Friday, May 12, 2006


Today I was woken up by the sounds of the mowing of grass. heehee. I think it's funny 'cause it reminds me so much of Shah Alam; I'm always waken up by the sound of the motors. Annoying. But it was after all eleven o'clock and these days it's already bright outside by 6am.

Dida told me that her officemates right here said that next week is going to be cold. heehee. I think it's funny 'cause it doesn't seem to be making any sense at all! How can spring turn cold?? I take it's possible if it was cold at the beginnng of spring, but in the middle of it? Of course, yesterday I saw BBC's weather program and it said something about a cold wind to hit London and bring down the temperature to 17°C. A bit cool for spring, eh?

Yesterday I went to D-reizen as Dida had asked me to. Discussed about the prospect of travelling to Germany on the 3rd of June. (It's the only available weekend we have before my return back home.) So I talked to this really nice lady. Pretty too! I think she's a bit of a mix since she doesn't look purely omputeh.. (Caucasian.. that's the word for white people, right?) So.. 3rd June to 5th June;
München for 2 by flight = €704.50
Berlin for 2 by flight = €618.50
Köln for 2 by train = €276.50
(take note, I'm pretty certain that if I had made the enquiry even 2 weeks earlier, I would've gotten a better price, for a cheaper hotel. This is what you get.. last minute.)

Then last night after I showed Dida the print outs the pretty lady had given me, she said "if we'd spend too much since we got here.. the trip's off," and went to all the receipts and started calculating. ahhahaha!! It's.. odd. And slightly disappointing. I slept in a huff when Dida finally said, "we've spent a LOT! Thousands.. Not including the amount I've paid for our coming trips.."
I suppose she didn't exactly say, "the trip to German's off!" but I'll take that's what she'd meant. I huffed of course. Dida made it like I'M the only person who shops around here! She buys more clothes than I do!! Okay, so I spend a bit on photos and Pipoos, but still!! And of course I use a little more money since I'M the one who keeps going out to stock the refregirator.. refrigerator.. ahhh! How ever you spell it; it's a cooling piece of box!
She really didn't have to make it as if it's MY fault. grrr.
Now I'm plain ticked. And disappointed. grrr.
But I guess, "as the philosopher Jagger once said, you can't always get what you want." (I've been trying to get a link so you could listen to Jagger but apparently the connection sucks too much to even have the song uploaded! grr.)

Update on 10:55pm;
Dida had said it.. "I don't think we should go to Berlin.. we don't know how much we'll spend during the trips we've already made.."
And I.. being typically me.. had the nerve of asking, "Köln?"
ahhahahha! I - am - pathetic.
By the way Azraai, I still need your address!


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