Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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Haven't got much of an update, but I am bored. I write when I'm bored.

Feeling kinda bummed that April is coming to an end. June is really coming and I don't feel ready to leave Rotterdam yet! heehee. I'm liking it here, despite that I've been telling people how cold and dangerous (remember when I told you about the trams?) it could get. Well, spring is definitely here and I like it! Even the winds aren't so cold anymore! It's all lovely and refreshing!

Morning was really foggy! So.. I took a picture. Expecting the day would be miserable in the afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. So.. I took another picture!
I reckon you've seen this bridge for a couple of times now, but I have to say, Erasmus Bridge is the landmark in Rotterdam. So I'm quite keen on having this view.

Ooh! And here's another picture.

It's my glasses. Found anything wrong with it? Well.. look closely.. heehee.
Oh well, I guess you can easily see this next picture.

I was at the grocery store yesterday when my lense just.. fell off! And I was just about to hand the money to the cashier! I must've looked pretty dumb putting on my one-lensed-glasses as I tried to look at the total amount. sheesh! Good thing I wasn't at Beurs or something. The cars.. trams.. too many people.. would've been a nightmare!
So I haven't sent my glasses to get it repaired but oddly enough.. I'm kind of liking this wire thing holding together the lense. ahhahha!

Well, tomorrow. I'll send it to be rapaired tomorrow. I just haven't got the time to do it today. Between the errands and just enjoying my walk.. I just don't have time! heehee.
Ohh! I collected my photos today! They are brilliant!! Funny too! Apparently the film that was on my SLR had been in there even before Nina gave birth to Farhana! So there had been pictures of Izzati, still short haired, no sign of curls yet.. Nina, her stomach still growing. heehee! And there's this one lomo pic of Farhana that made me and Dida sort of shrieked everytime we looked at it. She was soooo adorable!! Too bad that the picture was taken indoors, so it's pretty dark. But the kid.. we can still see how cute the kid is.. hehhe!
And I can see that Dida is definitely missing home. Well, the people at "home". I'm.. undecided. But seeing all these pictures of home makes me smile. There's even some of Muz! ahhaha!! It was that day when we had the morning walk and coffee.. and lunch. Pictures of Paris.. and Frankfurt! There's even this one nice picture of Tik and Tauhir. hehhe!
I just have to say here that I'm definitely capable of taking postcard-like pictures with the SLR!

Okay. Nothing else to say, nothing more to share!
Have a good day, everyone!


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