Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Football Talk

And then there were eight.

Exciting, isn't it? *glee*
In two days, the quarter finals are going to kick off!!

Friday, June 30th, 11pm
Germany v Argentina
Seems fair, yeah? I thought Germany had been very strong since the beginning and it didn't surprise me that they've gotten to the quarter finals. They deserve it. Argentina.. well, I'm not too keen on them. Mostly, I'm not keen on Maradona, hoho! So, sorry.. I am biased, it's pretty plain to see. So that's where I stand, Germany should win this one!

Saturday, July 1st, 3am
Italy v Ukraine
Ohh.. that penalty kick for Italy.. shameful! It wasn't even a real foul!! Come on!! But the match with the Socceroos were rather boring, so "whatever!" I couldn't care less about any of them. I don't care about them just as much as I don't care about Ukraine, but I think they were the better player between the Swiss. So who knows! Maybe the Ukranians will upset the Azzurri.
But as I said earlier, "whatever!"

Saturday, July 1st, 11pm
England v Portugal
ahhahaha!! Well.. I want England to win this one. I know they've been playing pretty lousy, I've been cursing at them abundantly! But I want them to win SO BAD!! I know I said they probably don't deserve to win the Cup, but compared to Portugal? God!! I SO want England to kick their arse! I hated their game with Nederland! It was awful! I've never seen a match so.. filthy! Shameful, really!
So yeah, I might be biased, but Portugal doesn't deserve to win it even more than England. *grins*

Sunday, July 2nd, 3am
Brazil v France
heehee. I thought Zidane looked cute after he scored that third goal that secured France's place at the last eight. Okay, I have been rather critical about France beacuse they have been playing like half-asleep since their first game! They've got Thierry Henry, they've got Zinedine Zidane.. I say this is the first great game they've played! So, cheers Les Blues - and their fans. *shifting a look* But I kinda feel sorry for Casillas. *sigh* Poor Casillas... (and to think that both him and Zidane plays for Real Madrid! ahhahahha!!! Such a huge advantage.)
Anyways, Brazil had an easy win over Ghana. Ghana was LAME! I just didn't get it why they just HAD to try to score goals with a long shot - every friggin' single one of them! And they didn't seem to learn ANYTHING every friggin' single time it failed!! That was just lame. Good for Brazil, Ghana were too lame to be in the quarter finals. Brazil and France is going to be an interesting match!

Oooh! Just exciting!!

**the times stated were of course, Malaysian time! And that's +08:00GMT, for those who didn't know.
***and I am rather harsh over some comments, aren't I? I seem to have a double personality when it comes to sports. Football especially. Suddenly I became some rude, cursing hillbilly from somewhere. heehee!


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