Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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My father was telling me about one of the main articles in the latest Reader's Digest, something about courtesies and politeness.
Kuala Lumpur turned out to be listed at #32 out of 35 cities.. (I think!) Well, that shocks me!! I admit, compared to other places that I've recently been to, Malaysians are quite unfriendly and may be rather impolite. But to be listed at #32?? I think not!!
Then my father said that the test was done on 60 people. 60 people??? Heck! That's not even one percent of the population!! So now I'm convinced that those people who'd ran those tests weren't thinking right and rather stupid. Yes. Stupid.
I mean, come on!!
What's more, among their definition of courtesies were;
1. if someone opens the door for you,
2. if the person at the store cashier says thank you after you bought something,
3. if someone helps you collect, for example, some papers you've dropped on the ground.
COME ON!! A joke, that's what it is! I bet dia pegi kedai runcit or mamak mane ntah and expected them to say thank you!! HAHH! How can you possibly run a test on 60 people.. and say, "ohh, most people in Kuala Lumpur were impolite."
Ohh! And New York was #1 on the list! ahhahhahaha!! Sorry, I have nothing against New York really, (I even wish to see it one day!) but even in the movies they'd portray New Yorkers as very loud and ignorant. So really.. REALLY!!
Stupid Reader's Digest ticks me.

Moving on.
Been wanting to write about this for days but I keep forgetting about it.
So I've seen McFly's latest video. The song wasn't exactly to my liking, but the video made me laugh!
There's news that Hillary Swank is going to play Holly in Warner Bros.' adaptation of P.S, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern! Well.. I don't exactly know what to think. Hillary Swank.. that's a big name there but.. I just can't imagine her in that role actually.
And Disney had bought the rights for If You Could See Me Now, which I think is.. very proper since the story is one o' those heart-warming kind, exactly what Disney movies are usually about. Hugh Jackman is going to play Ivan. heehee! Let's just say that I can't help myself grinning everytime I think about it. But then again, I read somewhere that it's going to be a musical of some sort? So... AHHAHAHHAHA!! I think it's a mistake, but what do I know?
I'll just wait and see.. and critic later.

I was randomly blog hopping again, and found some that was worth looking through. One of them had this as one of her entries:
"Let's say that you are granted the ability to travel in time to witness anything you want. You can do it 5 times. What 5 events would you choose to see, in the entire history of the world? Why? Keep in mind that this doesn't just include human history. Any time. Any place."
hehhe. Kinda interesting to ponder about, yeah?
But honestly.. although I could see 5.. I just can't quite decide what I really want to see. Maybe I'll get back to this, one day.

Just spent the past few hours doing this new layout. Nothing much changed, really. Just that I got rid of the archives - only because I couldn't find any space for it! hahahhaha!! Wish there was an option for an archive 'annually' instead of monthly! It's not like I started my blog last month! sheesh!
- never thought that I should explain the words that I choose to use on my blog, but here it is, when I said "got rid of the archives", I meant that I've gotten rid of it from the layout since I can't find a space for the links. I would never.. EVER delete the archives just for the sake of the layout!


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