office for a chat. heehee! Dida got a little paranoid at that time, for fear that we had gossiped about her while we were inside - which was exactly what we did!! (Dida, her collegues and their boss are really like buddies, so having me talking to THE boss isn't really a big deal.. At least not to me! hehheh.)

It was about 7 when we all headed to Red Box Ria in Sogo. (workaholics, Dida's entire "gang") Stayed there until midnight! Everyone was singing like crazy and it was SO much fun! I suppose I find it interesting to see people.. older than me, having such fun! What's funnier, was that everyone had started to sound like some drunken men by 11 pm 'coz everyone had gotten really tired.
I know my voice cracked a few times which then I laughed off to cover the embarassment! (all Dida's fault, really. She kept picking songs with high notes in it and gave me the mic so I could sing those high notes while she sang the low ones. No fair.)
Ooh~ and Dida had sung Anuar Zain's Mungkin so I just had to SMS Fariz about it 'coz the video had never failed to remind me of him! *wekk!*
But funny funny people, Dida's friends were!

Sooo sleepy now! Would have to get up early tomorrow since I'm going to meet up with Hanis!!! yippeeee!! Miss her so soooo bad! We are SO going to gossip!! ahhahahaha!

Can't believe that it's already the 8th. Dida's going back this Saturday!!! eeeeek! I reckon that we should pack our bags the same time so we'd both know what we are going to have to carry, yeah? Dida bought like four bottles of soy sauce.. I know I refuse to carry any of those!

Ohh right,
heppy birthday Bahijah!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Stupid old man.

This is the part where my sarcasm really shines.

I think sarcasm is the BEST way to set stupid people straight.
I'm sorry.. guess that's my way of paying back. Just anger the other person more. Serve them right for being so stupid in the first place.
Laugh at them.. laugh at them.. laugh at them..
Act as if I don't give a shit about it - or at least not as much shit as they do.

Baaah~ piss off you old fool!
13 days left, and still he thinks it's best to start a "cold war" with me. hahh!

(if you have guessed.. I was speaking of my foolish father, right there. Now, if you despise me for actually talking bad about my father, I don't really care. I am rather expressive and I shall hate what ever I hate and you can just piss off! -Or you could show this blog to my father instead and get him all the more pissed, I don't mind.)

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Note to self:
stop getting so friggin' FORGETFUL!!

Went to Kino today so I could return my work clothes. (Imagining a particular face making some sort of an expression I can't quit read.) Realized as I was getting home that I still had the key to my locker.. geez!!

Showed Angel my simple message on the guy's belated birthday "present" and what did she say to me??
"Ooh~ so you're quite a romantic person, eh?"
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarkkk!!! Honestly I don't get how she defines it. All my message said was, "..if you get a cough, serve you right!" ekkekeke! What's romantic about that??
Anyways, getting him the pressie was rather awkward 'cause the guy himself was in the kitchen while three of his collegues were standing at the counter. They all just stood there.. staaaaring at me while the guy took his time before walking out. Really really awkward!! I'm still hitting myself for not handling the situation any better than I did. grrrr. I was rather spastic, of course! *grunts*

Now I'm glad that I won't be going back there anytime soon. Should devote myself to my family this coming week. Dida's going back to Rotterdam on the 11th. I still hadn't seen Hanis yet. Can't remember if I've told her about the small gathering on the 18th. (so happens that both Muz and Dayat are too busy with school that they could only make some time one day before I leave.)
Kinda sad, don't you think? I almost feel unwanted and unloved by those two bastards.. (loving manner, I swear!)

Trying to get Dida to buy me an MP3 player.. but she didn't seem to budge on her stand on not to. *sigh* My trip would be SO perfect if she would!!!
Alright, going to rest now. Tiring tiring day. Will head to Seremban tomorrow, I think! Dida's plans. (she's been spending today with her friends all day!)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Catching up.

Only realized very recently how much I missed all those people I left in school.
So I went online tonight and IMed Majin, Ana and Bahijah. (Azrin IMed me.. good boy!) It was really nice catching up to them.. don't know why I'd waited so long.
Guess I'm really that forgetful.

I probably wouldn't realize how I had felt if Bahijah didn't SMSed me last week and told me she had seen me.
Or having Majin suddenly leaving me a message on my shoutbox.

See, I am lousy at goodbyes.
But I am SO going to get them good pressies while I'm away!! heehee.

Esok nak kacau Ms Ann at work! *sigh* Feels weird calling Lilian - Ann. (Ann is her pet name.) Gotta return my work clothes.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dung beetle.

I suppose no one liked to be compared to a dung beetle. Well, I thought it's kinda cute! (in some odd ways.. it is!)
So far I've said Nina and Papa were alike a dung beetle. Sleepy when they're hot. Okay, I'm not exactly sure that dung beetles get sleepy but if I got them correctly, they do hibernate when it's hot, don't they? They'd go inside the earth and stay there until it rains, don't they?

It's been really really hot lately and everyone gets pretty sleepy during the day. Even I do.. so in that odd sort of way, I am alike a dung beetle. (I'm not offended, in any way!) ekkekeke.
So friggin' hot these days!!! *screams* Dida annoyingly brags about how cool it was in Rotterdam, and irritated the rest of us (in a joking manner, of course!) by complaining the heat over here every now and then.

Everyone reckons that I should only bring one pair of shoes when I leave and Papa thinks I should wear the orange Converse. I think he's right, but MAN!! I'm going to miss the other pair!! *grunts*
Collected my passport today! Didn't hate the picture although I looked rather.. empty in it, but I do hate my signature!! Why the heck did I need to sign the little book! And with a ball pen even!! Geez!! Horrible.. horrible..

Empty entry again, I know.
This heat is reducing my wit to half!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Boring myself.

Haven't really.. but on the way, undoubtedly.
Currently playing Ratu's Teman Tapi Mesra over and over again. Just can't help it!!
Told Kak Wati about the song and she laughed so hard!

Had spent the day with the guy walking around KL. I have to say that it was one of the best outings I've ever had! It's like.. so cool! No guy had ever asked me to walk around in the friggin' hot sun but it was definitely.. definitely different! We were mostly walking around and bus-hopping the whole day and I'd say it's a pretty perfect way to travel around town. ahahhaha!! It must be odd to read a testimonial of someone who actually prefers KL's public transports than the comforts of a car.

Probably had the most honest conversation I ever had in my life, today. Nerve shaking, but again.. it was SO COOL!!!
It's times like this that I wish I wasn't as selfish and ready to give my heart away, instead of convincing the guy that I preferred him as a "buddy". A perfect buddy he'd make.. *sigh*

Afterwards we headed to Kinokuniya 'cause he had wanted to see Kak Naz about something while I went to my friends in the stationeries department of course! Had a good talk with Lilian and Kak Wati!!
grrrr. I'm.. bugged that I had come to love talking to them two. Geez!!

Ooh~ got my first lomo pics developed, and I had to HATE it!! ahahhaha!! Need to repeat to myself.. *play outside* *play outside* *play outside* *play outside* *play outside* *play outside* I had totally wasted half of the film taking pictures INDOORS and they had ended up blank! Stupid me!

Nothing else to say now. Kinda sleepy. Just..
Heppy birthday Safuan!!!

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