Sunday, March 12, 2006


Successfully sent Dida to the airport tonight. Didn't shed a single tear! I was even laughing when I said; "See you next week!!" heehee. Nina were laughing too.

Nothing much to say. Had a pretty casual Saturday. I slept in.. woke up to take a piss.. got back to bed.. woke back up again when Dida got up and made some noise. It was a bit frustrating trying to pack my luggage. I can't find anything decent to pack!! *grunts* And everyone wasn't helping, everytime Dida finds a new thing that she felt like bringing along my parents would say; "Kalau tak muat boleh suruh Wanie yang bawak.." (If it doesn't fit in your bag, you can ask Wanie to carry it.) But Dida helped me out, she told me what I basically need and said that if I needed anything else.. "we can get it over there."
YIPPEEEEEE!!! Exactly what I had wanted to hear!! ahahhaha!! She kept saying that the stuff in Europe are not at all like the stuff we find in Malaysia. She even warned me that I might not be able to take control of myself! aiiiiyyyy!

Will be finishing up buying the things I need for the trip and things Dida had forgotten tomorrow. Dida asked me to get her another pair of Wacoal soutien-gorge (that means "bra") 'cause WE LOVE OUR BRAS!! ahahhahaha!! It feels great, I'm telling you! It gives a whole new meaning to expensive bras..

Okie, that's it for now.
Bonne nuit!


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