Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"How come we don't hug anymore?"

A boring, almost non-ending entry follows.

Hanis had wanted to see me for a bit before she went to her sister's place in Nilai, yesterday morn. She had came with Zul, who smartly awaits near the car! ehhehe.
Hanis gave me something that funnily screams that it was from her. heehee!

It's funny how some people went away for a long time.. and come back, and you found out that they are EXACTLY the same as if they hadn't left at all! heehee. (not necessarily a bad thing, of course!)
So let me tell you a thing or two about one of the beasties. (I believe I always talk about Muz, so it should be time I "introduce" you to Hanis.)

Hanis.. she's like the most mature among us four. The only reason that could make you think that she might be childish after all is her squeaky high-pitched voice. She's an Aries, great fun to have around, awesome listener.. but might not give the best response to any love/relationship questions because of her slight naivety. She's not really that naive, but her idea of love is sooo pure so she won't have the best answer to complicated love matters. (at least that's the way I see it!)
When it comes to giving presents.. heehee! She likes giving people trinkets! The ones that I call as "those things you put on your desk to collect dusts". ekekke! I think she might get a bit offended 'cause I said that a lot! haha! Well, she's not that brilliant at giving personal pressies but that doesn't matter, does it? It's the thought that counts! Hanis is an awesome awesome friend. The thought of not being able to talk to her always puts me rather down. She would be the first person I go to when I have a really serious matter bothering my thoughts and she would listen attentively. That's why she' just so GREAT!!
To think that I had been quite distant from her when she joined the "gang" 'cause I HATED new meat messing in my territory. It was Muz who had welcomed her gracefully. If you had asked me then in Form 2, I would've never said that Hanis could be one of my besties now.

Now that I've started.. and couldn't find anything else to blog about, I'm going to tell you about Dayat.
Just thinking about Dayat makes me wanna smile. She's.. quirky! She's funny without even trying to. Dayat is the only Libra I'm friends with - well, closely I mean. (Most of my buddies are either Sagittarius, Aries or Leo.) Dayat has this odd obsession with people's nose. You know how people get attracted to the opposite sex by looking in their eyes? Well, Dayat gets attracted through looking at their nose! (good thing it's not "through looking at their nose hole!") There was this one time looong ago when I told her that I just realized how good looking my boyfriend actually were, she replied "yeah, he's got a good nose." ahhahaha!! Who ever said stuff like that?? Dayat or Yat, is not a very good story-teller. She's neither a nagger or babbler so she's simply not gifted to talk that much. She's an awesome listener though! Either that, or a pretty good faker at it! hahha! Of course, now that I've known her for about 7 years I can tell when she's only faking her interest. We'd usually laugh it off when her cover's blown. Well, I've learnt my lesson not to talk about very serious matters with her. She always gives a silly response to any serious matters so it's just hopeless to expect her to be serious just for you.
Me and Yat quite bonded during Form 3 when we were both kicked into the "smart" class; 3 Cemerlang, together since we got pretty good marks for Science in the Form 2 final year exam. Us jokers gotta stick together! (2 Bakti has the best jokers and slackers in the form.) Muz, Hanis and Hana (Dayat's actual best friend) were in the class next door, 3 Gigih.

Then there's Muz. My confidant, a fellow Sagittarian. heehee. We're friends since Form 1, somehow. I can't remember when I left my friends from standard school, Nani and Zeida to hang out with Muz instead. We never had a fight, except that one time and neither of us could remember why. She lives in tha' hood I am in, (ekkeke! Section 6) and probably that's why it should be quite easy to see her. The thing is, we never cared enough to see each other all that much! haha! Some odd sort of a relationship we have going on here. We could easily NOT talk to each other for 3 months and more, yet become really close again once we saw each other again. (That have happened countless of times!) No matter how much I misses her, somehow I never actually called her up, but eventually I would, and it has always been me who called up to check up on her. She's mean, in that sort of way! heehee. She frustrates me all the time, but everytime I see her again I just can't help starting to chat away like nothing happened. She's charming like that, and I'm simply a blabbering twit! We have this sort of psychic thing that we could understand exactly what the other is leaving out of their sentences. I guess most bestfriends does. I'd like to say Muz is a complicated character, but it's kind of silly to still say that when I've known her for 9 years, yeah? Well, it's just cool that we could have a fall out and fall right back in where we had left it!
In school, Muz used to have the craziest ideas for having fun. Well, not really! She usually do stuff out of necessity while I would tag her along 'cause I had the crazy idea about fun. heehee. Like this one time, Muz went out the window of the third floor to pick something up at the ledge and I excitedly followed her for the view! heehee!

Gosh! Thoughts of school only brought back the fondest memories. Okay, not all, of course! Muz still blames me for the falling out with Haikal. huhuuu. Yes yes.. I screwed it, I always do. heehee! That should be something to be said if there had been anyone to describe me.
Geez! I am SO going to miss the beasties!!


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