Wednesday, June 07, 2006


am going to sound just as corny as the English medias this morning;
It's Waynesday!!
ahahhaha! So funny.
I'm not exactly keen on Wayne Rooney's injury but I suppose it's my luck, I woke up around 6 this morning (not intentional) and managed to catch a couple of English speaking cartoons (woohoo!) before tuning on to BBC.

So! It's only natural that they keep on talking about Rooney's injured toe since today he's going back to Manchester to get a scan on his leg which will determine : will he play, or won't he?
It's THE day.

Exciting, isn't it??
Just two days away.. WORLD CUP!!!!!!!! *screams and throws hands in the air*

These English people.. they're really.. really concerned about Rooney's injury. It's... amazing, actually!
And right here in Holland, people are really pumped up for their team. Even the McDonald's are offering.. Holland-football-stuff-freebies! Shopping areas are adorned with oranje (mind, I'm starting to comfortably spell in Dutch!) flags. You can even get an oranje-coloured barbeque sauce these days! Heineken - with a box of Heineken you'll get a free hat! And I know it's Heineken, but man, it is such a cool hat!!

I wonder if Malaysia made it to the World Cup, would we make such a big deal out of it? I know it'll be a MASSIVE achievement but I just can't imagine how much we're going to put into it.
The tickets are extremely.. extremely pricey too! I'm not sure if it's any different if the the tix were bought earlier but I saw in CNN yesterday, a ticket costs over US$1000!! (F1 is cheap compared to that price!) Suddenly football has become the "sport for the riches". Doesn't seem right, does it?

Haven't got a plan for today. I'd probably just sit around and write. Sounds boring, isn't it? *sigh* If only everyday is a party.


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