Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Last Stand.

I - WENT - TO - SEE - X-MEN!! woohoo!!!
ahahhahaha!! Sorry, I'm just.. so, SO excited about it!! 'Cause it was released weeks ago and Dida said "no" when I said I wanted to see it. She said that it was cheaper too see it back home (since I'm coming home next week!! *sigh*)
And me and Dida weren't in very good terms for the last couple of days. In fact, we weren't even speaking to each other for the whole of yesterday! So, I was verry pleasantly surprised when we walked into Pathè earlier! heehee.

I absolutely adored it!! I thought it was brilliant! Bloody brilliant!! It's just.. I LOVE IT!! So much, in fact!! ahahhaha!! Dida's been trying to shut me up from keep talking about the film, but I think it was GREAT!!
It was definitely the best of the three X-Men movie made.
I do have a bit problem with some parts of it. Like Rogue.. stupid Rogue! ahhahaha!! It's just I love her character too much that it PAINS me to see her so.. weak!! urrghh!! How could she??

And that final scenes with Phoenix/Jean and Wolverine. It was.. romantically tragic. Dida kept saying to me, "nak nangis la tu! Tau sangat.." ("You must be tearing up! Typical..") It's horrible, isn't it?? Wolverine.. I love Wolverine! It's just.. sad! urrghh!

Lucky that I looked up on X-Men in IMDB last night and wait until the very end of the film before leaving! ahhahahah!! I AM SO GLAD! And Dida just couldn't wait to leave but I kept telling her to stay put. Mean, isn't it? That verry last scene that comes out after ALL the credits have rolled out. Evil! I'm just reaaaally glad that I didn't miss it or there's that possibility I'd go see it again once I get back.

Anyways, the film was awesome. The ending was.. well, I hate that Rogue part. A little out of character, I think. I can never see the comic Rogue would do anything like it but well.. I just love that ending with Magneto and the chess! ahhahahahhahahahhahahahahha!!
A great chance of possibility with one tiny scene. Brilliant!

But I know that the plan was just these three X-Men films. I think it was Bryan Singer who said it. That he'd only planned to make three. But if there's anyone else who'd like to continue with it.. he has no problem with that!
I hope someone would! I just love the X-Men! No way I would miss any!

Okay, after reading a couple reviews of this film, I realize how amature-ish my comments were so here's another try;
WARNING!! Not too sure if I'm going to write spoilers, but mostly I'm going to write about the characters' names and the oddness from comic to film. So.. to be safe, if you care about getting spoilers, just don't read these!

Basically, I loved it. But that is probably because my mind is perfectly created to fill up the holes that was left out in the film.
If you weren't anywhere familiar with the X-Men, you'd probably have questions about the characters and the places where things took place along the film; for instance, that room in the earliest scenes: it's called the Danger Room, it's a room with fantastic thingamajiggies where the X-Men can practice their powers without actually going out and cause real trouble! (or destruction, I might add.)

And the characters, they had never mentioned their mutant names, did they? Like Kitty, the one who walks through walls. Her X-Men name is Shadowcat! And that tinman.. I was calling him Tinman until I finally remembered his name; Collosus! Oh, I probably should just add that in the comics, he's Russian! hahha! And Juggernaut!! Now he's the weirdess! (is that a word?) He's supposed to be Xavier's stepbrother!! How come they looked as if they didn't knew each other?? DUH!! They have a huge animosity since they were kids, so puh-lease! Not recognizing that was LAME!

And my anger for Rogue's out-of-characterness is well put, I think! She would've never NEVER done what she did in the film! Come on!! As desperate as she was for connection, she couldn't possibly have done that! I think it's depressing. Just, weak!! yeech! Disappointing, more like!

Ohh, and I kept stumbling over the comments on Phoenix and I'd have to agree; she didn't seem as powerful as she was intended to, was she? She was supposed to burse/burst (spelling check?) into flames, right? And not simply looked as if she was posessed.

Yet here I am.. still unsatisfied with Rogue! hahhahahah!! COME ON!! It's just Bobby the Iceman! SO not worth the fussing over. (Unless there's Gambit, I might've rest this case but since he's not!) Okay, I know that in the comics, Rogue and Iceman did hook up for a while but come on!! She even hook up with Magneto in the comics, and STILL I don't think she'd trade her powers! COME ON!!! arrrrghhhh!! I'm so frustrated over that one bit. Stupid! That's just STUPID!!!
And Marie???????? Marie?????? That name didn't come up until waaaaaaaay after she's with Gambit and Ms. Marvel's powers surfacing her and they're living off at some tiny town which is apparently, another story!! So, MARIE???? Why not throw "Carol Danvers" at that??

I really hope there'd be an X4 so it could rectify the mess from The Last Stand. I love X3, really. But once I put it side by side with the comics, all I could find was mistakes, "should've" and "supposed"-s.

See the amazing trick my mind made earlier in this entry? Everything was lovely and exciting.. but once the drug's worn off, all that's left was the obvious mistakes and the clear roughness of this film was.


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