Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Things are pretty boring...

Shocking, huh?

Booked the trip to London today! So we're going on May 26th! heehee. Wanted to feel excited, but May seemed so far away. I can't help feeling quite empty about it. *sigh* If only it was possible to go on Easter.. would've been so much fun!!! (see? There's the excitement.)

Went to the market, Dida had wanted me to buy some mackarel. ekkekeke! I can't help thinking how funny it is.. to have to go buy fish when I haven't even done it back at home. I haven't even went to the market alone, for God's sake!! ahhahaha!! Well, there's first time for everything.
So I went, after confirming things at D-reizen (the travel agent). Walking around the whole lot looking for the stall that sells fish. Oddly enough, the fish guy guessed that I was Malaysian. It was nice.. people would usually guessed if me and my sister were Indonesian first. bluerghh! (no offense!) Just that I wish "Malaysia" was more famous than Indonesia!
There was this one nice guy at the kebab shop in France that didn't know where Malaysia was. It's a little upsetting since he knew where Indonesia was. Such an upset from a nice man. *sigh* (heehee!)

With all errands done.. an hour and half spent at Beurs, here I am back in Leuvehaven.. sitting quite silently, feeling rather blessed 'cause I wasn't rained on just now (missed it by mere seconds! heehee) and eating a waffle, with a weird drink that's called "aardbei sinaasappel split". heehee. Aardbei = strawberry, sinaasappel = orange!

My hands smells like fish and my nose is runny. Still wishing that the weather here is more like Paris'.. ahhahaha!
Feels like my English is worse somehow, and my handwriting's awful!! urrghhh! Haven't written any journal entry since I got here, don't know why.. all I feel like doing here is hybernate.


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