Friday, March 17, 2006

'Cause there's nothing good on telly I am again, yapping away.

Saw a good video clip today! Not the kind of "good" that makes you wonder how they've done it. It's the "good" storyline sort.
It was Craig David's Unbelievable, and I just have to say here that I'm totally taken away by the simplicity of the song and video! It's just sooo.. nice!! All Craig David did in the whole video was walk from a bedroom, to a diner to get a cup of coffee, and walk back again to the bedroom. heehee! Okay, now you're wondering what's so great about a guy walking back and forth just to get coffee. Well, the great thing is, the coffee was not for him! heehee! It's like, soooo cute!
*hits self for feeling all giggly*

Ooh it's almost the weekends!! I'm getting really really anxious. I think Dida misses me! ahahhaha! Well, I think she misses me 'cause she knows I'm coming to join her by Monday!! yipppeeee!! I'm excited!! Also nervous.. going through customs and all those authorative people by myself. I always get nervous - no, the word is intimidated by authorative figures. They've always made me feel like I did something wrong! heehee! Something must be psychologically wrong with me, yeah?

I feel a little horrible for having to leave Mama and Papa by theirselves. Of course, I've never really been the one who takes care of them - I'm still the one who needs the taking care of! But still.. Papa will have to listen to every one of Mama's mumbles and wouldn't have anyone to share a look with while Mama would have to endure Papa's PMS all by herself with no one to laugh about it later!
It blows that there's no perfect solution to this whole situation.. surely I would NEVER pass this chance and stay at home instead! NO WAY!! ahahhaha!!

Hopefully Dida will get her friend to setup an internet connection at her house. Would dearly miss blogging if I can't have the internet as much as I would like to. And House! Where the heck should I get to download it?! And American Idol! God, I hope I'd at least get to know that Katherine do well!
Man! I am SO going to miss the telly here. Hate it when that happens!


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