Sunday, May 14, 2006

This is interesting.

For those who knew me well, would surely know how caught up I can get with horoscopes and tarots and all those silly stuff you should never believe. But anyways, as the typical sucker that I am, I can never say no when I get an email from telling me to try their new Da Vinci deck of tarot cards.
Of course.. tarot cards on the internet?? Puhh-lease! But that doesn't stop me from clicking away, does it? *grins*

Since it's free, I can only reveal the first two cards of the eight cards spread. Still, I thought it was interesting.
Don't bother reading this entry if it doesn't mean shit to you. I know how it feels when I come across blogs with boring entries that don't make sense to me.

My first card : Previous Experience
The WorldThe World
In this position (reversed) suggests that you may have come out of a work-related or career situation or event prematurely. Your business may not have been finished, but stubbornness, unwanted restrictions, or apathy may have led you or forced you to walk away. You may have been told in the past that you have the potential for success, but you just don't apply yourself.
The World serves to remind you that "As Above, so Below." It is both a "graduation" and an "initiation" earned through mastery and integration of previous lessons learned and applied through experience. It takes on almost sacred quality, and reversed, can suggest that more still needs to be done in order to achieve this status. The World and its freedoms can be yours, but you must earn it and accept responsibility for them.

Second card : Personal Experience
Knave of PentaclesThe Knave of Pentacles
Reversed, suggests that this Knave may feel enthusiastic or hopeful about a possible oppurtunity for further study, training, or progress. He may be weighing his options carefully so that he can decide which course of action will result in the best possible outcome financially, materially, or physically. This Knave probably has pretty high self-esteem, and is rather independent or able to discern for himself what is in his best interest. This Knave is being reminded however, of a possible tendency to overlook the obvious or feel moody, lazy, unmotivated or unethical whenever he feels overwhelmed as well as the possibility of using material or physical "objects" as a means of boosting his ego or showing off. For a smart person, he might sometimes display a lack of common sense.

Doesn't sound too good, does it? But I swear, the freakin' bot is telling my story!!


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