Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm home!!

- and currently trying to watch Euphoria (Part One)!! ahhahahhahahahhaha!!
Talk about a House-fix. Thought I had downloaded the second part but turns out that I clicked the wrong link! ahhahahha!!

Anyways, my parents think I'm fat! Well, "fat" isn't really the word used, but they definitely think I've gained weight. eeeeek!!
Okay, I'm not exactly fussing about gaining weight, but I am fussing about getting wider!!
How - unattractive. ahhahahhaha!!

Had a great flight. Still tired. Jet lagged?
O well, don't feel like talking much. Ohh by the way, I lost my simcard somewhere so.. no point in trying to call me on my number, yeah?


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