Sunday, March 19, 2006

People are all drones.

Simply living by other people's expectations.

Do your chores.. finish your homework.. Go to school.. get good grades! Find a job.. get paid well.. Find a nice boy.. marry him.
Then there's people like me.. rampaging the earth by doing exactly none of those, trying to prove to people that I am not one of their drones and refuse to being one! Although I have to say.. dropping out of college, did nothing for almost a year before working in retail and currently unemployed is not exactly what I had in mind. heehee!
Kanye West had it good. Well.. I'll make it good! I will.. I will!

I am having it pretty good. God shall smite me if I say differently..
I believe that I haven't achieved anything because I haven't work for anything all my life. Really. I believe that. And I still haven't moved an inch on that work situation! I am very self-aware, see? No point of telling yourself a lie.

Humm.. and now I'm wondering (you might too) why the sudden pep talk or semi-serious subject. Well, I don't really know! Probably because it hits me again, that I'm 21. Or maybe because of the chat I had with a dear friend last night.. He told me that I was gifted but hasn't used it. He called me "tak guna" actually! ahhahaha! (the direct translation of tak guna would be "useless") Well, he didn't do it on purpose, o'course.

*sigh* My last night sleeping in my bed.. Okay, I'm exaggerating. I'll be back of course!! But that'll be in June. Leaving for three months feels surreal somehow. I've talked of leaving.. travelling.. countless of times before and yet when it's really happening.. my head gets slightly dizzy. It's idiotic!

Thinking about tomorrow's Formula One! heehee. I'm not going this year, sadly.. Mama got the tickets, but since Dida's away I don't feel like going with anyone else. It's our ritual and I'd like it to stay that way. heh!

Okay! The more I go on, the more I'd sound pointless. So let's leave it at that.

(humm.. I sounded quite somber, don't I?)


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