Saturday, March 04, 2006


Note to self:
stop getting so friggin' FORGETFUL!!

Went to Kino today so I could return my work clothes. (Imagining a particular face making some sort of an expression I can't quit read.) Realized as I was getting home that I still had the key to my locker.. geez!!

Showed Angel my simple message on the guy's belated birthday "present" and what did she say to me??
"Ooh~ so you're quite a romantic person, eh?"
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarkkk!!! Honestly I don't get how she defines it. All my message said was, "..if you get a cough, serve you right!" ekkekeke! What's romantic about that??
Anyways, getting him the pressie was rather awkward 'cause the guy himself was in the kitchen while three of his collegues were standing at the counter. They all just stood there.. staaaaring at me while the guy took his time before walking out. Really really awkward!! I'm still hitting myself for not handling the situation any better than I did. grrrr. I was rather spastic, of course! *grunts*

Now I'm glad that I won't be going back there anytime soon. Should devote myself to my family this coming week. Dida's going back to Rotterdam on the 11th. I still hadn't seen Hanis yet. Can't remember if I've told her about the small gathering on the 18th. (so happens that both Muz and Dayat are too busy with school that they could only make some time one day before I leave.)
Kinda sad, don't you think? I almost feel unwanted and unloved by those two bastards.. (loving manner, I swear!)

Trying to get Dida to buy me an MP3 player.. but she didn't seem to budge on her stand on not to. *sigh* My trip would be SO perfect if she would!!!
Alright, going to rest now. Tiring tiring day. Will head to Seremban tomorrow, I think! Dida's plans. (she's been spending today with her friends all day!)


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