Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's hot outside!

- "As if we're back in Malaysia!"
heehee. My sister's idea of a joke.

Well, I'm not too sure if it's like Malaysia but it's definitely warm! We even slept with the windows open last night. The winds no longer bring chills to our bones. Today, I wore a little too much I guess. I think it's nothing more than what I'd usually wear in Malaysia.. a thin, teeny ¾ sleeved tee, and another piece of almost-sleeveless tee. Big mistake. I sweat like a pig. Okay, not exactly a pig, but almost! The point is, I broke a sweat!

I do like the warm weather. It's neat to play dress up here! No matter how you think that you've over-dressed, you'd be amazed at how other people dresses up. There's NO WAY you'd be the worst dressed person in town!
- At least not me! ekkeke!

I do think women are funnily dressed most of the time. For instance, I love wearing my new pair of boots even though they hurt my feet - mostly because they're new. (They're feeling much better the more I put them on, I swear!) But in Beurs today, I saw this woman in a pair of white heals, and there were band-aids at the back of her ankles! Obviously she has been wearing some painful shoes.
It pains me to say this, but I do believe that most women wear what makes them feel good about themselves even though what they are wearing actually feels awful on them.
Sad, isn't it?


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