Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There goes another heart.

What's up with the unattainable men, yeah?
I'm 21.. never managed to truly, madly, deeply commit myself to anything. I am so wrong in so many ways!

Went to work, today after finishing up chatting with budak cine. I've never ever come across any complicated situation as it is between him and Muz! Then again, I am talking about Muz here.. She's pretty mean, but she's not as ruthless as I am. Good for her.. I think!

Anyways, I went to Kino today and helped around with some things. Helped Ann, mostly, and went to lunch with her. Seeing her and Angel always makes me happy somehow. Well, Angel is of course chirpy all the time.

Ann told me that the guy has been talking to Angel about me. Ann found out that Angel has been telling him to go ahead and win me over. ahahhaha! So Ann had told her that I didn't want that, but Angel apparently had ignored her. heehee. We have always been calling Angel a "natural born promoter". She'd speak of ANY thing with so much passion! She's gifted, that way.

Aaaanyways, everyone at work kept teasing me about the guy, they kept asking me, "aren't you going upstairs?" Well, NO! I didn't even tell him I was there.. Until I was walking in the tunnel to the Putra station.. which when he called me and asked where I was.. and asked me to turn back, but I refused.

I was in the crowded train.. still on the line with him.. He said, "Can I ask you something? A personal question."
me : Okay, shoot!
him : Are you certain that you don't want to go steady with me?
me : *giggles* Yes, I'm certain.
him : Seriously?
me : Seriously, I want you to find another girlfriend.
him : O well, maybe you were only fooling around.. *laughs*
me : *laughs as well* No noo.. I wasn't.
him : Okay then. As you said, you want me as a friend and nothing more..

His calmness is so.. fascinating!! It's just so WEIRD!! I've never met a guy like the guy.
Yet again.. I shall hide behind that line again, "the chase for the unattainable men." Why do they have to be soooo.. intriguing? And the ones right in front of you are just sooo.... plain!
(Dida is SO going to hate me for saying this sort of stuff. Apparently she's a little envious that I always seem to have "choices". Well, I'm envious that she has all that money!)

O well.. Feeling happy tonight!!!
Azraai's picking me up in Frankfurt!.. Azraai's picking me up in Frankfurt!.. Azraai's picking me up in Frankfurt! *doing a conga line* Probably with his girlfriend?.. Probably with his girlfriend?.. Probably with his girlfriend? *still is*
O well, he said MAYBE he could. His exact words goes something like; it's confirmed.. but if not, he'd call! HAH!! ngok punye budak! And he gave me an "assignment" too!!

Please, if anyone out there.. collects past editions of GEMPAK magazine and willing to part with one of them.. please please pleaaasee!! Contact me as soon as you possibly can!! All I need is ONE!

heehee! Should finalize my luggage tomorrow! And start scouring for those Gempak mags! grrr.
Good night world!


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