Friday, June 09, 2006

Good morning!

It's a new day and I'm feeling much better. Turns out all I needed was a good sleep. Just hoping that no one would come along and make me feel like crap again!

Writing is definitely my therapy.

Anyways, I won't be around this weekend! woohoo! Got a new city to explore!
I'll be depressed again once I get back. It can wait, but for now I am going to skip around in excitement!

Then on Thursday I should make a trip back to Frankfurt and head back to Malaysia.
Been trying to call Azraai for two days but I just couldn't get through! Turns out that I've been dialling the wrong number!! ahhahhahahha!!
His number is 4917*****3*** but I kept dialling 4917*****8***! bongok.

Okay. I'm rambling. I hate it when I'm rambling.


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