Thursday, June 29, 2006


Where can I find a photo store that develops black and white films, print them, and can also burn films into CDs CHEAP??

I know I should probably know this since I must've at least gone to one of them around Klang Valley but typically me.. I FORGET! (the things leaving school do to you!)
*sigh* So please please.. someone please remind me!! Was there like, one in.. Subang? Or someplace around that area??

God, I am such a cow!

Trailers Galore

It's that time again! When I have nothing else better to do so I go and watch Apple Trailers and yacked about it in here. It's all WK's fault, really. Two days break... now I have NOTHING else to do while I was wide awake through the night.

Okay, I saw Aquamarine which interested me. I checked IMDB that it was playing in May in Malaysia? Well, I wasn't here, so I'm downloading it now. Then there's Step Up, a film about dancing-stuff which had never failed to intrigue me into wanting to know more. hahha! It'll be out on August in America. The hero oddly looked like Wentworth Miller on the poster. heehee! I also saw the trailer of Thank You For Smoking which I thought was hilarious! Maybe I'll download it next. Not too sure what's left of this computer's memory. *smiles sheepishly*

Then there was Uma Thurman in My Super Ex-Girlfriend which I thought was really cool!! I mean, it's a bit odd that Uma Thurman is playing it, but the idea of a man, breaking up with a superhero and gets his ass kicked for it seemed really cool! -and very human! I also watched the trailer of Invincible, starring Mark Wahlberg. The trailer had smartly started with Baba O'Riley by The Who. heehee! As a typical Disney movie, this trailer had successfully made me warm and fuzzy and quite intrigued! I doubt I'd actually see it in the movies, but I'm sure I'll put a look out for it if it ever comes on the telly!

Lastly, Spider-man 3! It looks awesome! Looking forward to that one! The beginning of the trailer kinda reminds me of what they've done on Da Vinci Code's teaser - you know, the "walk-through" of the Mona Lisa. Well, it makes me anxious just the same! (but I do hope that Spider-man won't be a disappointment just the same.)

Okay, I saw this funny question on Tickle;
For the rest of your life, would you rather talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader? ahhahhaha!! I laughed out loud at this one. Okay, if I really have to.. I'd rather talk like Yoda! I think it's hilarious to speak in circles!!

Okay, going to watch Aquamarine now. Then I should probably get some sleep since I haven't had any since last night. yikes!
Do you know that people can actually die from not getting enough sleep? It's something about the brain not being able to replenish/recharge(?? sorry, couldn't find the word!) the neurons in the brain. *sigh* Obviously, not having any sleep makes me rather dumb.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Football Talk

And then there were eight.

Exciting, isn't it? *glee*
In two days, the quarter finals are going to kick off!!

Friday, June 30th, 11pm
Germany v Argentina
Seems fair, yeah? I thought Germany had been very strong since the beginning and it didn't surprise me that they've gotten to the quarter finals. They deserve it. Argentina.. well, I'm not too keen on them. Mostly, I'm not keen on Maradona, hoho! So, sorry.. I am biased, it's pretty plain to see. So that's where I stand, Germany should win this one!

Saturday, July 1st, 3am
Italy v Ukraine
Ohh.. that penalty kick for Italy.. shameful! It wasn't even a real foul!! Come on!! But the match with the Socceroos were rather boring, so "whatever!" I couldn't care less about any of them. I don't care about them just as much as I don't care about Ukraine, but I think they were the better player between the Swiss. So who knows! Maybe the Ukranians will upset the Azzurri.
But as I said earlier, "whatever!"

Saturday, July 1st, 11pm
England v Portugal
ahhahaha!! Well.. I want England to win this one. I know they've been playing pretty lousy, I've been cursing at them abundantly! But I want them to win SO BAD!! I know I said they probably don't deserve to win the Cup, but compared to Portugal? God!! I SO want England to kick their arse! I hated their game with Nederland! It was awful! I've never seen a match so.. filthy! Shameful, really!
So yeah, I might be biased, but Portugal doesn't deserve to win it even more than England. *grins*

Sunday, July 2nd, 3am
Brazil v France
heehee. I thought Zidane looked cute after he scored that third goal that secured France's place at the last eight. Okay, I have been rather critical about France beacuse they have been playing like half-asleep since their first game! They've got Thierry Henry, they've got Zinedine Zidane.. I say this is the first great game they've played! So, cheers Les Blues - and their fans. *shifting a look* But I kinda feel sorry for Casillas. *sigh* Poor Casillas... (and to think that both him and Zidane plays for Real Madrid! ahhahahha!!! Such a huge advantage.)
Anyways, Brazil had an easy win over Ghana. Ghana was LAME! I just didn't get it why they just HAD to try to score goals with a long shot - every friggin' single one of them! And they didn't seem to learn ANYTHING every friggin' single time it failed!! That was just lame. Good for Brazil, Ghana were too lame to be in the quarter finals. Brazil and France is going to be an interesting match!

Oooh! Just exciting!!

**the times stated were of course, Malaysian time! And that's +08:00GMT, for those who didn't know.
***and I am rather harsh over some comments, aren't I? I seem to have a double personality when it comes to sports. Football especially. Suddenly I became some rude, cursing hillbilly from somewhere. heehee!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

(no subject)

My father was telling me about one of the main articles in the latest Reader's Digest, something about courtesies and politeness.
Kuala Lumpur turned out to be listed at #32 out of 35 cities.. (I think!) Well, that shocks me!! I admit, compared to other places that I've recently been to, Malaysians are quite unfriendly and may be rather impolite. But to be listed at #32?? I think not!!
Then my father said that the test was done on 60 people. 60 people??? Heck! That's not even one percent of the population!! So now I'm convinced that those people who'd ran those tests weren't thinking right and rather stupid. Yes. Stupid.
I mean, come on!!
What's more, among their definition of courtesies were;
1. if someone opens the door for you,
2. if the person at the store cashier says thank you after you bought something,
3. if someone helps you collect, for example, some papers you've dropped on the ground.
COME ON!! A joke, that's what it is! I bet dia pegi kedai runcit or mamak mane ntah and expected them to say thank you!! HAHH! How can you possibly run a test on 60 people.. and say, "ohh, most people in Kuala Lumpur were impolite."
Ohh! And New York was #1 on the list! ahhahhahaha!! Sorry, I have nothing against New York really, (I even wish to see it one day!) but even in the movies they'd portray New Yorkers as very loud and ignorant. So really.. REALLY!!
Stupid Reader's Digest ticks me.

Moving on.
Been wanting to write about this for days but I keep forgetting about it.
So I've seen McFly's latest video. The song wasn't exactly to my liking, but the video made me laugh!
There's news that Hillary Swank is going to play Holly in Warner Bros.' adaptation of P.S, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern! Well.. I don't exactly know what to think. Hillary Swank.. that's a big name there but.. I just can't imagine her in that role actually.
And Disney had bought the rights for If You Could See Me Now, which I think is.. very proper since the story is one o' those heart-warming kind, exactly what Disney movies are usually about. Hugh Jackman is going to play Ivan. heehee! Let's just say that I can't help myself grinning everytime I think about it. But then again, I read somewhere that it's going to be a musical of some sort? So... AHHAHAHHAHA!! I think it's a mistake, but what do I know?
I'll just wait and see.. and critic later.

I was randomly blog hopping again, and found some that was worth looking through. One of them had this as one of her entries:
"Let's say that you are granted the ability to travel in time to witness anything you want. You can do it 5 times. What 5 events would you choose to see, in the entire history of the world? Why? Keep in mind that this doesn't just include human history. Any time. Any place."
hehhe. Kinda interesting to ponder about, yeah?
But honestly.. although I could see 5.. I just can't quite decide what I really want to see. Maybe I'll get back to this, one day.

Just spent the past few hours doing this new layout. Nothing much changed, really. Just that I got rid of the archives - only because I couldn't find any space for it! hahahhaha!! Wish there was an option for an archive 'annually' instead of monthly! It's not like I started my blog last month! sheesh!
- never thought that I should explain the words that I choose to use on my blog, but here it is, when I said "got rid of the archives", I meant that I've gotten rid of it from the layout since I can't find a space for the links. I would never.. EVER delete the archives just for the sake of the layout!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Anger and disappointment subsided--

I can't seem to get this song out of my head!! (after watching High School Musical on Disney Channel) I'm not angry, but it's crazy!!

[embeded file removed]

Suddenly remembering my old days with the choir group in school. I can almost hear Mrs. Chin telling us, "smile.. smile..!" heehee! After a while our smiles were just plastered there on our faces.

There was this one time when Nina and Dida were still in school and I came with them to their choir practice, Mrs. Chin asked us three to sing something for the rest of the group. We sang Edelweiss - that song from Sound Of Music. Funny to think that I hadn't even started Standard One at that time. heehee! perasan prodigy of some sort! ahhahhahaha!!!

O well, my point being: I miss singing harmonies, that's it! Wish Nina and Dida were around so I could force them into singing this with me. hehh!

What I've Been Looking for by Zac Efron & Vanessa A. Hudgens

It's hard to believe that I couldn't see
you were always there beside me

Thought I was alone with no one to hold
But you were always right beside me

This feeling's like no other
I want you to know
That I've never had someone
That knows me like you do
The way you do

And I've never had someone
As good for me as you
No one like you
So lonely before
I finally found
What I've been looking for


Damn, that was one of the most stressful games I've ever seen!!

England - 1, Ecuador - 0

Thank GOD!!! I can feel my body becoming limber after that final whistle! I was tense the whole time! Stupid.. stupid!!
I choked, I shouted, I scream, I grunt, I cursed. It was an excruciating game to watch! Stupid.. stupid!!

It didn't help that I've already made my mind to hate Ashley Cole.. Now I'm hating Frank Lampard!! The chances he have got!! Man!! Idiot! And Rooney!! Well, okay.. he wasn't too bad. Beckham was awesome. But Gerrard was just.. disappointing! (and I hate to hate him, so it's not making me feel any good!)
*grunts* I HATE ENGLAND!! Well, I care too much that I had to hate them!!
Damn youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Was it worth the win as Robinson, Terry and that Carragher person got yellow cards? It's just stupid!! Robinson and Carragher only got them for delaying the game and that's just stupid!! STUPID!!

The game was excruciating. It was stressful - and frustrating.
I really don't think they'd get any near to the World Cup if they keep playing horribly like this. They don't deserve to win it. Even I won't approve of them winning it!! It's like, "I love you.. but I just won't love you if you keep acting stupid. My loyalty is blind, I'd probably still root for you in 10 years time, but I'd still curse at you when you're stupid! Really."

But hey.. GO ENGLAND! *saying this in a very morbid.. unenthusiastic.. exhausted way with one arm raised limply*

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I hate plucking.

Okay. Maybe not hate exactly, but it definitely annoys me.
I realize that I can't be good at everything, but plucking.. plucking the guitar makes me BAD at something. Well, not bad, but mediocre. I'd rather be bad than mediocre. No middle ground for me, please. But I am.. rather ordinary; which annoys me terribly!
(been trying to play Catalyst these past few days - which is a considerably easy song but I just couldn't get my fingers to move the way I'd like it to!)

Change of subject. Did you know that before X3 were made, they had actually planned on having Gambit in it?
Ian Somerhalder was supposed to play him, but he declined for what ever reason. I think he looks the part. It's his eyes. I think he could've made an awesome looking Gambit!
So who's Ian Somerhalder? He's Boone, in Lost. Now just imagine.. he would have made a great Gambit, yeah? Although I can't really imagine him having that Cajun accent! heehee!

Looking forward to:
1. Dida coming home with my rather-expensive-but-smashing-jacket! ahhahha! Just hoping that I won't be putting on more weight until then. yikes! I've NEVER worried about my weight before!! This is so wrong.
2. Movies!
Just My Luck; July 6th, which I heard, is a terribly predictable film but I just had to see it myself! After all.. my imaginary boyfriend is in it! hahahaha!!
Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest; July 6th? July 13th??, which Muz had agreed to go with me, so Incik Cine.. don't you go stealing her around that date! heehee. But come to think about it, I wouldn't really mind you tagging along! - only if Muz let you, o'course!
The Lake House; July 20th, intriguing. Very.. intriguing. I'm no fan of Keanu (in fact, I kinda hate him! Such a bad actor!) but I love Sandra Bullock.. haven't seen her for a while, so I WANT to see this film! Plus, I'm sensing that there's a possibility that it could make me cry. I like movies that makes me cry. Call me a freak if you must.
3. New season of Grey's Anatomy, House and Prison Break (that'd be in September!!)
4. Artemis Fowl and the Lost Colony, and The Solomon Key!!

The song that is currently in my head;
Grace by Kate Havnevik

I'm on my knees, only memories
are left for me to hold
Don't know how, but I'll get by
Slowly pull myself together

I'll get through this

There's no escape, so keep me safe
This feels so unreal

Nothing comes easily
Fill this empty space
Nothing is like it seems
Turn my grief to grace

I feel the cold, loneliness unfold
Like from another world
Come what may, I won't fade away
But I know I might change

Nothing comes easily
Fill this empty space
Nothing is like it was
Turn my grief to grace

Nothing comes easily
Where do I begin?
Nothing can bring me peace
I've lost everything
I just want to feel your embrace

Man, I hope one of my parents are waking up soon. Nak breakfaaaast! huhuuu. I'm confused. If it's jetlag that I'm having, which time zone am I exactly following?? 'Cause even if I'm still on European-clock, I should be sleeping right now!! It's 4am!! WK is definitely screwing up my system.
Germany and Argentina, through. Tonight, England!! (well, I'm hoping! Fingers crossed. Wishing on an eyelash. The works. heehee!)

ohh! OHH!!! And there's Fruits Basket on NTV7!!!! AHHAHAHHAHA!! But it's translated into Malay and it's friggin' annoying!! ahhahhaha!!
It's that episode about Hatori - I don't think I'd be as upset as I would if it had been in their original voices 'cause as I said.. it's ANNOYING!!

Now, THAT'S a jumble of things!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A jumble of things.

" When you drop a glass or a plate to the ground it makes a loud crashing sound. When a window shatters, a table leg breaks, or a picture falls off the wall, it makes a noise. But as for your heart, when that breaks, it's completely silent. You would think as it's so important it would make the loudest noise in the whole world or even have some sort of ceremonious sound like the gong of a cymbal or the ringing of a bell. But it's silent and you almost wish there was a noise to distract you from the pain.
If there is a noise, it's internal. It screams and no one can hear it but you. It screams so loudly your ears ring and your head aches. It thrashes around in your chest like a great white caught in the sea, it roars like a mother bear whose cub has been taken. That's what it looks like and that's what it sounds like, a thrashing, panicking, trapped, great big beast, roaring like a prisoner to its own emotions. But that's the thing about love; no one is untouchable. It's as wild as that, as raw as an open flesh wound exposed to salty sea water, but when it actually breaks, it's silent, you're just screaming on the inside and no one can hear it.

You're right on that, Miss Ahern.

that was an excerpt from Cecelia Ahern's, If You Could See Me Now. No credits to me.. no no! It's all Miss Ahern's words.
I care so much about copyrights! hahha!

OOOH!! I just talked to Dida and she was in ZARA and the jacket I was sooo into had a discount!! And she's buying it for me - with a condition, of course - but she's buying it for me!!! Lil' ole me!! woo-hoooo!!! Can't wait for her to come home now!! eeeeeeeeeeeekkk!!!

Okay. Calming down, now.
eh. Now I've lost every thought that I had before I started writing this entry.
Okay. I just can't think of anything else other than Dida and the jacket!!! I swear I had something really smart just now!! It should be "a jumble of things"!! Now it's just.. a small pile of things.

Friday, June 23, 2006

This morning..

I fell asleep at around 9am.
I've wrote that quick update, put away my book and decorated my slingbag with some pins.
Then I fell asleep.
Later my father strirred me a bit, asked what I had wanted for dinner.
When I finally woke up - after hearing something a little too familiar from the telly, my father just chuckled.
And he asked, "had a good sleep?"

The time was 8:20pm

Horrible! I was just horrible!!
And my mom spurted out, "whoa, Wanie slept for 24 hours!"
My father made fun of that while I just managed to smile groggily.
I have NEVER slept this long!!! It's just horrible!!

My father was looking at tonight's WK match schedule and said to me, "are you going to watch them?"
- "Takkan Wanie nak tido??" (I can't go back to sleep, can I??)
He laughed.

Mistake number two.

Quick update, If You Could See Me Now has been brilliant!! I haven't finished reading it but so far.. it's bloody brilliant!! Cecelia Ahern is definitely.. definitely one of my favourite writers. The story so far has been... sweet.
One that makes me smile, yet saddens me slightly. I have a feeling about the ending and I'm not too sure that I shall like it.
And just now I was trying to see the number of the final page of the story.. and my eye caught a few words that.. disturbs me.
So.. that's a definitive sign that I won't be getting any sleep tonight. I'd be wondering.. and wondering.. and wondering.. Might as well I just get it over with!!
(So far, my philosophy in life!)

My father just woke up and joined me in the living room to check on the scores of tonight's WK matches and as he walked past me to go to the loo he said, "watch the telly.. once you've done with that book you won't have anything else to read!"
hahhaha!! Ironic is the word.

Been having this song on the playlist since this week.
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

We'll do it all, everything, on our own
We don't need anything or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world

I don't quite know how to say how I feel
Those three words are said too much
They're not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world
Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads
I need your grace to remind me
To find my own

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world
Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes
They're all I can see
I don't know where
Confused about how as well
I just know that these things
Will never change for us at all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world

Okay. Getting back to my tea and crackers and the book now! Just a little over one hundred pages left to go.
"--That was all the part of giving someone a piece of your heart; they ended up taking a whole chunk of your mind and reserving it all for themselves"

8:30 am
Finished the book. I'm truly.. absolutely convinced that Cecelia Ahern is gifted - in making me cry! If I need to have a good cry, I shall re-read any of her books. Brilliantly touching..
The story is actually based on something silly.. but no doubt, she is so great; to turn something silly into something.. special. Amazing.
Kudos, Miss Ahern! You're at the top of my list!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My kind of day.

Started the day with coffee and a good friend.
What more do I need? heehee.

Me and Muz walked to SACC this morning and had our - well, mine really - dose of caffeine. (Muz had hot chocolate!) Yacked a lot. Dissing, gossiping (don't you wonder about it, Encik Cine?? ngehngehh..) and just catching up. She showed me the postcards I've sent her and I told her that there should be another 2 coming along. hehhe! By the way, the place had felt as if we owned it! We had the entire place to ourselves for two hours! Really neat.

Later around noon we decided to go to Midvalley! Did nothing much.. Honestly, describing everything I did today would be a total bore. Went to see what's good at the movies, which turned out to be NOTHING.
Ohh, we had lunch at Kenny Rogers'.. for 2 hours!! hahhaha!! We saw everybody else walking in after us leaving first. There must've been three couples whom have sat at the table behind us along the time we were there.

Anyways, we head back home around seven. Arrived home about nine.
Really sleepy. None of us had enough sleep the night before. (Darn WK!) Lucky that Muz was woken up a few minutes before we arrived at the commuter station! hahha!
Okay.. I finally bought Cecelia Ahern's latest book; If You Could See Me Now. So far - VERY intriguing! So I'm really trying to post this entry without trying to sound.. boring and rushed. So far - not very successful, I assume!

Ooh. I did found my simcard a couple days back but it's been idiotic this entire day. My phone kept saying, "Insert sim card". Dah masuk la, bongok! I have been spending the entire day shaking around my phone - as if it would've helped! heehee. Umm.. ohh, Dida had asked me to survey the price for England's home kit jersey. Well, I didn't find the home kit earlier but the away kit was RM249! Talk about cekik darah.

- and an added note about yesterday's entry about blog hopping, you know what I really can't stand?
People spelling "really", reli. REALLY!!

Better get back to Miss Ahern now before my body decide for itself to shut down instead!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I feel drunk.

It's that Win-gerland song.
It's been playing over and over in my head and it's making me dizzy. It definitely sound like a song from an English pub somewhere.
Plus, getting smoked by those mosquitoe-fog doesn't help either.

Remember the entry I did before I left for Europe?
I made a list about things I'd like to accomplish while I was there, so here's the update;

1. an end to my writer's block
Well, can't say that the trip ended it, but I've definitely gotten a few ideas while I was there.

2. snap brilliant pictures
heehee! I think some of the pictures I took were brilliant! Postcard-worthy even.

3. eat Belgian waffles!!

4. make at least three friends
ehh.. well. I failed this one. I kinda made friends with Kim, just kinda. Then there's Tik, and Med, the fella in London.. but I don't think any of them are real "friends" in my book. They're.. acquaintances.
Shame, really.

5. pick up some Dutch and French!
I definitely know a little Dutch. French.. ahhahaha! Je ne sais pas.. almost none, really.
About picking up the men.. AHAHHAHAHA!! Well, I bat eyes with a couple Frenchmen and Catalans, that's the closest I get. heehee! Turns out I can only talk to people who were much older than me.. hahhaha! Which is SO wrong and made Dida think that I'm only attracted to older men!

Okay. I'm just bored now. Been blog-hopping but honestly, everyone else's is SUCH a bore. ahhahhaha! It's the basic template that puts me off. Ohh, and the poems and heartbreaks.. blaah! I found one that only talks about SCIENCE! What was that about?

I do realize that mine would seem a bore to some.. but at least I have a customized layout! hahh! Eat that!

ps: Azraai, I haven't sent the letters I wished to send you sebab tak sempat! So.. better tunggu kau balek je ke.. nak send juge eh? By the way, when are you coming back??

Stupid Ashley Cole!!!

bodoh! bodoh! bodohh!! Really.. bodoh!!!
Honestly, if you can't stay close to the post.. don't bother at all!!!
I am so pissed!!
Didn't anyone see how Ashley Cole let those two goals in TWICE?!!
Sia sia Gerrard kasik gol
that second time! MORON!!
So frustrating!! All those while stressing out and all those talk about the "jinx", England just couldn't manage to beat Sweden again! Man!!!

Okay.. obviously I make a pretty good hooligan here, eh?
I mean.. England has qualified for the next round even before the match.
But really.. Ashley Cole INFURIATES me!!!

So next match, against Ecuador on June 25th!
Man, if England plays like crap again..... I might just need to switch teams!
(this is of course a lie! I can't imagine rooting for another team. Although I am slightly keen on Holland. hahha! But nooo.. My loyalty sticks with England..)

website here!!
"Don't be a loony, just get over the Rooney
if he can't break 'em, we'll put our trust in Beckham
we got the Gerrard, we also got the Lampard
let's make it easy like Cole also rhymes with gooal!"

Hahha! Definitely my current theme song. (I'm sure the Cole they meant were Joe Cole and NOT Ashley Cole.. the git! - ohh why does he have to be a Sagi?!)

Me like Prison Break's opening theme!

Sounds cool, doesn't it? It's like soothing yet dramatic in the same time! Really cool..

So.. as I've said in my previous post, I downloaded the rest of Prison Break and now.. I am left eventless as I wait for the England match at 3am.
I just need to point out that the ending of the last episode was kinda disappointing. It's.. well, I don't get why Sarah did what she did. Although, maybe I'd understand better if I didn't skip a couple of episodes.. heehee.

Okay. Nothing else to say, it's pathetic really.

song of the day!
Unlike Me by Kate Havnevik

There are no guarantees in life
Not for the present,
Nor for the future.
All I know is
That I'm here;
Don't know for how long.
I love the way
You live so intensely
Enjoy every minute of life
With space to swing
Your arms around
Laughing loudly

Unlike me
Unlike me
Do you think I'm strange?
Unlike you
Unlike you
I am not pretending

There is no time,
There is no time,
There is no time,
Time doesn't really exist.

The past, the present,
And the future,
Are all side by side,
Hand in hand.
You move and change,
Yet you go nowhere:
Everything stays the same.
You stare at me,
And ask me questions,
Makes me nervous,
This room it keeps a constant tone
While I'm on a roller coaster

Unlike me
Unlike me
Do you think I'm strange
Unlike you
Unlike you
I am not pretending

There is no time
There is no time
There is no time
Time doesn't really exist

There is no time
There is no time
There is no time
Time doesn't really exist

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Meredith is so messed up, isn't she?

I carried on watching the rest of Grey's Anatomy and I came to a conclusion that Meredith, is one messed up woman.
It's sad, really. It's all Derek's fault. McSelfish!

Okay, the idea of a married man, had fallen so madly in love with you is kind of.. sweet. And nice. It's amazing how he couldn't forget Meredith and really work on his relationship with his wife when he should.
But really.. forget McDreamy! He's obviously McSelfish!

I'm all for Meredith. I get that she's completely broken when Derek chose Addison instead of her but it is SO wrong for him to keep messing with her head. I mean, if you love her, you love her right? What is he still doing with Addison?? Stop messing with these two women and make up your mind!! grrrr! McStupid.

Honestly, I love McDreamy. I mean.. he is after all Meredith's "love". But the longer he stayed married to Addison, the more convinced I am that he really should stop.. Meredith should stop calling him McDreamy. It pains me to see the series unravelled itself as it had.
Clearly.. McStupid!

"What does this mean?" - "Meredith, what does this mean?"
What do you think it means, a*hole?!
ahhahhaha!! I am SO emotional.

Anyways, I am obviously bored.
Maybe I'll download the rest of Prison Break next and start obsessing about it. I mean, it's only time right? First House, then Grey's Anatomy.. about time for Prison Break! ahhahahaha!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

I - am - stressed!!

Okay, it is totally uncalled for.
Stupid really..
but searching for a song on several websites when my usual downloading-application won't work stresses me.
Heart beats.. F*!! what's the word!?? Well, my heart beats in a weird effing rythm as it spaces me out. You know.. when you're feeling a tad overwhelmed and somehow it got you high.. but in bad way. A really really bad way.
Seems like I'm on the edge these past couple of days.. it's a horrible feeling. I really shouldn't get stressed out on a song, should I?
Especially now that I've finally got it downloaded.
Urrgh! The emotional stress!!!!

the stressing song


Who Knew by Pink

You took my hand
You showed me how
You promised me you'd be around
ah huh that's right

I took your words
And I believed
In everything you said to me
yeah huh that's right

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Coz they're all wrong
I know better
Coz you said forever
And ever
Who knew

Remember when we were such fools
And so convinced and just too cool
oh no, no no

I wish I could touch you again
I wish I could still call you a friend
I'd give anything

When someone said count your blessings now
'Fore they're long gone
I guess I just didn't know how
I was all wrong
But they knew better
Still you said forever
And ever
Who Knew

I'll keep you locked in my head
Until we meet again
Until we, until we meet again
And I won't forget you my friend
What happened

If someone said three years from now
You'd be long gone
I'd stand up and punch them out
Coz they're all wrong and
That last kiss I'll cherish
Until we meet again
And time makes it harder
I wish I could remember
But I keep your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darlin' who knew

My darlin', my darlin', who knew
My darlin', I miss you
My darlin', who knew

Who knew

I think this is the best song I've heard this season.
So.. I'm dedicating this to those who've fallen out of orbit - my orbit - or that I have fallen out of their's. Well, time do changes things, eh? I think I'm feeling a bit sorry for that. *sigh* Don't mind me, I'm just.. rather emotional these days.
Good night everyone.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

#2 - Medical-series fix.

It's hardly 24hours since I got back and I've seen..
4 episodes of House and 2 of Grey's Anatomy.
Out of the altogether 6 episodes.. 3 of them made me cry! hahaha!!
Talk about pathetic.

Euphoria made me cry.. that part when Cameron was in the room with Foreman. Man! And I was watching that 2-episodes of Grey's Anatomy; It's The End Of The World and As We Know It. Really.. touching!
I'm so going to watch it again later. heehee.

Okay, I somehow have this feeling that I should write about my way home. It's kinda boring actually, so.. don't mind me. I'm just trying to relieve myself.

So I headed for Frankfurt the other day, and Tik was there to pick me up from the train station. She's a doll! She brought me along to her friend's house, Kak Ina and had a good meal over there! There were a bunch of people and we ate and hung out watching football. It was really hilarious 'coz everyone had their favourites and some of them just rooted for Trinidad and Tobago 'cause they didn't want England to win! ahhahaha! So pardon me for joining in the shouting and screaming. hahhaha!!

Sadly I didn't have much time to really soak in the World Cup atmosphere in Frankfurt since I had to leave early to the airport, but it was pretty clear that you can easiy find people with different nationalities there. Prety cool!

Had a good flight! I wasn't forced into sleeping out of boredom since I finally managed to find one o' those "Search-a-word" books. heehee! Now I shall never be bored as I travel! And I thought the meal was pretty good - which was weird 'cause I hated them on my trip to Frankfurt 3 months ago.

Arriving at KLIA gave me a slight calming effect somehow. Well, it was calming to find my parents had missed me so. heehee! Although I almost cried when I couldn't find them as I walked out of the glass doors. hahha! (seems like I'm crying to anything these days!)

Just wishing that Dida was home as well. It would've been really festive if we were to open our bags and unload every souvenirs and things we had bought for everyone together. Yet, today she'd spent her day in Brussels with her friends.

Okay, going to figure out if I should sleep or finish up on my journal.. or just Search-a-word instead! ahhaha!
Happy vaderdag!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm home!!

- and currently trying to watch Euphoria (Part One)!! ahhahahhahahahhaha!!
Talk about a House-fix. Thought I had downloaded the second part but turns out that I clicked the wrong link! ahhahahha!!

Anyways, my parents think I'm fat! Well, "fat" isn't really the word used, but they definitely think I've gained weight. eeeeek!!
Okay, I'm not exactly fussing about gaining weight, but I am fussing about getting wider!!
How - unattractive. ahhahahhaha!!

Had a great flight. Still tired. Jet lagged?
O well, don't feel like talking much. Ohh by the way, I lost my simcard somewhere so.. no point in trying to call me on my number, yeah?

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I'm hours away from making my way home. I probably should get back to packing my things, but MAN!! Packing is such a drag!!
I wish I could just throw all my stuff in the bag and they magically sort itself neatly even with extra room to spare! Now, if there's such an incantation for that, it'd be the first thing I'd learn! It's just handy!

I've figured out what I'm going to do first thing tomorrow!
First, call - or sms Tik about the time I should be arriving in Frankfurt. Then I should call home. Then maybe a quick stop at the post office - IF Azraai will ever give me his address!! And afterwards I should be making my way to the train station.

Feels awful to leave Dida. After all she's the one who's really homesick being so far away from home. But two of her friends are coming over tomorrow and staying for a week! So that's great.
But afterwards.. I'm guessing that Dida will be calling home like crazy afterwards. Too bad she couldn't come home with me as planned earlier. Turns out that she might have to stay here 'til August, until her boss thinks that it's okay for her to leave her work here and another person comes over to take it over.

I'm gonna miss telly here! Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Prison Break.. old ER, old Friends.. auction and sales programs on BBC.. McLeod's Daughters!! ahahhahaha!! Well, Nick and Tess are married so I'm quite contented with that! ahhahahha! I definitely won't get frustrated over that.

Guess I should get back to packing now.
Bahhhh!!! I really wish there was an incantation for packing.
Okay then.. goodbye from Rotterdam! I should be right at home in the next update.

Man, I'm going to miss European weather.
I wonder if there's WK on MAS flights! I think it's awesome if there is, but my guess is there isn't.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Some Serious Spending


Some load of films and single-use cameras to be developed! Now those cameras.. is all Dida's fault for forgetting her digital camera on our trip to Roma!

Somehow I'm starting to get a teeny.. tiny bit excited about going home.
Muz, I hope you're free on Monday!
I miss a good long conversation over a good caramel ice blend.

Just a bit bummed that there won't be any WK (We-Ka, the Dutch's way of saying World Cup) match held in Frankfurt on the 15th. Would've been awesome if there is!! The most bumming fact is that England is playing Trinidad & Tobago that day in Nurmberg!!! cis ciss dan cisss lagi!

By the way incik Azraai, I tried calling you earlier this evening and my call was directed to a voicemail. I think! I have no idea what the lady was saying!
And I've successfully called Tik! ekkekekkekekekekeke!!!

Right now working on my travel journal. Kinda pissy since I lost one of my boarding pass somehow! It's the one for my flight from Rome to Amsterdam. grrr.

Okay. There's lightning outside. Kinda scary. Haven't had this sort of weather ever since I've been here!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's definitely zomer. (summer)

It's hot outside. HOT!! You can't blame me for envying these Europeans wearing sleeveless and spaghetti-strap top with shorts. It's really hot!!

And I'm brown. Okay, might not seem really obvious but I feel like I'm 16 again, after spending all those hours dancing around with the pom-poms. It's annoying, really. It took ages to get rid of my tanned-line on my face and now it's there again! *grunts*

So let's talk about Rome.
Rome was nice! If you're keen on history, it's brilliant! It's amazing how wherever you go, how random the path you take, it'll bring you to some old, ancient-looking ruins that nobody seemed to really care!
An exception to the Colosseo, Palantino or Pantheon, of course.

I'm never "crazy" about Rome so it doesn't have that much impact on me but the Eternal City was definitely beautiful. I think it's amazing, how the Roman empire actually sculpted today's modern civilization.

People in Rome was nice... and rather curious! I'm curious. They're extremely friendly, I think! Now, if you're Muslim in Netherlands and London, you're going to see a lot of other Muslim walking around in town and they of course - ignore you since you are after all "one of them"! If you're Muslim in Barcelona and Paris, you don't see much of other Muslim but people leave you alone just the same.
Now, if you're Muslim in Rome, you don't really see much of other Muslim but they would actually come to you and ask, "you're Muslim?" and greets you with the salam. It just felt.. Well, I felt welcomed!

Okay, I probably should tell or write more about Rome but I'm just pooped. Lethargic. Just gotta stop - now.


So friggin' tired.
Rome was awesome! No pics for the time being 'cause Dida forgot her digicam.
Just going online to check my email.
Elaborated "stuff" about Rome later.
Really tired.
And still long day coming ahead.
English not good.
So tired.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Good morning!

It's a new day and I'm feeling much better. Turns out all I needed was a good sleep. Just hoping that no one would come along and make me feel like crap again!

Writing is definitely my therapy.

Anyways, I won't be around this weekend! woohoo! Got a new city to explore!
I'll be depressed again once I get back. It can wait, but for now I am going to skip around in excitement!

Then on Thursday I should make a trip back to Frankfurt and head back to Malaysia.
Been trying to call Azraai for two days but I just couldn't get through! Turns out that I've been dialling the wrong number!! ahhahhahahha!!
His number is 4917*****3*** but I kept dialling 4917*****8***! bongok.

Okay. I'm rambling. I hate it when I'm rambling.

Me - pissed!!!

I don't think today is "my day".

Honestly, if anyone strike a knife through my chest, I won't be stunned at all. I would actually be surprised that it had not been done sooner!

A good time to listen to some depressing songs. Choices;
1. Damien Rice - The Blowers Daughter
2. McFLY - She Falls Asleep (Part 2)
3. Ryan Adams - Come Pick Me Up
4. The Cardigans - Communication
5. Earlimart - It's Okay To Think About Ending
Lyrically, none of it really describes the way I feel, but as a jumble of songs, it does represent the jumble of things that is my heart.

Don't know what's up with this day! Feels like the world hates me! As long as I am left by myself, I feel perfectly fine! And then I had to have some people to mess things up. Whyyyyyyy?!!!

Telephone should be banned! They're a menace! I rarely get anything good from it, probably means that I should throw away the ones in my sight. I am OFFICIALLY hating telephones!! The only good thing that comes out of it is a phone-LINE which enables me to post this entry on this blog! Other than that - pure shite! Screw it!

Maybe it's my fault to think feel that a phonecall means so much.

And then there's that Prison Break on telly. The ad said that it was the final episode but it really WASN'T!! Then it said something really quick in Dutch in the end, I couldn't catch it. Something about terug and sez uur. WHAT ABOUT SEZ UUR?! What about being back and six o'clock?? demmit!!!!!!!! And it WON'T be on next week since they've got a new ad for a new show!! ARRGHHHHHHH!!! Okay, it's not like I'm going to be here next week.. still!! And I just checked the episode list.. well, it doesn't make any sense!!
I'm effing infuriated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Okay, originally it wasn't because of going home.. It's because of that entry I wrote, one with the title "Okay".

But now I am about coming home.
But it's alright.. I've got hell to pay to some people.

Talk about being bitter!

Btw, Rooney is going to play some part in the World Cup.
(I'm in no mood for "woohoos")

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


am going to sound just as corny as the English medias this morning;
It's Waynesday!!
ahahhaha! So funny.
I'm not exactly keen on Wayne Rooney's injury but I suppose it's my luck, I woke up around 6 this morning (not intentional) and managed to catch a couple of English speaking cartoons (woohoo!) before tuning on to BBC.

So! It's only natural that they keep on talking about Rooney's injured toe since today he's going back to Manchester to get a scan on his leg which will determine : will he play, or won't he?
It's THE day.

Exciting, isn't it??
Just two days away.. WORLD CUP!!!!!!!! *screams and throws hands in the air*

These English people.. they're really.. really concerned about Rooney's injury. It's... amazing, actually!
And right here in Holland, people are really pumped up for their team. Even the McDonald's are offering.. Holland-football-stuff-freebies! Shopping areas are adorned with oranje (mind, I'm starting to comfortably spell in Dutch!) flags. You can even get an oranje-coloured barbeque sauce these days! Heineken - with a box of Heineken you'll get a free hat! And I know it's Heineken, but man, it is such a cool hat!!

I wonder if Malaysia made it to the World Cup, would we make such a big deal out of it? I know it'll be a MASSIVE achievement but I just can't imagine how much we're going to put into it.
The tickets are extremely.. extremely pricey too! I'm not sure if it's any different if the the tix were bought earlier but I saw in CNN yesterday, a ticket costs over US$1000!! (F1 is cheap compared to that price!) Suddenly football has become the "sport for the riches". Doesn't seem right, does it?

Haven't got a plan for today. I'd probably just sit around and write. Sounds boring, isn't it? *sigh* If only everyday is a party.


honestly I don't usually get offended much when people ignores me or ditches me. I reckon that everyone has better things to do than to talk to me or simply hang out with me. I get it. Most people have lives, I know.
I myself won't make too much of an effort to win them over anyways, so.. it's understandable, right?

But honestly, I was never.. ever had felt as offended as I have tonight. Oh, I don't know.. possibly it's my own mistake to begin with but really. I'm actually.. really.. feeling pure rage under my skin.

This sucks.
You suck!
What a complete waste. I shouldn't have bothered building up my courage.

What's more annoying, in this case.. I actually see myself begging for attention in the near future! Screw you for being a friend! urrghhhh!!! *verry frustrated here*

Odd, isn't it?

Most people would be excited to come home after a while spent outside the country. Not me. Why, eh? Feels... wrong!
And Dida just couldn't wait for her turn to get back home. I wish I was glued to this part of the country instead! Man! How messed up is that??

Anyways, I asked Muz earlier where did the luv letter I sent her came from..
Did you know that the British stamp is the only stamp that does not state the country of origins? It's because in the 18-something, it was the Brits who had invented stamps and everyone else hasn't got any!
So.. no point of telling where it's from, right?

Boring day, today. Well, it wasn't really as I was living through it, but it's going to sound boring if I write about it now.

Ohh, we watched The Omen. It was.. well.. It's, sad. A bit sad, I think! I know that he's the Devil's son and everything.. but what's the point, really? Ohh I don't know.. I couldn't possibly understand how evil works! It's just too.... evil! heehee.
It's great that Dida had seen the old version. She told me exactly what's going to happen next while we were watching the film - which was great! So I wasn't so scared watching the whole thing. Funny thing, some people (girls, o'course!) screamed at some parts of the film and I was quickly reminded of Malaysian cinemas. ekkekeke!
Guess things don't change much no matter which part of the world you're in.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Last Stand.

I - WENT - TO - SEE - X-MEN!! woohoo!!!
ahahhahaha!! Sorry, I'm just.. so, SO excited about it!! 'Cause it was released weeks ago and Dida said "no" when I said I wanted to see it. She said that it was cheaper too see it back home (since I'm coming home next week!! *sigh*)
And me and Dida weren't in very good terms for the last couple of days. In fact, we weren't even speaking to each other for the whole of yesterday! So, I was verry pleasantly surprised when we walked into Pathè earlier! heehee.

I absolutely adored it!! I thought it was brilliant! Bloody brilliant!! It's just.. I LOVE IT!! So much, in fact!! ahahhaha!! Dida's been trying to shut me up from keep talking about the film, but I think it was GREAT!!
It was definitely the best of the three X-Men movie made.
I do have a bit problem with some parts of it. Like Rogue.. stupid Rogue! ahhahaha!! It's just I love her character too much that it PAINS me to see her so.. weak!! urrghh!! How could she??

And that final scenes with Phoenix/Jean and Wolverine. It was.. romantically tragic. Dida kept saying to me, "nak nangis la tu! Tau sangat.." ("You must be tearing up! Typical..") It's horrible, isn't it?? Wolverine.. I love Wolverine! It's just.. sad! urrghh!

Lucky that I looked up on X-Men in IMDB last night and wait until the very end of the film before leaving! ahhahahah!! I AM SO GLAD! And Dida just couldn't wait to leave but I kept telling her to stay put. Mean, isn't it? That verry last scene that comes out after ALL the credits have rolled out. Evil! I'm just reaaaally glad that I didn't miss it or there's that possibility I'd go see it again once I get back.

Anyways, the film was awesome. The ending was.. well, I hate that Rogue part. A little out of character, I think. I can never see the comic Rogue would do anything like it but well.. I just love that ending with Magneto and the chess! ahhahahahhahahahhahahahahha!!
A great chance of possibility with one tiny scene. Brilliant!

But I know that the plan was just these three X-Men films. I think it was Bryan Singer who said it. That he'd only planned to make three. But if there's anyone else who'd like to continue with it.. he has no problem with that!
I hope someone would! I just love the X-Men! No way I would miss any!

Okay, after reading a couple reviews of this film, I realize how amature-ish my comments were so here's another try;
WARNING!! Not too sure if I'm going to write spoilers, but mostly I'm going to write about the characters' names and the oddness from comic to film. So.. to be safe, if you care about getting spoilers, just don't read these!

Basically, I loved it. But that is probably because my mind is perfectly created to fill up the holes that was left out in the film.
If you weren't anywhere familiar with the X-Men, you'd probably have questions about the characters and the places where things took place along the film; for instance, that room in the earliest scenes: it's called the Danger Room, it's a room with fantastic thingamajiggies where the X-Men can practice their powers without actually going out and cause real trouble! (or destruction, I might add.)

And the characters, they had never mentioned their mutant names, did they? Like Kitty, the one who walks through walls. Her X-Men name is Shadowcat! And that tinman.. I was calling him Tinman until I finally remembered his name; Collosus! Oh, I probably should just add that in the comics, he's Russian! hahha! And Juggernaut!! Now he's the weirdess! (is that a word?) He's supposed to be Xavier's stepbrother!! How come they looked as if they didn't knew each other?? DUH!! They have a huge animosity since they were kids, so puh-lease! Not recognizing that was LAME!

And my anger for Rogue's out-of-characterness is well put, I think! She would've never NEVER done what she did in the film! Come on!! As desperate as she was for connection, she couldn't possibly have done that! I think it's depressing. Just, weak!! yeech! Disappointing, more like!

Ohh, and I kept stumbling over the comments on Phoenix and I'd have to agree; she didn't seem as powerful as she was intended to, was she? She was supposed to burse/burst (spelling check?) into flames, right? And not simply looked as if she was posessed.

Yet here I am.. still unsatisfied with Rogue! hahhahahah!! COME ON!! It's just Bobby the Iceman! SO not worth the fussing over. (Unless there's Gambit, I might've rest this case but since he's not!) Okay, I know that in the comics, Rogue and Iceman did hook up for a while but come on!! She even hook up with Magneto in the comics, and STILL I don't think she'd trade her powers! COME ON!!! arrrrghhhh!! I'm so frustrated over that one bit. Stupid! That's just STUPID!!!
And Marie???????? Marie?????? That name didn't come up until waaaaaaaay after she's with Gambit and Ms. Marvel's powers surfacing her and they're living off at some tiny town which is apparently, another story!! So, MARIE???? Why not throw "Carol Danvers" at that??

I really hope there'd be an X4 so it could rectify the mess from The Last Stand. I love X3, really. But once I put it side by side with the comics, all I could find was mistakes, "should've" and "supposed"-s.

See the amazing trick my mind made earlier in this entry? Everything was lovely and exciting.. but once the drug's worn off, all that's left was the obvious mistakes and the clear roughness of this film was.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Final pre-game.

ahha! Gerrard's back on number 4 jersey. And Owen's back!
Fingers crossed that England will win again! Would do good to their confidence, eh?
Okay.. gotta get back to the telly and see what's going on.
England vs. Jamaica!

That was bloody brilliant, wasn't it? 6 - 0!! It was just excellent!! Don't know what I was so worried about! That was great!!
Now I'm REALLY looking forward to World Cup!

Beckham was brilliant. He's just.. amazing! Did you notice how smooth his passes were? It's like.. cooooo-- and the ball's at someone else's foot! I really missed him playing among English people.. What I'm trying to say is, I WANT HIM BACK IN EPL!!! And I'm SURE that I'm not the only one.

Owen.. humm.. I can't see why the commentators likes him so much.
Gerrard was.. pretty non-existant wasn't he? It's disappointing. Oh, the commentator kept calling him "Stevie Gerrard". ekkekeke! Sounded like he's a kid.
Finally, Peter Crouch!! heehee. Such a funny guy. It's entertaining, but that robot dance has got-to-STOP! ekekke!!

Well.. Well done, England!!

World Cup.

.. Just next week!! woohoo!!
Then we'll all start seeing football, eating football, sleeping football! Really looking forward to that!
I just remember the last time when it's all the telly was showing! CRAZY!! But the thought of it just brings back fond memories somehow. heehee.

As a typical sucker, I'll support England as usual! - No matter how people kept saying that their chance of winning are slim. They seemed pretty okay last week in the friendlies. So I'm hoping that they'll go as far.. as they possibly can!

Eh.. okay. Watching this old movie on Net5.. Sleepers?
Very... hummm.. what's the word.. curious.

Heppy Birthday Pa..
and Nani too!!

Sleepers.. was sad!!! The way that there's a "storyteller" along the film was great but it was really sad! I hate how their lives turned. It's.. sad!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

I've got a confession.

Yesterday, I spent a LOT of money and Dida knows nothing about it! So, hush!

It's just A notebook actually. A notebook that costs 15 Euro. (eek!) It's called Moleskine notebook, and it looks simple as ever! It's the line it said on a bit of paper around it that was the selling point for me; "The legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, Chatwin." - I'm a sucker for that stuff.

You can never find one in Malaysia! At least, I've never saw one. And throughout the two and a half months I worked in Kino, there had been a couple of times when a customer asked for a "Moleskin notebook". They were of course, had been Europeans. (Okay, they looked like one.)

I haven't used the notebook, naturally. I've always bought notebooks in advance and finally find measly reasons to start using them and regret it later. ahhahaha!! But in my defence, I have learned to have a little bone and not just write stupid things in my favourite notebooks anymore.

Although now I'm wodering.. If.. When I start using my Moleskin notebook, and ran out of pages... How am I supposed to replace it?? I haven't seen one back home! aiyyayayaa.. Talk about not thinking before buying.

Currently typing this out as I watch the Travel Channel. Man, wouldn't it be wonderful to be one of those people on Globe Trekker? But I don't think I'd be a great presenter. *sigh* I'm not friendly enough.. and my foreign languages are simply horrendous!

I'm so going to miss Europe.
I'm going to miss the telly, the crazy weather and even the awful winds!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thought for the day.

I find living in Europe kinda tricky. I love it of course, but it's tricky! Especially since nowadays it has been raining a lot. For example, just the other day I was trying to go out and get some groceries when it suddenly rained! So I sat on my bed, waited for it to stop. When it finally did, I grabbed my tudung and was fastening the pins when it rained again!!
My simple plan of going out and get groceries had suddenly became very.. tricky.

When I finally managed to get out, the sun was up so I had been pretty happy to get all the things on my list without getting wet. But of course, just as I was getting home, waiting for the pedestrian traffic light to turn green so I could cross the road.. it rained! ahahhahaha! And there I was by the roadside, grinning by myself like a lunatic.

Dida sleep-talked last night. It was really funny 'cause she answered when I asked her to repeat herself. She said something about "getting dark again". ekkekeke! She couldn't remember the dream she had when I asked later, of course!
Why, eh? We always forget the dreams that made us sleep talk. Shouldn't we remember it more? humm..

Man, I'm dreading the fact that I'm going back home this month!!

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