Thursday, March 16, 2006


Got an sms from Celcom! It says;
"ATTENTION! Please ignore SMS' that promises free airtime. The fake SMS has been distributed by irresponsible individuals. Thank you."
heehee! I almost feel like those people at Celcom reads my blog! ahhahahaha!!

Nothing much to say... hummmm.....
I added two new links on the page! There's I-Lyn, my classmate in high school.. and McFLY!!! ahhahahaha!! Danny is such a devil! How I wish I hadn't deleted my MySpace account now.

Better get my shower now. (yes, I do realize what's the time now..) If it's up to me.. I really wouldn't bother showering at all! Just because Dida wanted me to check on some things, I have to drag myself out in the baking sun! It isn't fair!!!

Today's overused word: now.


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