Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Karaoke night.

Had quite a fun with my sister, Dida and her friends from work tonight!
I tagged her along to their karaoke outing and it was pretty hilarious! (Mind, I'm NOT a big fan of karaokes 'coz I hate listening to my tiny voice on the speakers.)

Earlier we went around KL so she could change her Euro money into smaller notes. (so happens that the shops in Europe doesn't take any larger notes than 50 for fear of fake ones. So if you have 100Euro on you, you'd better change at the bank first before using them to buy stuff.) So we walked around Jalan Masjid India and found this one Money Changer that was willing to change the notes. Dida had been walking around with 2,600Euros the entire day. (times about 4.5 to find out the total in Malaysian currency.) Suka sukaaa je!
We then had lunch at California Kitchen (I kept thinking it was Chicken- something for what ever reason!) in KLCC with two of Dida's friends who works in one of the towers.

Dida bought me another pair of long john, two pairs of wool socks, and this one pretty expensive scarf muffler which I adore at Goin' Places! I feel kinda bad for letting her buy me the scarf muffler.. but it was just SO adorable!! It was red.. and pink.. and gaaah! All the colours I love!

Then she brought me along to her office in Port Klang, where I hung about pointlessly most of the time. Until her boss invited me into her office for a chat. heehee! Dida got a little paranoid at that time, for fear that we had gossiped about her while we were inside - which was exactly what we did!! (Dida, her collegues and their boss are really like buddies, so having me talking to THE boss isn't really a big deal.. At least not to me! hehheh.)

It was about 7 when we all headed to Red Box Ria in Sogo. (workaholics, Dida's entire "gang") Stayed there until midnight! Everyone was singing like crazy and it was SO much fun! I suppose I find it interesting to see people.. older than me, having such fun! What's funnier, was that everyone had started to sound like some drunken men by 11 pm 'coz everyone had gotten really tired.
I know my voice cracked a few times which then I laughed off to cover the embarassment! (all Dida's fault, really. She kept picking songs with high notes in it and gave me the mic so I could sing those high notes while she sang the low ones. No fair.)
Ooh~ and Dida had sung Anuar Zain's Mungkin so I just had to SMS Fariz about it 'coz the video had never failed to remind me of him! *wekk!*
But funny funny people, Dida's friends were!

Sooo sleepy now! Would have to get up early tomorrow since I'm going to meet up with Hanis!!! yippeeee!! Miss her so soooo bad! We are SO going to gossip!! ahhahahaha!

Can't believe that it's already the 8th. Dida's going back this Saturday!!! eeeeek! I reckon that we should pack our bags the same time so we'd both know what we are going to have to carry, yeah? Dida bought like four bottles of soy sauce.. I know I refuse to carry any of those!

Ohh right,
heppy birthday Bahijah!!


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