Thursday, June 22, 2006

My kind of day.

Started the day with coffee and a good friend.
What more do I need? heehee.

Me and Muz walked to SACC this morning and had our - well, mine really - dose of caffeine. (Muz had hot chocolate!) Yacked a lot. Dissing, gossiping (don't you wonder about it, Encik Cine?? ngehngehh..) and just catching up. She showed me the postcards I've sent her and I told her that there should be another 2 coming along. hehhe! By the way, the place had felt as if we owned it! We had the entire place to ourselves for two hours! Really neat.

Later around noon we decided to go to Midvalley! Did nothing much.. Honestly, describing everything I did today would be a total bore. Went to see what's good at the movies, which turned out to be NOTHING.
Ohh, we had lunch at Kenny Rogers'.. for 2 hours!! hahhaha!! We saw everybody else walking in after us leaving first. There must've been three couples whom have sat at the table behind us along the time we were there.

Anyways, we head back home around seven. Arrived home about nine.
Really sleepy. None of us had enough sleep the night before. (Darn WK!) Lucky that Muz was woken up a few minutes before we arrived at the commuter station! hahha!
Okay.. I finally bought Cecelia Ahern's latest book; If You Could See Me Now. So far - VERY intriguing! So I'm really trying to post this entry without trying to sound.. boring and rushed. So far - not very successful, I assume!

Ooh. I did found my simcard a couple days back but it's been idiotic this entire day. My phone kept saying, "Insert sim card". Dah masuk la, bongok! I have been spending the entire day shaking around my phone - as if it would've helped! heehee. Umm.. ohh, Dida had asked me to survey the price for England's home kit jersey. Well, I didn't find the home kit earlier but the away kit was RM249! Talk about cekik darah.

- and an added note about yesterday's entry about blog hopping, you know what I really can't stand?
People spelling "really", reli. REALLY!!

Better get back to Miss Ahern now before my body decide for itself to shut down instead!


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