Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I feel drunk.

It's that Win-gerland song.
It's been playing over and over in my head and it's making me dizzy. It definitely sound like a song from an English pub somewhere.
Plus, getting smoked by those mosquitoe-fog doesn't help either.

Remember the entry I did before I left for Europe?
I made a list about things I'd like to accomplish while I was there, so here's the update;

1. an end to my writer's block
Well, can't say that the trip ended it, but I've definitely gotten a few ideas while I was there.

2. snap brilliant pictures
heehee! I think some of the pictures I took were brilliant! Postcard-worthy even.

3. eat Belgian waffles!!

4. make at least three friends
ehh.. well. I failed this one. I kinda made friends with Kim, just kinda. Then there's Tik, and Med, the fella in London.. but I don't think any of them are real "friends" in my book. They're.. acquaintances.
Shame, really.

5. pick up some Dutch and French!
I definitely know a little Dutch. French.. ahhahaha! Je ne sais pas.. almost none, really.
About picking up the men.. AHAHHAHAHA!! Well, I bat eyes with a couple Frenchmen and Catalans, that's the closest I get. heehee! Turns out I can only talk to people who were much older than me.. hahhaha! Which is SO wrong and made Dida think that I'm only attracted to older men!

Okay. I'm just bored now. Been blog-hopping but honestly, everyone else's is SUCH a bore. ahhahhaha! It's the basic template that puts me off. Ohh, and the poems and heartbreaks.. blaah! I found one that only talks about SCIENCE! What was that about?

I do realize that mine would seem a bore to some.. but at least I have a customized layout! hahh! Eat that!

ps: Azraai, I haven't sent the letters I wished to send you sebab tak sempat! So.. better tunggu kau balek je ke.. nak send juge eh? By the way, when are you coming back??


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