Monday, March 06, 2006

Stupid old man.

This is the part where my sarcasm really shines.

I think sarcasm is the BEST way to set stupid people straight.
I'm sorry.. guess that's my way of paying back. Just anger the other person more. Serve them right for being so stupid in the first place.
Laugh at them.. laugh at them.. laugh at them..
Act as if I don't give a shit about it - or at least not as much shit as they do.

Baaah~ piss off you old fool!
13 days left, and still he thinks it's best to start a "cold war" with me. hahh!

(if you have guessed.. I was speaking of my foolish father, right there. Now, if you despise me for actually talking bad about my father, I don't really care. I am rather expressive and I shall hate what ever I hate and you can just piss off! -Or you could show this blog to my father instead and get him all the more pissed, I don't mind.)


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