Friday, March 10, 2006

One pointless blabbering entry.

Don't I always? *grins*

Just felt like updating the blog as I wait for the 'showering mood' to get to me. It's only 11:00 am and I think it's simply too early to shower now since I'm only going out at 2 pm. heh!

Spent the whole day in Seremban yesterday. Nina took a day off so we (me, Dida and Papa) could spend the whole day with her and the kiddies. I finally understood the meaning of "camera whores" yesterday 'cause we (except Papa, o'course!) were pretty crazy with Dida's 2 weeks-old Nokia N70. (The phone takes really good pictures I tell you!!)

Went to Jusco in Seremban 2 and Dida bought me lingeries! heehee! They were Wacoal, two for RM78 - which is brilliant since Wacoals are usually expensive! *grins more*

Trying to make a list in my head of things I need to get. Can't seem to find anything! Maybe it's a good thing as I might spend my every cent on today's outing with the girls. heeheee.
Need to stop being so impulsive!

Feeling slightly disappointed that Dida will be leaving again for Rotterdam tomorrow night. But I suppose it'd be utterly hummiliating if I cry again like last time since I'll be joining her next week!
Feeling... excited! Anxious! And a little bit of nervous.. aiyaaa.. Never been out that far, by myself! It shall be a great adventure!!

Will probably post again tonight. 'Til then, have a good day people!!


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