Sunday, April 30, 2006

An entry too boring to read.. possibly.

It's the celebration of the queen's birthday over here and all over town people were wearing orange. There was even a carousel being set up and as usual.. where there is a carousel.. there'll be COTTON CANDY!! aahahhahahahhaha!!! *manic laugh, if you don't know what that is*

My sister is thoroughly convinced that I have "a problem". She even walked a distance away for a while!! Said she was "embarrassed".

Honestly, have you ever heard people saying, "oooh, look at the person walking next to the girl with that huge zit on her nose," or "did you see that man next to the woman with the large tits?" NO! You'd hear stuff like "look at the zit on that girl's nose," or "look at that huge tits!" So really.. I don't see the point of my sister getting embarrassed for simply walking next to me. But I do admit.. the cotton candy did attract some attention. It was huge. See here! I wonder why I hadn't seen that size anywhere in Malaysia.

Been reading the book on London so I could pretty much plan what me and Dida should do and see when we get there. Anyone has any suggestions? I know I will SO drag Dida to the Westminster Abbey and the Temple Church. Okay.. not so sure if we would actually enter A church.. but it's that one with the Knights Templar! It'd be so cooool!!!! (Highly affected by Dan Brown, I am.)

Alright, I'm starting to sound too mundane even for myself. I feel so unexciting these days.. it feels WRONG!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

(no subject)

Haven't got much of an update, but I am bored. I write when I'm bored.

Feeling kinda bummed that April is coming to an end. June is really coming and I don't feel ready to leave Rotterdam yet! heehee. I'm liking it here, despite that I've been telling people how cold and dangerous (remember when I told you about the trams?) it could get. Well, spring is definitely here and I like it! Even the winds aren't so cold anymore! It's all lovely and refreshing!

Morning was really foggy! So.. I took a picture. Expecting the day would be miserable in the afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. So.. I took another picture!
I reckon you've seen this bridge for a couple of times now, but I have to say, Erasmus Bridge is the landmark in Rotterdam. So I'm quite keen on having this view.

Ooh! And here's another picture.

It's my glasses. Found anything wrong with it? Well.. look closely.. heehee.
Oh well, I guess you can easily see this next picture.

I was at the grocery store yesterday when my lense just.. fell off! And I was just about to hand the money to the cashier! I must've looked pretty dumb putting on my one-lensed-glasses as I tried to look at the total amount. sheesh! Good thing I wasn't at Beurs or something. The cars.. trams.. too many people.. would've been a nightmare!
So I haven't sent my glasses to get it repaired but oddly enough.. I'm kind of liking this wire thing holding together the lense. ahhahha!

Well, tomorrow. I'll send it to be rapaired tomorrow. I just haven't got the time to do it today. Between the errands and just enjoying my walk.. I just don't have time! heehee.
Ohh! I collected my photos today! They are brilliant!! Funny too! Apparently the film that was on my SLR had been in there even before Nina gave birth to Farhana! So there had been pictures of Izzati, still short haired, no sign of curls yet.. Nina, her stomach still growing. heehee! And there's this one lomo pic of Farhana that made me and Dida sort of shrieked everytime we looked at it. She was soooo adorable!! Too bad that the picture was taken indoors, so it's pretty dark. But the kid.. we can still see how cute the kid is.. hehhe!
And I can see that Dida is definitely missing home. Well, the people at "home". I'm.. undecided. But seeing all these pictures of home makes me smile. There's even some of Muz! ahhaha!! It was that day when we had the morning walk and coffee.. and lunch. Pictures of Paris.. and Frankfurt! There's even this one nice picture of Tik and Tauhir. hehhe!
I just have to say here that I'm definitely capable of taking postcard-like pictures with the SLR!

Okay. Nothing else to say, nothing more to share!
Have a good day, everyone!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Found myself a new film to love!
Finding Forrester, a 2000 film with Sean Connery in it. It's about this fella William Forrester who wrote an incredible book that won him awards and even the Pulitzer. But somehow after that one book, he hides away from the public and never been heard again although his book has kept being used in schools.
Blablablaa.. I'm a sucker for films about writers.
Plus, this film ends with the same song as the one played at the end of 50 First Date. Just loved it.

Been worrying about something lately.
Well.. nothing serious. Not AT ALL serious. I'm just worried that my tub of sugar floss is emptying.
Wish I hadn't have a sweet tooth. I wish I had more self resistant. I wish I don't feel the need to pop in anything sweet into my mouth. heehee!
See? Nothing serious!

Eh, I think I called it with the wrong name. It should've been called "cotton candy" kan? ahhahah!! I think sugar floss is something you'd find in Rowling's book. Droobles.. or what ever the shop is called, I don't remember. eeek!

Monday, April 24, 2006


Had a tiring day. Thus, the late post.
Alright, that totally didn't make any sense. If it really was a tiring day, I should've been asleep by now.
Tiring -> fell asleep -> got up for dinner -> late post! hehhe.

Woke up at 11 after the phone rang. It was a call from home. heehee. Been a while since I talked to Papa and still I wasn't being my cheery self when I talked to him earlier. heehee. Guess I do hold grudges after all. Anyways! Another reason for not talking to people at home is because since I'm here, Dida doesn't need to call home all that much while I.. I just don't DO phone calls. Ask all my friends. Rai especially. ekkeke!!

Anyways, about one we went out to settle the tickets for some extra excursions in London. Then we got to a discussion about another location with the nice lady-agent and somehow ended up being at the counter for about TWO HOURS!! I guess, mostly spent on laughing at the lady for keep forgetting that we don't speak any Dutch!
She'd speak English with me and Dida, and once she started speaking to her collegue in Dutch, she forgets that we don't understand what she was saying.

So Dida is very much settled that we've quite a plan for May.
We're heading to Barcelona on the 19th and London the next weekend!! YEAAAYYY!!!
Kalo ade pape nak kirim.. cakap lah yee..

Tip of the day: If you're planning on a trip, do it in advance! Like 3 months in advance. You'd be surprise on how much you'd actually save from planning it - or NOT planning it - at the last minute.
As excited as Dida is on our forthcoming trips, she's determined not to "plan" on any more trips anytime soon.

Ohh! I finally got myself a pair of boots! One that looks NOTHING suspicious. heehee. Yeayy for me!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Okay.. Good morning if you're reading this is Malaysia.

I had a pretty good day today! Went to Amsterdam!! So yeah, I went along the Red Light District, but sorry guys.. I know I've personally promised to some of you that I'd take loads of picture, it turns out that it's just impossible. Well, at least my sister said so. Dida told me that there was a sign that says you're not allowed to take pictures, (I didn't see it!) but I didn't feel like being a smart-ass at a foreign land. heehee. Better keep my head down, yeah?

- but I didn't. Of course.

Dida was funny though. She didn't turn to look, NOT ONCE! Budak baik la konon.. But she did ask me to tell her what I'm looking at! So all the way I had to give her a live report.. "oh, this window has a girl sitting on another girl's lap", "ooo skimpy lingerie", "this one just sits around and smoke."
I have to say.. I'D EXPECTED MORE OF THE PLACE!! Where's the action?? I didn't see anything! Come on, not even one completely nude???
I - was - disappointed.

Really, I was!
Nothing much else to say about Amsterdam. Maybe I didn't explore it as I probably should, but I thought the whole day went fine! It was cold.. I was on the verge of freezing to death most of the time (should've worn a thicker sweater, yeah yeah..) but the whole day was pretty nice!

Dida bought her first Hard Rock Cafe tee shirt in Amsterdam. She's just decided to start collecting them, while I couldn't help getting one of its lapel pins. I am SO adoring mine. ahhahha!
Right now we're both pretty much hitting ourselves for not wanting to start collecting these Hard Rock Cafe's stuff while we were in Paris. Now we've totally missed out our chance! *sigh*

Pictures: My very Holland pin from Hard Rock Cafe and me, starting on my tub of sugar floss (yeah, a TUB of sugar floss) on the way back from a carnival of some sort in Amsterdam earlier.

Hanis, pegi Hard Rock Tokyo belikan barang boleh?? heehee. Will call you about it. *grins*

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pointless rambling.

12:43 am
I was thinking of a time I was in the car with Dida. We were from KL, heading back to Shah Alam on the highway. I was telling her about my then recent endeavour and how I can't see myself in a commitment anytime soon.

It was then when she told me she was envious that I have always had choices and she had only wished for just one man who would adore her unconditionally.

My sister had a theory for people like me.
The reason to why we could not commit is possibly because the "right man" has not arrived yet, or we have loved and lost.

I laughed when she said it. Quickly agreeing that my man hasn't arrived yet.
As much as I hate admitting to this.. the latter of the theory might not be so wrong after all.. I think, I have.. loved and lost.
My quite unrequited love. heehee. The stupid git!

He shall not find this out. Even if he reads this.. he shall wonder if it is him I am thinking of after all. God, I hope he won't find out! I'd surely hate my feelings to be known so plainly! Then again, it may be the reason why..

Oh crap! I'm obviously.. rambling. And bored. I SO refuse to let any man have the satisfaction that he had left such an impact on me, yet CRAP! Been watching a little too much love stories, plenty more of love-oriented storybooks.
I'm still discussing this topic apparently.
M-O-V-I-N-G O-N!

Right now sitting in my bed while my sister is very much fast asleep. Bored. I'm SO bored.
I feel like writing something significant in my journal but I can't seem to pick a topic. I refuse to choose anything depressing!

Okay.. so here.
I don't know what people do in their free time. Where do they go????
So my sister reckons that EVERYONE goes to some bars around here. The Dutch were after all the founder of Heineken.
But really? EVERYONE?? That's just.. NOT FAIR! What happens to coffee lovers like me? And you'd thought that Starbucks had taken over the world.. well, not Rotterdam!
And now I'm REALLY missing a good.. huge plastic container of Rhumba Frappucino. Man! Should've gotten one when I saw it in Frankfurt or Paris. grrr.

Okay. Today marks one month I've gone out of my country. I do miss some things of it. There's no place like home, right Dorothy?

It's interesting though, to be able to see how things work around the world. Being brought up in Malaysia and spending the most of my life there is.. a privellage. It really is.
For instance, back in Malaysia, if you look nothing like Malay you could say that no one would speak in Malay to you. People in stores would try their best to say things in English, yeah? Here, no matter where you came from and how you look NOTHING like Dutch or anything remotely caucasian, they'd automatically speak in Dutch to you.
After a while it gets tiring to keep on telling people, "Oh sorry, I don't speak Dutch. Do you speak English?"

heehee. And THAT'S why I'm only best being put in English speaking countries like the UK! US! AHHAHHAHA!! I'm pushing it, aren't I?

Going on more errands later in the day. Should get to sleep now. Good night world.

ooo yeah,

4:58 pm
Just got back from errands! Next, I need to tackle my chores.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Alright. I am SO woozy right now from the lack of sleep but I couldn't help getting out of bed just now 'cause I needed to pee. Okay, too much information? heehee.

As mentioned, I went to Dordrecht the other day and told you guys that it is a town and I assumed that it'd be something like PJ.
The verdict.. It looked NOTHING like PJ! ahhahha!! And Rotterdam looks nothing like KL too! I think Rotterdam is like PJ. Or Shah Alam. Places here are SO quiet, it's almost weird! And comparing to the places I've seen, Rotterdam is definitely, definitely modern.

I've been writing about my trip to Paris in my journal (finally!) and I had forgotten to say this in the blog.
Crossaints tastes better in France! No kid. It's amazing.. and amusing! heehee.

Was doing nothing yesterday and somehow my thought caught on the idea of "the people that I envy". And I came up with 5!
1. Those who laughs a lot. Laughs a lot and have a GREAT smile.
2. Brilliant writers who finishes their work everytime..
3. People who speaks 5 different languages.
4. Beautiful couples; the ones who won the genetic lottery, the ones that won't let you stop thinking how gorgeous their children would look like.
5. Musicians.

I had went into Pipoos in Dordrecht. It's a shop where you could get everything you need for a scrap book. I mean EVERYTHING! I spent 18€ somehow and right now I'm thinking of going to Pipoos in Beurs tomorrow so I could get more stickers.

This entry is SUCH a jumble of things. hahha! Couldn't put my thought on just one thing to write about.
This is my favourite song at the moment:

Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams

When they call your name,
will you walk right up
with a smile on your face?
Or will you cower in fear
in your favorite sweater?
with an old love letter
I wish you would
I wish you would..

Come pick me up
take me out, f*ck me up
steal my records
Screw all my friends, they’re all full of shit
with a smile on your face
and then do it again.
I wish you would...

When you’re walking downtown,
do you wish I was there
do you wish it was me?
With the windows clear
and the mannequins eyes
do they all look like mine?
You know you could
I wish you would..

Come pick me up
take me out, f*ck me up
steal my records
Screw all my friends behind my back
with a smile on your face
and then do it again.
I wish you would..

I wish you’d make up my bed
so I could make up my mind
Try it for sleeping instead
maybe you’ll rest sometime
I wish I could..

oo yeah,

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I SO want to be Claire.

So full of life. Laughing and smiling all the time. People who seem that way always made me envious. Not that I am disappointed with my life or anything, I am quite happy with mine.. But because it is mine, I know what's on the back of my mind and they're sometimes rather disturbing.
I'd like to stay young and just laugh my troubles away but the fact is I'm aging whether I like it or not.

I'm not bothered by the fact that I am getting old, no. I am bothered by the fact that people will expect that I am older. It's true when they say that you'll miss your teenage years. It's funny to think how much you had wished you were older then, and now you wishes to go back to your younger days. Ironic's the word.

I'd love to say that I am wiser but I know that I'm not. I am still.. Wanie. The Wanie who's pretty stuck with her childish thoughts. The Wanie who thinks that everyone in the world has the very best interest in their mind when they had started something and was unfortunate enough to have started a war instead. The Wanie who still believes in "true love" even though I've been telling everyone that it's completely bollocks.

Do you notice that I've been telling a lot about the things that I want lately?
I want my troubles to be taken care of. I want to stop thinking about money. I want to meet someone who I can talk to. I want a job that I won't call a job.
I want to be as lively as Claire.
Oh, and I don't want to turn out to be a failure, bitter old woman in 10 years.

So who's Claire? Another fictional character of course. Only this time I saw her in a film. Played by Kirsten Dunst.
Look it up if you have to.

Saw the moon tonight. The very first time since I got here! I got a little excited, just couldn't help it. Any sign of spring excites me; like how people are starting to wear lighter clothes and the yellow flowers at the side of the road..
I am SO looking forward to taking pictures without having on the same white jacket on them! ekkekeke!
yeah, the camera was shaky..

Had called Muz earlier. I had just needed a chat, but then I realized that I actually missed her! ahhahha!! I don't usually miss people, I don't even miss my parents, it's horrible I know! Anyways, talking to Muz made me realize that I missed yacking continuously, barely even take a breath. heehee! Thanks Muz! And now I shall ask for Hanis' phone number so I can "bother" her next time.

Going to Dordrecht in the morning! By the water taxi! wee~hee! That ought to be fun!
If you ask where or what is Dordrecht, I honestly can't answer that 'cause I'm not too sure myself!! From what Dida told me, Rotterdam is a city (like KL!) and Dordrecht is a town (PJ?). Well, we'll see if it's anything like PJ or not!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Just thoughts and dial ups.

I think I've figured out why my whole heart is with Meredith!
Okay, apart from the fact that she had lost a "battle", I figured out that I like her thoughts even more! - You know, when there's her voice-overs. She sounded so.. smart! heehee.

Well, it has been a while since I have my own thoughts. Well.. "things that I would generally feel like they are worth some thought" anyways! So now I tend to.. flutter to fictional characters that "voices out" their thoughts. Like Meredith in Grey's Anatomy.. JD in Scrubs. They sound so smart and witty! And if you've been following this blog since the past year, you'd know how much I'd wanted to sound smart and witty!

Anyway, come to think about it.. I don't really know why I haven't had as much "thoughts" as I used to. Was all I can think of were romance? ahhahhahha!! Okay.. that's actually possible since I'm typically a sucker for that, but really.. I WON'T actually admit to that! It's... too condescending.
So people have said that I know "stuff" before.. but really.. aren't I good at thinking about some other things too?
Man! This is such a blow.

Dida opened the letter box today and the phone bills had arrived. Do you know, that between March 22nd to March 31st, the internet bill was 36.84€?? That's just... expensive. Dial ups are EXPENSIVE!! And just before we saw the bill she had spent.. well, A LOT at the travel agent. I feel completely guilty for the internet bill since I'm the one at home everyday! Gaaaah!!
I really think Dida is starting to care how much she's really spending here after everytime I tell her about the discussions I had at the travel agents. *sigh*
And now you ask why we're using dial up? I don't know.. because Dida was the one who set it up and I shouldn't complaint? huhuuu.

By the way, if you're in the Netherlands and wonders which travelling agency you should go to. I'd say, go to D-reizen! I think they have the best customer service! And their service charge is 20€. As for Thomas Cook, their's are 22€ while Arke's is 22.50€. hahha!! That's my job here apparently; throw the trash, do the dishes and go to travel agents!

Okay. That's it for now. It should be long enough to last a couple of days, right? I'm not supposed to go online actually. Not after the bill.. *sigh*

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Maybe spring is coming after all.. I suppose it is warmer now, compared to the very first day I got here. Plus.. I was pretty fine not wearing my white jacket!

That was what I had on, going out yesterday. Somewhat of a record, I went out at 10 and got back at 2! hahaa! Talking to strangers, walking around in a confusing shopping mall, and finally deciding to do a little experiment!

Gonna test which one's the best! ekkekeke!! Man, I SO don't have a life.

ohh ye..
Heppy Birthday Arep!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Grey's Anatomy.

Alright, I know the first season has ended back in Malaysia. I was following it a while back, and then I kept missing it and last thing I knew, it wasn't on the day as it was supposed to anymore. So I guessed, it has ended! Right?

So anyways, here in the Netherlands.. it was the episode after Meredith made that speech to Shepard. The one that she said, "Pick me!" *sigh* I just can't believe he picked his STUPID WIFE!! urghhh!! It's stressing me out!! I can't believe Meredith's speech didn't work! It should've worked! Why won't it work?? After she had plainly told him what she felt.. why won't he pick her??? Man, that is just messed up! It totally threw off everything I knew. I thought I knew. It's just too sad that I could cry! Really I could! How could he??

I hate men. I really do! They're a big mystery. They're like a universe-sized, massive, jumbled, pile of questions. I hate them. Questions are a menace! And yet it intrigues my curiosity. Damn men.. People like Shepard makes me lose hope on love. They really do. Maybe I should just call it quits.. love will never work!

I am stressing over something that I had watched on television.
Please don't tell me that I'm being silly again. I just am, and I well know that. It's time that you should too.

Forgot to show you the magic trick Dida did yesterday!
The key to this trick, is to have the fire on the oven really big and place a pan-full of oil in it. Just walk away from it.. forget, and voila!

**UPDATE!** Woensdag, April 12th, 8:55am
Okay, didn't exactly got enough sleep but my sister was too noisy as she was getting dressed for work so I had to get up - at 7:30am!!! *grunts*

Was looking around and found out that I had got my facts wrong. The Grey's Anatomy I saw last night was in fact the 5th episode of the second season. huhuu. whoops! My bad. So I suppose it was some sort of a spoiler to some of you.
And still.. here's Meredith's speech last week. Thought I'd share it with everyone.
"I lied. I’m not out of this relationship. I’m in. I’m so in it’s humiliating because here I am begging ... Okay here it is. Your choice. It’s simple. Her or me. And I’m sure she’s really great. But Derek, I love you.. in a really, really big.. pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window.. Unfortunate way that makes me hate you.. love you. So pick me. Choose me. Love me."
And it didn't work!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Things I'm missing lately:

1. Some place to go everyday - like (not) working in Kinokuniya.
2. Sushi at the park, yacking with Muz about unimportant things (and made it sound so important somehow)
3. English speaking Danny Phantom (wondering if they're finally in a new season back in Malaysia)
4. Having an idea of what's on the telly vanavond (tonight). Can't seem to remember the tv programs here somehow!
5. Feeling like I own the place (even though I don't!) instead of feeling foreign everytime I step out of the house.

huhuuu. It's the tram tracks. They always make me nervous! I know that's just plain dumb, but they really do!! I'm always an idiot everytime I had to cross them - look right, look left, look right, let's check the left again.. and the right! I probably shouldn't have read that book on Europe. (It said something about a great architect some centuries long ago, got rammed by the tram and no one had seem to recognize him and he was put into the pauper's ward and died..)
Sad, huh?

I will have to go out later though. Dida wants me to go to some travel agents again. I also need to get some red onions. heehee! Talking about groceries will always be funny to me.
Maaan, I SO want to shop! But the only thing that has caught my eye lately was this nice jacket I found in ZARA.. €159!!!! I'd be crazy to get it. Dida would be stupid to let me have it. Everyone else would be mortified, surely.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Fortis Rotterdam Marathon


There had been a marathon run today! Well, o'course I wasn't running in it (eeek!) but you could say that they were running just right in front of my house. hehhe! The marathon was such a big thing! Plenty of people came out just to support any stranger that passed their way, it's amazing! heehee.

Anyways, yesterday I visited Brussels, Belgium. It was cold there. Very much like Rotterdam. And I have to say that I was disappointed that it had rained and pretty much spoiled my visit. We (me and Dida) had to take cover several times that it had cut our time short to enjoy the scenery. *sigh*

We had went on train (€27!) and took the city tour bus - the one you can hop on and off - to visit the must-see places. Since me and Dida had been walking around Paris, we thought "hey, we can hop off here and just walk around!", after all.. Brussels isn't really big. Well, the rain spoiled it. I had two places that I wish I had more time to go to, and one of them was the brilliant Atomium. It was.. so huge!! Really wished that I could take more pictures of it. *sigh*

But I suppose.. being able to eat some Belgium waffles was really really satisfying! heehee.

It's been 20 days since I've been here. Know what I learnt?
I learn that long distance relationship (in this case, it's between me and my father) doesn't actually stop you from being angry with one another. The "beauty" of technology. hah! Parents are SO lame sometimes - yes they ARE!

Being a fire element Sagittarius is such a drag.. (heehee!)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Ohh fine..

Maybe I won't sound vain after all! ahhahha!

Ooh~ just approved Haris' funny testimonial on Friendster. tak larat btol..
Currently trying to download the latest episode of House.. if only the moronic Spyware Doctor on my sister's laptop won't start up and kill the NetPumper I have on! urrgh! Anyone with a cure for that? Please?

I just noticed something on Friendster by the way.. Ever since I put up that picture of me with Eiffel Tower, the number of people viewing my page is up! It's... amazing! How people only care about what you've been up to when they see something different. It's.. sad, isn't it?

So last night, Oprah had this five women who had all married the same man - on different times. The man was in fact, a con man and he had fooled all five, invited him into their lives and enabled him to steal their money. When Oprah asked, they all agreed that this man had always said the right things at the right times. The man had always said exactly the things they had wanted to hear..
Then Oprah invited a psychologist onto the stage and let her speak her mind on the subject. The woman (psychologist) had said that these five women were led into believing that they had found the RIGHT MAN. She had said that every women had been told the same fairy tale, that the knight in shining armour will come and sweep them off their feet.

And so she said (and I quote,) HE WON'T EVER COME!
I sighed.. "Why not????"
The psychologist had said that the man who swept you off your feet will only sweep you away from your life.. the reality, I presume.
Well, is it such a bad thing? To be swept off your reality? I'm totally torn here. I thought being swept away is one of the things that SHOULD happen when you're in love, or have I been reading the wrong manual all my life?
Or maybe that's why I've always been miserable when I thought I was in love? ahhahha! Okay - I MIGHT have read the wrong manual after all!
I'm leaving it at that for fear of sounding pathetic and too dreamy of a man that might really NEVER existed.

Saw Prison Break for the first time tonight! I think it's going to be among my favourite shows. hehhe! So the shows in the Netherlands are not exactly as up to date as in the US, but who/where does? Prison Break had just started last week.. or two weeks ago, I think so it's good for ME!

Dida had made a funny while we were in Paris. You see, English-speaking shows in the Netherlands still speaks English, except on this one channel where they do translate the shows.. ohh, and cartoons! (Just had to laugh at the chaos-ness of Danny Phantom's translated intro song.) Since Dida had never been a big fan of cartoons, she's perfectly satisfied that she still understands most shows on the telly (I on the other hand, am a little disturbed that I no longer understands what Danny, Spongebob, Jimmy and Ginger are saying.) So anyways, Dida were telling me that if her (future-) children had wanted to study overseas, she wouldn't let them go to France or German - just because they translated their tv shows! heehee.
(It was funny.. and irritating at the same time, seeing that lady in Medium and Mac of CSI : New York speaking perfect French. By the way, it was called Le Experts : Manhattan there! And I was told by Tik that CSI was translated in German.)

Silly things like those made me appreciate Malaysia more. heh!
And you thought Oshin was bad!! But I have to say.. these Dutch and French, they do make an effort of translating those shows with the same voices for the main characters. I was amazed at how similar the French Mac sounded with the American Mac. Danny and Spongebob sounded quite the same too!
Imagine now the annoying voices of Nobita and Doraemon.. ahhahah!!

Okay. That's it for tonight.
Good night everyone! Or should I say good morning? (it's 5:35 am back at home..)

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I gotta stop sighing.

I'm BORED!!!!!
And I shouldn't be!! God! What's the matter with me?!

Haven't got any real entry, really.
Was going to tell you about an Oprah show I saw last night, but I thought that I'd sound so vain if I did so I decided that I probably shouldn't write about the show.

heehee. Sorry. I'm totally wasting your time, my time.. I'll just go now.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Things are pretty boring...

Shocking, huh?

Booked the trip to London today! So we're going on May 26th! heehee. Wanted to feel excited, but May seemed so far away. I can't help feeling quite empty about it. *sigh* If only it was possible to go on Easter.. would've been so much fun!!! (see? There's the excitement.)

Went to the market, Dida had wanted me to buy some mackarel. ekkekeke! I can't help thinking how funny it is.. to have to go buy fish when I haven't even done it back at home. I haven't even went to the market alone, for God's sake!! ahhahaha!! Well, there's first time for everything.
So I went, after confirming things at D-reizen (the travel agent). Walking around the whole lot looking for the stall that sells fish. Oddly enough, the fish guy guessed that I was Malaysian. It was nice.. people would usually guessed if me and my sister were Indonesian first. bluerghh! (no offense!) Just that I wish "Malaysia" was more famous than Indonesia!
There was this one nice guy at the kebab shop in France that didn't know where Malaysia was. It's a little upsetting since he knew where Indonesia was. Such an upset from a nice man. *sigh* (heehee!)

With all errands done.. an hour and half spent at Beurs, here I am back in Leuvehaven.. sitting quite silently, feeling rather blessed 'cause I wasn't rained on just now (missed it by mere seconds! heehee) and eating a waffle, with a weird drink that's called "aardbei sinaasappel split". heehee. Aardbei = strawberry, sinaasappel = orange!

My hands smells like fish and my nose is runny. Still wishing that the weather here is more like Paris'.. ahhahaha!
Feels like my English is worse somehow, and my handwriting's awful!! urrghhh! Haven't written any journal entry since I got here, don't know why.. all I feel like doing here is hybernate.

humm.. wishing.

Wishing that I was still in Paris. heehee! Too much, eh?

And I wish Dida had taken a picture of that nice Frenchman who had helped us find the Moulin Rouge. Such a hottie! He was walking with his bike helmet in his hand, with a pleasant smile on his face. It was Dida who came up to him and asked if he speaks English and he replied "a little" in his VERY French accent. Just thinking about it makes me smile! heehee.

Been out today on errands. Dida had asked me to go to the travel agent in Beurs so I can ask about London. The plan was to go to London on Easter holidays but I suppose it's quite impossible now since all seats are booked. So Dida came up with another date, and there were still seats left on the boat.. but Dida is SO getting on my nerves, now I can't even say if we are going to London at all. grrrr!

I'd probably make nice to her just so I can have my feet touch the British soil.. *sigh* The drama!

Anyways, I'm updating my Fotopage right now. Check it out in a little while if you'd like to see photos around Paris.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Bonjour monsieur madamoselle!

Paris was brilliant!!
Loved the city.. loved the weather.. loved the people!! They weren't at all as snobbish as people have said. They were willing to speak as much English as there needed be. It was just BRILLIANT!!

It took the bus (yes, we took a tour bus which probably wasn't a brilliant idea) a whopping 8 hours to get there! Getting into Paris was a menace! The traffic could be compared to the Federal Highway in KL on peek hours, a lot of frustration, and loads and loads of cars. The first day of the trip had turned out pretty horrible since we hadn't expected that it'd take THAT long. As we finally arrived to the hotel, me and my sister decided that we should start sight seeing that very night.

And so we went... to Eiffel Tower.
Excellent.. excellent.. EXCELLENT!! Nothing has ever cheered me up as the tower had cheered me. The sight of it was magnificent... breath-taking! Everything that went wrong with the bus turned out to be pretty worth it after all!
Me and Dida happily spent about 2 hours at the park, basking in the whole French atmosphere. It was amazing..
Tour Eiffel!

Second day was spent touring the other famous landmarks of Paris. We went to du Louvre, Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe. Everything was bloody brilliant!!
Well, me and Dida went a little nuts and spent about 3 hours walking along the Seine river from Notre Dame to Eiffel Tower! It was an awesome walk, Paris.. is such an amazing place.
Definitely worth seeing before dying.. or going again..!!

I probably should write more but I owe my parents a long loong phonecall.. so I'll update more a bit later! My Fotopage.. maybe!
Au revoir!

p.s: In case you're wondering.. I did see the Mona Lisa!
p.p.s: Heppy Belated Birthday, Dar!

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