Friday, June 02, 2006

I've got a confession.

Yesterday, I spent a LOT of money and Dida knows nothing about it! So, hush!

It's just A notebook actually. A notebook that costs 15 Euro. (eek!) It's called Moleskine notebook, and it looks simple as ever! It's the line it said on a bit of paper around it that was the selling point for me; "The legendary notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, Chatwin." - I'm a sucker for that stuff.

You can never find one in Malaysia! At least, I've never saw one. And throughout the two and a half months I worked in Kino, there had been a couple of times when a customer asked for a "Moleskin notebook". They were of course, had been Europeans. (Okay, they looked like one.)

I haven't used the notebook, naturally. I've always bought notebooks in advance and finally find measly reasons to start using them and regret it later. ahhahaha!! But in my defence, I have learned to have a little bone and not just write stupid things in my favourite notebooks anymore.

Although now I'm wodering.. If.. When I start using my Moleskin notebook, and ran out of pages... How am I supposed to replace it?? I haven't seen one back home! aiyyayayaa.. Talk about not thinking before buying.

Currently typing this out as I watch the Travel Channel. Man, wouldn't it be wonderful to be one of those people on Globe Trekker? But I don't think I'd be a great presenter. *sigh* I'm not friendly enough.. and my foreign languages are simply horrendous!

I'm so going to miss Europe.
I'm going to miss the telly, the crazy weather and even the awful winds!


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