Sunday, April 23, 2006


Okay.. Good morning if you're reading this is Malaysia.

I had a pretty good day today! Went to Amsterdam!! So yeah, I went along the Red Light District, but sorry guys.. I know I've personally promised to some of you that I'd take loads of picture, it turns out that it's just impossible. Well, at least my sister said so. Dida told me that there was a sign that says you're not allowed to take pictures, (I didn't see it!) but I didn't feel like being a smart-ass at a foreign land. heehee. Better keep my head down, yeah?

- but I didn't. Of course.

Dida was funny though. She didn't turn to look, NOT ONCE! Budak baik la konon.. But she did ask me to tell her what I'm looking at! So all the way I had to give her a live report.. "oh, this window has a girl sitting on another girl's lap", "ooo skimpy lingerie", "this one just sits around and smoke."
I have to say.. I'D EXPECTED MORE OF THE PLACE!! Where's the action?? I didn't see anything! Come on, not even one completely nude???
I - was - disappointed.

Really, I was!
Nothing much else to say about Amsterdam. Maybe I didn't explore it as I probably should, but I thought the whole day went fine! It was cold.. I was on the verge of freezing to death most of the time (should've worn a thicker sweater, yeah yeah..) but the whole day was pretty nice!

Dida bought her first Hard Rock Cafe tee shirt in Amsterdam. She's just decided to start collecting them, while I couldn't help getting one of its lapel pins. I am SO adoring mine. ahhahha!
Right now we're both pretty much hitting ourselves for not wanting to start collecting these Hard Rock Cafe's stuff while we were in Paris. Now we've totally missed out our chance! *sigh*

Pictures: My very Holland pin from Hard Rock Cafe and me, starting on my tub of sugar floss (yeah, a TUB of sugar floss) on the way back from a carnival of some sort in Amsterdam earlier.

Hanis, pegi Hard Rock Tokyo belikan barang boleh?? heehee. Will call you about it. *grins*


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