Thursday, June 15, 2006


I'm hours away from making my way home. I probably should get back to packing my things, but MAN!! Packing is such a drag!!
I wish I could just throw all my stuff in the bag and they magically sort itself neatly even with extra room to spare! Now, if there's such an incantation for that, it'd be the first thing I'd learn! It's just handy!

I've figured out what I'm going to do first thing tomorrow!
First, call - or sms Tik about the time I should be arriving in Frankfurt. Then I should call home. Then maybe a quick stop at the post office - IF Azraai will ever give me his address!! And afterwards I should be making my way to the train station.

Feels awful to leave Dida. After all she's the one who's really homesick being so far away from home. But two of her friends are coming over tomorrow and staying for a week! So that's great.
But afterwards.. I'm guessing that Dida will be calling home like crazy afterwards. Too bad she couldn't come home with me as planned earlier. Turns out that she might have to stay here 'til August, until her boss thinks that it's okay for her to leave her work here and another person comes over to take it over.

I'm gonna miss telly here! Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Prison Break.. old ER, old Friends.. auction and sales programs on BBC.. McLeod's Daughters!! ahahhahaha!! Well, Nick and Tess are married so I'm quite contented with that! ahhahahha! I definitely won't get frustrated over that.

Guess I should get back to packing now.
Bahhhh!!! I really wish there was an incantation for packing.
Okay then.. goodbye from Rotterdam! I should be right at home in the next update.

Man, I'm going to miss European weather.
I wonder if there's WK on MAS flights! I think it's awesome if there is, but my guess is there isn't.


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